Monday, October 5, 2009

Blackest Night: Titans #2

“Bite the Hand that Feeds”

Writer: J.T. Krul

Penciller: Ed Benes

Inker: Scott Williams & Ed Benes

Editor: Eddie Berganza & Brian Cunningham


While Donna Troy confronts her long dead husband and son, the rest of the Titans battle Black Lanterns Terra and Omen. Meanwhile, Dove finds herself outnumbered by the two Hawks, and realizes that she needs help in defeating both her former partners. Back in San Francisco, Terra buries Titans Tower underground, and more Black Lantern Titans arrive to finish the heroes off for good…


Page 1: Donna Troy last appeared in Blackest Night: Titans #1.

Note the Black Lantern logo on Robbie’s rattle…those forward-thinking Black Lanterns are so into marketing! It’s great!

Page 2: Terrence “Terry” Long, first appeared in New Teen Titans (first series) #8. Husband to Donna Troy. Killed in Wonder Woman (second series) #121.

Note that Terry is dressed in his tuxedo from his wedding in Tales of the Teen Titans #50.

Robert “Robbie” Long, first appeared in Team Titans #1. Son of Terry Long and Donna Troy. In an alternate timeline, Robert would become the villain known as Lord Chaos. Killed in Wonder Woman (second series) #121.

Pages 4-5: Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy, along with Black Lanterns Terra and Omen, all last appeared in Blackest Night: Titans #1.

“And, when you’re done, you bury us in the backyard – like dogs.” Not that I’d totally agree with Omen, but she does have a point – the Titans don’t exactly have the greatest track record for keeping their members alive and healthy.

“And I don’t believe in ghosts.” Okay, Vic, sure you don’t. Have you met the Spectre? Or Deadman? The father of your teammate Raven was a demon lord from another dimension, but you find it difficult to believe in ghosts?

Beast Boy is awash in emotions – love, fear, rage and hope.

Page 9: Dove, Hawk and Black Lantern Hawk all last appeared in Blackest Night: Titans #1.

Black Lantern Power Levels at 57.03%.

Page 10: As seen in Blackest Night: Titans #1, Black Lanterns can’t “see” what Dove is feeling. Whether or not this has to do with the fact that she is powered by the Lords of Order has yet to be revealed. Also, as seen in Blackest Night #2, Don Hall, the original Dove, could not be raised, due to his unique nature.

Page 11: “Holly was my only sister. I never knew her growing up, but she became my best friend.” Dawn never knew her sister because she was seemingly retconned into existence when Geoff Johns reintroduced Hawk and Dove in Teen Titans (third series) #22. Before this issue, Dawn was an only child. The story behind why Dawn and Holly grew up apart has yet to be told.

Page 13: “Stop? Honey, this night’s only just begun.” Note that the events beginning in Blackest Night #1 up until now have only spanned a few hours. It will be interesting to see if all of Blackest Night actually takes place over the course of one night or not.

Page 14: Kid Flash and Wonder Girl last appeared in Blackest Night: Titans #1.

I Am Legend was a 2007 film starring Will Smith based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel of the same name. Smith plays a scientist living in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan inhabited by animalistic-victims of a virus that resemble zombies.

Kid Flash is expressing fear, while Wonder Girl is feeling hope. Donna has strong will, but she is mis-colored violet (love).

The black wound on Donna’s neck reminds me of Scar, the Guardian of the Universe working for the Black Lanterns.

Page 15: Black Lantern Omen is showing the Titans lives of true happiness – Cyborg, as a whole human being again, and Starfire, married to Dick Grayson.

Pages 16-17: Damn, the Titans go through those towers like they were Kleenex.

Page 18: Yep, Dove is still immune to the Black Lantern’s power.

Page 20: Note to all – if the Black Lantern symbol appears in your eyes, then it’s not a good sign.

Page 22: Black Lanterns Tempest, Aquagirl and Dolphin last appeared in Blackest Night #2.

Pantha, real name X-24. First appeared in New Titans #73. Possessed enhanced agility and strength, razor-sharp claws and heightened senses. Killed in Infinite Crisis #4.

Wildebeest, also known as “Baby.” First appeared in New Titans #85. Possessed super strength and the ability to grown into an adult form when provoked. Killed in Infinite Crisis #4.

This group of Black Lantern Titans made a cameo appearance in Blackest Night #3, as seen on a Hall of Justice monitor screen. They were flying towards Titans Tower, mere moments before this scene.

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