Sunday, September 6, 2009

LAST Week's Haul

Well, because of my vacation last week, I’m running a little behind…Okay, make that way behind. A thousand pardons. These are quick reviews of last week’s books, while my thoughts on this week’s comics will be up in the next day or two. Enjoy!

Superman #691: The finale to “Codename: Patriot,” and, you know what? It was pretty good. Stuff happened, status quos changed, and it has led to a new direction for the Superman books and all involved.

Teen Titans #74: Gee, another Titan died…again. Getting kind of repetitive, don’t you think? Pretty soon, there aren’t going to be any Titans left to kill…

Gotham City Sirens #3: A weird issue for me, focusing on the Riddler and putting Selina, Ivy and Harley off to the side. Not a bad story, but, given that it’s only the third issue of the series, it felt like it threw off the story’s momentum, that’s all.

Justice Society of America #30: Enter, Doctor Fate! The team deals with the aftermath of the attack on them as its ranks begin to splinter. All in all, a decent sophomore issue for the new creative team.

The Flash: Rebirth #4: Answers and revelations abound, as we learn how and why Barry Allen returned, and what connection Professor Zoom has to all of this. Also, the importance of Barry to the entire legacy of the Flashes is explained. A little heavy on the exposition, but still solid.

Batman and Robin #3: Madcap hilarity ensues as the new Dynamic Duo battles Professor Pyg and his Circus of the Strange. Morrison crams more story and ideas into one panel than many writers do into whole issues. Very few books are a better deal.

Wonder Woman #35: Wonder Woman and Black Canary team-up to rescue Sarge Steel and put an underground fight club out of business. But the cool stuff is the smaller moments, like Dinah lecturing Diana on how to fix her life and Nemesis dumping Wonder Woman.

The Red Circle: The Shield #1: Okay, I’m hooked. No, I don’t think that Straczynski is doing anything particularly innovative or ground-breaking with this Red Circle stories, but he is introducing a slew of new heroes to the DC Universe and trying to tell a compelling tale about them. So, yeah, it’s piqued my interest and has me anticipating the next issue.

Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olson Special #2: Robinson is a bit wordy in this issue, but it does tie Breach, Infinity, Inc. and the return of Captain Atom together with the current goings-on in the pages of the Superman books, making for an interesting read. Not quite accessible to a new reader, though.

The Last Days of Animal Man #4: Poor Buddy Baker. His wife and kids are annoyed with him, and he’s losing his powers. On the bright side, he gets to make out with Starfire, so he doesn’t have things too bad, to be honest.

And now, the book of the week is…

Detective Comics #856: In a word – beautiful. I can’t say enough about the Batwoman story in this book. It’s some of Rucka’s best work, and that’s saying a lot, and Williams’ art is stunning. The Question second feature isn’t half bad, either.

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