Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #40

“Heart of Darkness”

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller: Patrick Gleason
Inker: Rebecca Buchman, Tom Nguyen & Prentiss Rollins
Editor: Adam Schlagman


The Black Lanterns have Oa under siege, leaving the stunned Green Lantern Corps nearly defenseless against this new threat. In the absence of the Guardians of the Universe, the Alpha Lanterns attempt to take control, but Salaak puts them in their place. Meanwhile, Star Sapphire Miri aids Kryb in the Sinestro Corps member’s quest to find her “children”…


Page 1: Arisia last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #39.

“Sector 0” is the sector in which Oa is located. It is in the center of the universe, at least in the DCU.

“…my…partner’s dead.” Arisia’s partner, Sodam Yat, sacrificed himself by flying into Daxam’s red sun and transforming it into a yellow sun in Green Lantern Corps #36.

“Where’s the Oan shell? What did I miss?” The protective shell that surrounded Oa was destroyed in Green Lantern Corps #37.

Page 2: All-out chaos, Green Lantern versus Black Lantern…

Page 3: Arisia is visited by the Black Lanterns of her family members – her father, Fentara; her unnamed mother; and her grandfather, Santara.

From the Black Lantern’s point-of-view, we can see that Arisia is experiencing a mix of love, hope and fear when confronted with her deceased loved ones.

Page 4: Kyle Rayner and Jade last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #39.

Most of the Green Lanterns and Black Lanterns/former Green Lanterns have been identified once or twice already. I’m only going to pay close attention to the important ones or the ones who are popping up for the first time.

The big red guy in Panel One that’s kicking ass is Turytt of Space Sector 786.

Jade’s presence is causing Kyle to feel love, but he’s maintaining his willpower. As noted previously, the willpower fueled Green Lanterns seem to be especially resistant to the Black Lanterns, and the undead menaces try to get them to give into their other emotions so that they can kill them.

Page 5: A little bit of compassion is creeping into Kyle, weakening his willpower. Don’t do it, Kyle!!!

Page 6: Kryb and Miri last appeared in Green Lantern (fourth series) #45. In that issue, Kryb was freed from her imprisonment by the Sinestro Corps, and then fled to find her “children.” Miri has gone off to stop her.

After Blackest Night #4 comes out, I plan on sitting down with all of the Blackest Night-related issues thus far and work out a time line for the story to that point, mainly to show how the “War of Light” story in the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps issues match up with what’s going on Earth side in the main series.

Page 7: Salaak of Space Sector 1418, first appeared in Green Lantern (second series) #149. He is the senior administrator of the Green Lantern Corps and the Keeper of the Book of Oa. He last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #39.

The Guardians of the Universe were incapacitated by Scar in Blackest Night #1.

Accompanying Salaak into the Citadel of the Guardians are…

Isamot Kol of Space Sector 2682. First appeared in Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1. He’s the one who looks like a lizard.

Vath Sarn of Space Sector 2682. First appeared in Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1. He’s the human, and is partners with Isamot Kol.

Brik of Space Sector 904. First appeared in Green Lantern (third series) #12. She’s the lady made of stone.

Page 8: The Alpha Lanterns take charge! Anyone else thinking that Alpha Lantern Varix sounds more than a little like Alexander Haig? “As of now, I am in control…”

Please, let someone have a holy clue as to what I am talking about…

The Alpha Lanterns present are…

Varix of Space Sector 69. First appeared in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2.

Chaselon of Space Sector 1416. First appeared in Green Lantern (second series) #9.

Green Man of Space Sector 2028. First appeared in Green Lantern (second series) #164.

Page 9: Not sure what the “Clarissi” and the “Illustres” technically are. I tried to do a Latin-to-English translation, but nothing really distinctive really came up. I assume that they are just designations that the Guardians of the Universe use for the higher-ups in the Green Lantern Corps.

Page 10: The Earthling to whom Vath Sarn refers is probably Adam Strange, who has spent more than a little time with the Rannian army.

The Alpha Lanterns executed the Sciencell prisoners in Green Lantern Corps #38.

Page 11: “You’ve seen the face of true love…” In Green Lantern Corps #32, Star Sapphire Miri showed Kyle the face of his true love, Jade.

“I watched her die trying to save the universe.” This occurred in Rann-Thanagar War Infinite Crisis Special #1.

Page 14: Jade is forcing Kyle to see those whom he failed to save as a Green Lantern, including Donna Troy, Jade, Alexandra DeWitt and…I have no idea. It looks like a guy with a mustache wearing a tie, but I can’t for the life of me figure out who it is. Wouldn’t his mother be more appropriate?

Page 16: The Black Lanterns seen here are those who were executed after the Sciencell riots. Among those who have returned from the dead are Ugg-I, a member of the Sinestro Corps. She and other Sinestro Corps members next appear in Green Lantern (fourth series) #45, where they confront Sinestro on Zamaron.

The Green Lanterns express rage, fear and will as they battle the Black Lanterns.

Black Lantern power levels at 45.96% and 45.97%.

As per Salaak’s instructions, the power rings are no longer seeking out replacements as Green Lanterns die. Rather, they are sent to Mogo until the crisis is over.

Page 17: That’s Katma Tui, rising up from the battle. She last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #39. Not sure about the Green Lantern she killed, but he’s probably not that important anyway.

Black Lantern power levels at 46.09%.

Page 18: Pretty cool panel showing how Bzzd sees the world, by the way.

Bzzd of Space Sector 2261. First appeared in Green Lantern Corps #12. Killed in Green Lantern Corps #26.

Bzzd is pretty damn efficient. He’s responsible for the Black Lantern power levels going up to 46.31%. Way to go, you zombie insect you!

Page 19: Guy Gardner last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #39.

“You saved us from Mongul on the Mercy Planet!” This occurred in Green Lantern Corps #23-26.

Page 20: Ke’Haan of Space Sector 786. First appeared in Green Lantern (third series) #49. Killed in Green Lantern (fourth series) #23.

Page 23: Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #39.

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