Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blackest Night: Superman #2

“Psycho Piracy”

Writer: James Robinson

Penciller: Eddy Barrows

Inker: Ruy Jose with Julio Ferreira

Editor: Adam Schlagman & Eddie Berganza


While Superman and Superboy battle the Black Lantern Superman of Earth-Two in the sky, Black Lantern Psycho Pirate twists and manipulates the emotions of the residents of Smallville, eventually turning the Boy of Steel against the Man of Steel. Meanwhile, Ma Kent escapes from the grasp of Black Lantern Lois Lane and disappears into a corn field. And, on New Krypton, Supergirl faces off against her resurrected father, Black Lantern Zor-El…


Page 1: Scenes from a typical day here in nice, quiet Smallville…

Pages 2-3: Okay, nice, quiet time is over.

Superman, Superboy, Martha Kent and Black Lanterns Superman and Lois Lane from Earth-Two all last appeared in Blackest Night: Superman #1.

Page 4: Black Lantern Psycho Pirate last appeared n Blackest Night #3.

Out of all the Black Lanterns who have risen so far, Psycho Pirate has the potential to be the most dangerous by far, simply because he can manipulate the emotions of others. Because the Black Lanterns are attempting to get an emotional response out of their victims before they kill them, he can simply take control of his victims and twist them until he gets the desired result.

Now, so far, it seems as if the Black Lanterns are trying to manipulate their victims towards the “negative” end of the emotional spectrum – rage, avarice and fear – as opposed to what could be seen as the more “positive” emotions – hope, compassion and love. This isn’t absolute, but if you go back and look, most of those killed by the Black Lanterns were angry or afraid, as opposed to hopeful or feeling compassion. Perhaps the “negative” aspects are easier to manipulate and take advantage of?

Page 5: I have to say, Psycho Pirate is looking pretty good, considering that the last time we saw him he had his head pushed inside out by Black Adam.

Pages 8-9: Superman’s feeling a whole mix of emotions here – fear, hope, rage and will. As revealed in Blackest Night #3, the green light of will, when combined with energy from another branch of the emotional spectrum, can neutralize the power of the Black Lanterns. Thus, those expressing willpower have a measure of resistance to their power.

Pages 10-11: It’s getting a little crazy here in Smallville…

Davey, the barber from page 1, is going all Sweeney Todd in a rage of anger…

The guy running the diner from page 1 is all jealous of the soldier…

Paranoia has struck Simon from page 1, making him all afraid…

Hank has decided that he’s in love with angry little Molly, both of whom were introduced back in Blackest Night: Superman #1…

And apparently the young lady who Grace’s boyfriend Roddy from page 1 is named Lori, and she’s gone on a thieving spree; is she the girl that Superboy rescued in Adventure Comics #1? Or does he just know here from school?

Superboy is feeling love and fear.

Page 12: Superboy is all willpower here, which would ordinarily be a good thing. However, the Psycho Pirate has other ideas…

Page 14: Ouch. That looks like it hurt.

Page 15: Superboy is all rage and avarice. Superman is a mixed bag of fear, hope, will, compassion and love.

Page 16: Allura and Black Lantern Zor-El last appeared in Blackest Night: Superman #1.

Page 17: Supergirl last appeared in Blackest Night: Superman #1.

Page 18: Supergirl goes through a huge emotional swing on this page. She starts off feeling a mixture of fear, hope, love and compassion, but then her undead daddy pisses her off, to the point where all she feels is rage and will.

Page 19: I’ll give this to Kara…she’s not going down without a fight.

Pages 20-21: “You hurt my dog. Dug up my dear Jon. Wrecked my home.: All this happened in Blackest Night: Superman #1.

Page 22: “…it’s on!” Go get ‘em, Martha!

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