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So I get these stupid thoughts in my head sometimes.

“Hey! It would be cool to do weekly reviews for 52!”

Infinite Crisis hardcover! Why don’t I sit down and note all of the changes from the original issues?”

“Why don’t I put together a timeline for the events of Blackest Night?”

Yeah, I’m a masochist sometimes.

What follows is a somewhat coherent timeline of the events of DC’s Blackest Night event, dealing with the main mini-series, as well as related issues of Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and other tie-in books. I’d like to say that it’s been a blast…well, it has been fun, yes, but it’s also been a big old pain in the neck as well.

A few ground rules before you scroll down for a look. First off, the timeline is separated into three columns – the first is labeled “Blackest Night,” and the third is marked “War of Light.” These are purely arbitrary designations; “Blackest Night” deals with the events happening on Earth, while “War of Light” details what’s transpiring on Oa, Zamaron, Okaara, Korugar, Odym and Ysmault. My original draft of this combined everything into one column, but the war between the various Corps doesn’t really link up to the events on Earth in too many places, so it became a logistical nightmare. Hence, the three columns.

As for how events are arranged in the timeline…well, they’re in order, duh. But, seriously…Basically, I used the Blackest Night mini-series pretty much as canon; as events transpire in the book, so do they occur on the timeline, with a few minor tweaks and merging of several scenes into one here or there. All of the events seen in the other tie-in mini-series and crossovers are based off the main story. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to work with as far as determining which events happening in which order, with the exception of the ever-present “Black Lantern Power Levels” reminders.

So, as you read down the column, the events transpire in chronological order. If an event in the “Blackest Night” column is on the same row as an event in the “War of Light” column, then they kinda-sorta-maybe occur at the same time; I’m using the idea that time moves differently on other planets to explain any glaring discrepancies.

But what about that second column you mentioned, you may ask? Well, for the most part, that middle column is just a black line separating the two events. There are, however, several times in the timeline in which it’s left open, basically to indicate that the events on the “Blackest Night” column take place at the same time as the events in the “War of Light” column. Simple, right?

A final note – this whole timeline is highly subjective and based solely on my interpretation of the story. You may place certain events in a different order, or next month’s issue of Green Lantern Corps will contradict whole rows worth of the timeline.

But it’s what I came up with, for better or for worse. Scroll on down and enjoy.



Scar opens the Book of the Black to create the first Black Lantern. (GL#43)

Black Hand goes to his family’s mortuary and murders his entire family. He then turns his weapon on himself, committing suicide. He is reborn as the embodiment of the Black Lantern Corps. (GL #43; This issue takes place sometime near Easter, as evidenced by the “Happy Easter” sign outside of the Hand Mortuary.)

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen visit Bruce Wayne’s grave. (BN #0)

Black Hand digs up Bruce Wayne’s grave and uses his skull as a lantern. He speaks the Black Lantern oath for the first time; power rings explode from the battery on Ryut. (BN #0, BN #1)


Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner fly over Coast City and light the memorial. (BN #1)

In Smallville, Clark Kent, Martha Kent, Conner Kent and Krypto visit Jonathan Kent’s grave. (BN #1)

In Pittsburgh, Martin Stein, Jason Rusch and Gehenna visit Ronnie Raymond’s grave. (BN #1)

The Titans and the Teen Titans gather to remember their fallen teammates at Titans Tower in San Francisco. (BN #1, BN: Titans #1)

The surviving members of the Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery meet at Avernus in Central City to honor Captain Boomerang. (BN#1)

Former members of the JLI meet in Chicago to honor Ted Kord. (BN #1)

Members of the JSA join Kyle Rayner at Valhalla in Metropolis to remember the members of the superhero community buried there. (BN #1)

Mera and Tempest travel to Amnesty Bay to visit Aquaman’s grave. Tempest urges Mera to allow him to move Arthur’s resting place to Atlantis. (BN #1)

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe watch as the War of Light unfolds. (BN #1)

Members of the Sinestro Corps attack Zamaron to free their captive members. (BN #1)

Alfred Pennyworth visit’s Bruce Wayne’s grave, only to find it disturbed. (BN#1)

Mongul leads another faction of the Sinestro Corps on Korugar. (BN #1)

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen meet at the Hall of Justice. Barry notices all of the villains’ bodies interred there. Hal tells Barry about all those who have died recently. (BN #1)

The “Lost Lanterns” invade Ysmault to rescue Laira’s body. (BN #1)

The Orange Lanterns attempt to steal the Blue Lantern power battery from Odym. (BN#1, GL #42, BN: Tales of the Corps #1)

Ray Palmer calls Carter Hall and asks him to go with him to Jean Loring’s grave. Carter gets angry and hangs up. Kendra Saunders attempts to reason with Carter. (BN #1)

Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner fly back to Oa from Earth and are joined by Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande. They notice the Black Lantern power rings fly past them towards Oa, despite the shields they create. (BN #1, GLC #39)

Hal Jordan has explained how dark the world has gotten to Barry Allen. Alfred Pennyworth calls the Hall of Justice looking for help. (BN #1)

The Guardians of the Universe prepare to call for a Code Black. Scar attacks, killing one of the Guardians. (BN #1)

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen investigate Bruce Wayne’s grave. (BN #1, GL #44)

Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner attempt to rally the Green Lantern Corps while Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande go to the infirmary to evacuate the patients. (GLC #39)

Black Lantern power rings arrive on Earth and Mars. (BN #1)

The Black Lantern power rings invade the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps on Oa.

(BN #1, GLC #39)


On Oa, fallen Green Lanterns rise up to confront the Corps. On Earth, heroes and villains alike return from the dead. On Mars, the Martian Manhunter returns. (BN #1, GL #44, GLC #39)

Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders admit their feeling for one another. Black Lanterns Elongated Man and Sue Dibny attack and kill them as Black Hand watches. Carter and Kendra rise. Power Levels – 0.01%, 0.02%. (BN #1)

Jade flies from Earth to confront Kyle Rayner. Mass chaos erupts on Oa. (GLC #39)

Black Lantern Martian Manhunter attacks them using his vast mental abilities. Hal and Barry escape; Hal attempts to contact Oa, with no response. Martian Manhunter finds them and collapses a building onto them. (BN #1, GL #44)

On Oa, Scar explains her actions to the rest of the Guardians of the Universe. Power Levels 0.75%. (GL #44)

Black Lantern power rings descend towards Ysmault, Okaara and Zamaron. (GL #44)

Batman and Robin investigate Bruce Wayne’s grave and find the devastation from Hal Jordan and Barry Allen’s fight with Black Lantern Martian Manhunter. (BN: Batman #1)

The Lost Lanterns recover Laira’s body on Ysmault. (GL #44)

Larfleeze watches as his Orange Lanterns try to take Saint Walker’s Blue Lantern power ring from him. (GL #44)

Ray Palmer calls Carter Hall. Carter tells Ray to come over and talk. (BN #2)

Carol Ferris leads the Star Sapphires in defending Zamaron from the Sinestro Corps. (GL #44)

Black Lantern tricks Hal Jordan and Barry Allen into fighting one another. Barry falls into the river, while Hal is flung into the skies above Gotham City. (GL #44)

Scar incapacitates the Guardians of the Universe. Power Levels – 0.91%, 1.20%. (GL #44)

Jim Gordon and Barbara Gordon talk on the rooftop of Gotham City Police Department. Hal Jordan crashes into the Bat Signal. (BN #2)

John Stewart watches as the planet Xanshi reforms. John is shocked. (GL #44, GL #45)

Tempest and Mera arrive at Amnesty Bay with Atlantean soldiers to move Aquaman’s body, but the grave has been disturbed. Black Lantern Aquaman attacks them and kills one of the soldiers. Power Levels – 2.63%. (BN #2)

Kryb and the other female members of the Sinestro Corps are freed from their conversion crystals. Sinestro arrives on Zamaron and tells Carol Ferris to not interfere. (GL #45)

Deadman visits his grave in Gotham City; Black Lantern Boston Brand rises. (BN #2, BN: Batman #1)

Arisia returns to Oa from Daxam and is greeted by Black Lanterns of her father, mother and grandfather. (GLC #40)

In Washington, DC, Hank Hall rises; his brother Don does not. (BN #2, BN: Titans #1)

Kal-L rises. (BN: Superman #1)

Salaak and a small group of Green Lanterns enter the Citadel of the Corps and find the Guardians of the Universe missing. The Alpha Lanterns attempt to take control, but Salaak assumes leadership of the Green Lantern Corps. (GLC #40)

A host of deceased Batman foes, including King Snake and Blockbuster, rise. (BN: Batman #1)

Kyle Rayner is torn while facing Black Lantern Jade, who taunts him with images of those he has failed. (GLC #40)

Mera and Tempest fight back against Black Lantern Aquaman, but Black Lanterns Dolphin and Aquagirl join the battle. Aquagirl kills Tempest. Power Levels – 3.43%. Tempest rises. Mera flees. (BN #2)

Those executed by the Alpha Lanterns due to their involvement in the Sciencell riots on Oa rise. (GLC #40)

Black Lantern Kal-L arrives in Smallville and begins killing its residents. Power Levels 3.44%, 3.55%, 3.82%. (BN: Superman #1)

The Phantom Stranger, Blue Devil, Zatanna and the Spectre visit Boston Brand’s grave. Pariah interrupts them and explodes in a swarm of Black Lantern rings. Black Hand raises Crispus Allen and bonds the Spectre to him. (BN #2)

Former Sinestro Corps members, now Black Lanterns, arrive on Zamaron and confront Sinestro and Carol Ferris. Power Level – 45.43%. Black Lantern Weaponers battle against the Sinestro Corps on Qward. (GL #45)

Hal Jordan recovers and beams information to Oracle’s computer. Barry Allen keeps Black Lantern Martian Manhunter occupied. (BN #2)

Black Lanterns overrun Oa. Power Levels – 45.96%, 45.97%. (GLC #40)

Deadman contacts Batman and Robin and alerts them to the threat of the Black Lanterns. They learn that the Graysons and the Drakes have risen. Batman contacts Red Robin in France to ask for his help. (BN: Batman #1)

Black Lantern Katma Tui goes on a rampage. Power Levels – 46.09%. (GLC #40)

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen momentarily defeat Black Lantern Martian Manhunter, but the Black Lantern Justice League gathers to attack them. (BN #2)

Black Lantern Bzzd kills off more than his fair share of Green Lanterns. Power Levels –46.27%, 46.28%, 45.29%, 46.30%, 46.31%. Guy captures Bzzd, but he, in turn, is attacked by Black Lantern Ke’Haan. Guy incinerates Ke’haan in anger. (GLC #40, 41)

Black Lanterns King Snake, Blockbuster, Ventriloquist, Magpie, the Trigger Twins, Abattoir, Deacon Blackfire and the KGBeast attack Gotham City Police Headquarters. Power Levels – 46.65%, 46.69%, 46.72%, 46.75%, 46.77%, 46.89%, 47.01%. (BN: Batman #2)

Jason Rusch and Gehenna receive a JLA alert. (BN #3)

On Ungara, Abin Sur rises. (BN #2)

Black Lanterns Terra and Omen attack Titans Tower in San Francisco. Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire confront their fallen teammates, while Donna Troy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash deal with Black Lanterns Terry and Robert Long. (BN: Titans #1,2)

On Ysmault, the Lost Lanterns prepare to leave, but Alpha Lantern Boodikka begins terminating the Red Lanterns. As Atrocitus joins the battle, Black Lantern rings fall from the sky. (GL #45)

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen battle the Black Lantern Justice League. Barry attempts to remove Black Lantern Firestorm’s ring, causing feedback. Power Levels – 50.32%. Ray Palmer arrives. (BN #3)

High above Odym, the Black Lantern rings wait for death so they might descend. The Orange Lanterns struggle to steal the Blue Lantern power battery, as Saint Walker and the Blue Lanterns defend their home world. (GL #45)

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen battle the Black Lantern Justice League. Barry attempts to remove Black Lantern Firestorm’s ring, causing feedback. Power Levels – 50.32%. Ray Palmer arrives. (BN #3)

On Okaara, Larfleeze watches the events on Odym with glee, but is horrified when Black Lanterns of those he has slain rise to consume him. (GL #45)

Firestorm arrives at the Hall of Justice in Washington, DC. He watches the monitors showing scenes of the Black Lanterns all across the world. (BN #3)

The JSA protects Manhattan. (BN #3)

Black Lantern Osiris rises in Kahndaq. (BN #3)

The Black Lantern Rogues march on Iron Heights Penitentiary. (BN #3)

Over Moscow, the Rocket Red Brigade battles Black Lantern Rocket Red. (BN #3)

Black Lanterns Tempest, Aquagirl, Dolphin, Wildebeest and Pantha fly towards Titans Tower in San Francisco. (BN #3)

Black Lantern Unknown Soldier rises in Washington, D.C. (BN #3)

Mera reveals to Firestorm that she sent out the JLA alert. (BN #3)

Jim Gordon and Barbara Gordon escape from Gotham City Police Headquarters with the aid of Deadman. Batman and Robin attack the Black Lanterns with flamethrowers, with little success. (BN: Batman #2)

Black Lantern Elongated Man attempts to kill Ray Palmer. Indigo-1 and Munk arrive. Indigo-1 adds Hal Jordan’s power to her own to destroy Black Lanterns Elongated Man and Sue Dibny. Indigo-1 teleports herself, Munk, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen and Ray Palmer to the Hall of Justice, where they regroup with Firestorm and Mera. Indigo-1 explains to the heroes about the powers of the emotional spectrum and the Blackest Night. Hal resolves to join Indigo-1 and recruit the representatives of the other Corps. (BN #3)

Black Lanterns of the Five Inversions confront Atrocitus on Ysmault. Black Lantern Qull rips Atrocitus’ heart out of his chest, but it only fuels his rage. (BN #3, GL #47)

Larfleeze flees from the Black Lanterns of those whom he killed on Okaara. (BN #3)

Saint Walker strikes back against the Orange Lanterns evens as the Blue Lantern power battery is being stolen from Odym. (BN #3)

On Zamaron, Sinestro battles Black Lanterns of his former Sinestro Corps members Amon Sur and Duel Enkham, while Carol Ferris delivers a blow to Black Lantern Ugg-I. (BN #3)

The Black Lantern Justice League attacks the Hall of Justice. Indigo-1, Munk and Hal Jordan teleport to Zamaron. (BN #3)

Sinestro and Carol Ferris find themselves outnumbered in their battle against the Black Lanterns. Hal Jordan and Indigo-1 arrive on Zamaron and join forces with Carol Ferris and Sinestro. Munk travels to Oa to warn the Green Lantern Corps. (GL #46)

Black Lantern Firestorm splits Jason Rusch and Gehenna from one another, absorbing Jason and turning Gehenna into salt. Power Levels 56.56%, 56.57%, 56.58%. (BN #3)

Hawk and Dove confront Black Lantern Hawk in Washington, D.C. Black Lantern Hawk kills Hawk. Power Levels – 57.03%. She rises. Dove fights them, but is outnumbered. (BN: Titans #1,2)

John Stewart attempt to contact Oa, with no luck. He decides to fly down to Xanshi. (GL #46)

Red Robin rescues Batman, Robin, Jim Gordon and Barbara Gordon from Gotham City Police Headquarters, but the Bat-plane is brought down by the Flying Graysons and the Drakes. It lands in a cemetery. Batman and Red Robin prepare to confront their undead parents. (BN: Batman #2,3)

Black Lantern power rings invade the lower levels of the Hall of Justice and raise the villains interred there. (BN #3)

Khufu and Chay-Ara rise on Zamaron. Power Levels – 63.24%, 68.99%, 71.42%, 75.25%. The Predator entity is freed, and Zamaron is compromised. (GL #46)

Black Lantern Psycho-Pirate arrives in Smallville and begins wreaking havoc on the populace. Above the town, Superman and Superboy battle Black Lantern Kal-L. (BN: Superman #2; This is the earliest that this event can take place, given the fact that Psycho-Pirate doesn’t rise until BN #3.)

The Black Lantern Justice League and a host of raised villains attack Barry Allen, Mera and Ray Palmer at the Hall of Justice. (BN #4)

Star Sapphire Miri and Kryb arrive on Vora but Kryb’s children are gone. (GLC #40)

Deadman recruits Etrigan to aid in the fight against the Black Lanterns as Batman and Red Robin deal with the Black Lantern versions of their parents. They use Mr. Freeze’s cold technology to confuse the Black Lanterns and repel them from Gotham City for the time being. (BN: Batman #3)

Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande arrive at the Green Lantern Corps infirmary and defend the injured from the Black Lanterns. Power Levels – 85.26%. Black Lantern rings swarm in and raise the recently fallen Green Lanterns. (GLC #40, 41)

Black Lantern Psycho-Pirate gains control of Superboy and turns him on Superman, but the Boy of Steel eventually resists and breaks free. Power Levels 93.01%. Superboy uses the Medusa Mask to deactivate Black Lanterns Kal-L and Psycho-Pirate. (BN: Superman #3)

Black Hand wanders through the cemetery in Coast City. Power Levels – 93.55%. (BN #4)

Arisia fends off the Black Lantern versions of her family. (GLC #41)

Black Lantern Firestorm attacks Barry Allen and Ray Palmer. Jason Rusch attempts to take control of Firestorm, but his victory is limited. Power Levels – 93.88%. (BN #4)

Black Lantern Aquaman arrives at the Hall of Justice. Ray Palmer, Barry Allen and Mera escape by teleporting over phone lines. (BN #4)

Black Lantern Azrael confronts the Scarecrow in Gotham City. Power Levels – 95.44%, 95.45%. (BN #4)

Lex Luthor is in lockdown underneath Metropolis. (BN #4)

Barry Allen gives Ray Palmer and Mera a pep talk. Barry races off to warn the rest of Earth’s heroes, while Ray and Mera travel to New York City via one of Mr. Terrific’s T-Spheres. The Justice Society is in the midst of battling the Black Lantern JSA and Freedom Fighters. (BN #4)

Kilowog leads a squad of Green Lanterns, but is overwhelmed by Black Lantern Ermey and his forces. (GLC #41)

Dove and the Black Lantern Hawks arrive on Titans Island. Dove discovers that she can destroy the Black Lanterns with her touch. Black Lanterns Tempest, Terra and Hawk (Hank Hall) survive and flee Titans Island. (BN: Titans #3)

Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol find themselves under fire from Black Lanterns Tanakata Z and Quond, as well as Kryb’s children. When all seems lost, Munk arrives to help defend Oa. (GLC #41)

Barry Allen races across the world in an effort to warn others about the threat of the Black Lanterns. (BN #4)

Wonder Woman battles Black Lantern Maxwell Lord. (BN #4)

Black Canary and Green Arrow hold off Black Lantern Black Canary. (BN #4)

The Titans get their second wind after repelling the Black Lantern Titans. (BN #4, BN: Titans #3)

Black Hand arrives at the Hand Mortuary in Cost City. Power Levels – 97.77%, 97.79%. (BN #4)

Black Lanterns Celsius, Tempest, Negative Woman and Clifford Steele invade Oolong Island and attack the Chief, Robotman, Negative Man and Elasti-Woman. (Doom Patrol #4)

Black Lantern Blue Beetle tracks down Booster Gold and the new Blue Beetle in Metropolis. (Booster Gold #26)

While Black Lantern Harbinger attacks a group of Sinestro Corpsmen, Black Lantern Stealth tries to kill Vril Dox. Dox receives a yellow power ring and becomes a member of the Sinestro Corps. (R.E.B.E.L.S. #10)

Alan Scott and Mera both attempt to halt the Black Lanterns. Ray Palmer tries to inspire Damage, and saves him from an attack by Black Lantern Atom. However, a surprise attack from Black Lantern Jean Loring kills Damage. (BN #4)

Vath Sarn, Isamot Kol and Munk fend off an attack by a group of reanimated Green Lanterns and the Corphans. Ermey is about to rip out Kilowog’s heart but becomes distracted. Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu defeat Black Lantern Jade. (GLC #42)

Black Lantern Power Levels – 100%

Barry Allen feels a connection to the power of the Black Lanterns. He races to Coast City, only to watch as the Black Lantern power battery rises form the Hand mortuary. (BN #4)

The Black Lanterns on Oa attempt to “consume will” and destroy the Green Lantern power battery. The Green Lanterns Corps attempts to prevent this, but Alpha Lantern Chaselon’s internal power battery is removed and damaged. Kyle Rayner uses the power battery’s blast to destroy the Black Lanterns, sacrificing himself in the process. (GLC #42)

Nekron rises.

To be continued…

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Hey, this is fantastic work! (For one thing, it saves me the hassle of trying to do it myself for my DCU Chronology site.)

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