Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Week's Haul

Okay, I’m running a little behind this week, so I’m changing things up a little bit…Reviews in three sentences or less – Go!

Supergirl #44: “Codename: Patriot” races towards its conclusion as all the members of the Super-family come together, for better or for worse. Igle’s artwork is fantastic as always, and we’re starting to get a sense of an impending doom coming for our heroes. Good, solid stuff.

Superman Annual #14: The origin of Daxam and Mon-El has a few twists, the importance of which will only be determined as they play out. Mon-El comes across just a little too whiney for my tastes; give the boy a damn backbone already.

Justice League of America #36: Not the worst that this title has seen lately, but definitely not the best. I have to give Len Wein some points for making the most out of an awkward and less-than-stellar team line-up. I’m just waiting for the real JLA to return.

Batgirl #1: I’m not sure why people are up in arms about this issue’s “revelation” about Batgirl’s identity; wasn’t it fairly obvious who she was going to be? And why is anyone so riled up anyway? Sorry, I was just never a fan of Cassandra Cain in the first place.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #3: Dini deals with the whole “what’s to prevent Hush from doing anything he wants as Bruce Wayne” situation deftly; he even gives the formerly fashion-challenged Mr. Zsasz a new look. In the second feature, Manhunter kicks ass…Well, it’s about time!

Outsiders #21: The team gets a new mission and status quo…Again? I was just getting used to their old ones. DC, is there any chance that you can come up with a cool and interesting concept for a team book…and then sticking with it for more than six issues?

The Red Circle: The Web #1: I have to admit; I like these Red Circle titles more and more with each issue. Not sure if it’s the characters, or the interconnected mythology, but I’m digging it. Robinson’s artwork is pretty snazzy, too.

Superman/Batman #63: An okay issue, an “imaginary” story that deals with Batman’s simulation scenarios. This book sidesteps the whole “Bruce is dead and Clark isn’t on Earth” deal, which is fine; I’m just waiting for the stars of the book to return so we can get some important stories once more.

Vigilante #9: The revelation of who the new Vigilante is in relation to Adrian Chase and…does anyone care? Anyone? Nope, that’s what I thought.

The Brave and the Bold #26: The Spectre teams up with Milestone’s Xombi. It’s about as dues ex machine as every story involving God’s right hand man. A totally forgettable tale.

Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #4: I’m not a fan of Joe Casey’s writing, but he’s doing some interesting things with the Super Young Team. Unfortunately, inconsistent art draws from my enjoyment of this book. I’m sorry, but is there a reason why an artist can’t commit to doing a six-issue mini-series without fill-ins?

And now, the book of the week is…

Power Girl #4:

Witty writing, deft characterization, beautiful artwork, and a respect for characters make this issue a winner for me. It’s consistently fun and entertaining, and, in my opinion, a great entry point for those trying out the DCU for the first time. Kudos to all involved!


Justin said...

Are you dead, or did you just stop buying comics?

Andrew Dowdell... said...

LOL Was on vacation this week, and I just got back Saturday night...still trying to get through this week's stash of books is all...I plan on posting a whole bunch of stuff this week...thanks for worrying!