Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blackest Night: Titans #3

“When Doves Cry”

Writer: J.T. Krul

Art: Ed Benes

Editor: Brian Cunningham & Eddie Berganza


As the Titans overcome their hesitation to use force on their former teammates, they soon realize that nothing they do will defeat them. Dove, however, seems to be able to disrupt the rings’ connection to the power battery, and destroys most of the Black Lantern Titans. In the aftermath of the battle, the Titans realize that this is part of a much bigger threat, and that they must join together with the rest of Earth’s heroes to stop it…


Page 1: Ah, Donna Troy, Terry Long and their baby son Robert in better times…

Until Robert turns into a creepy baby-zombie and starts eating people. Ewwww….

Page 2: Back to our story…Black Lanterns Terry and Robert Long last appeared in Blackest Night: Titans #2.

Donna Troy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash last appeared in Blackest Night: Titans #2.

Page 3: Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Black Lanterns Omen and Terra last appeared in Blackest Night: Titans #2.

“I’m back. Back to what I have to call normal. The steel, the machinery…That circuitry buzzing in my brain.”

“Dick..? He’s gone.”

Omen was using her powers to make Cyborg and Starfire see their fondest wishes; for Cyborg, it was that he was human again, and for Starfire it was a life with Dick Grayson.

Page 4: Black Lanterns Pantha, Dolphin, Aquagirl, Wildebeest and Tempest last appeared in Blackest Night: Titans #2.

The continuity between last issue and this one doesn’t make sense. Blackest Night: Titans #2 ended with Terra declaring to Beast Boy that she finally gets to kill the Titans. Tempest and company, newly arrived, interrupt her, saying that they get to kill the Titans together. However, in this issue, it’s almost like Tempest’s crew is just getting to the island when they attack. Very strange.

“Seriously, Victor. Haven’t you killed enough Titans?” Much as I hate to say it…Tempest has a point. A month can’t seem to go by nowadays without a Titans dying in some gruesome fashion.

Page 6: Beast Boy is feeling a mixture of lover and fear.

“I…I can’t, Vic. I can’t. Anyone but her. I—“ Oh, Gar, please, for heaven’s sake GET OVER IT! Terra’s dead! Dead, dead, dead. She was a traitor, she never loved you, she was only using you, and…

Okay, writers? Titans writers out there? Terra died in 1984! Twenty-five years ago! Let’s move on already! Let poor Beast Boy get a grip, grow a set of balls, and move on from this one disastrous relationship, please?!?!

Okay, okay, sorry. Just getting wee bit sick and tired of Gar constantly moaning about Tara.

Page 7: “My god – They killed Garth. Who else did they get to?” I dunno…has Bart ever spoken with Garth? I mean, I can understand that he’s shocked by so many heroes getting transformed into Black Lanterns, and probably a bit scared, but, honestly, it’s not like Garth is Superman. “My god – They killed Superman.” That seems like something to get worked up over.

I think that I’m just being overly critical right now…

Page 8: Holy crap! Donna goes bad-ass!

Page 9: “It’s not them.” I liked this scene. Donna knows that what she’s doing is the right thing, no matter how wrong it feels.

Pages 10-11: Gar? About my little ranting and raving a few lines up? I’m sorry. I just felt that you needed a little slap in the face to get your head back in the game.

We cool, okay? You’re not gonna turn into a bear and tear me apart, are you?

Ok, good. Let’s not back a few beers and head on over to the strip club to get your mind off that Black Lantern Terra chick.

Page 12: “This isn’t new for you. Is it, Bart? Don’t you remember? The icy chill as the Rogue’s beat you to death?” Bart Allen, as the Flash, was killed by the Rogues in The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13.

Dove and the Black Lantern Hawks last appeared in Blackest Night: Titans #2.

Page 13: “Whaddya say, Wildebeest? Wanna make a wish?” Pantha wants to tear at Wonder Girl like a wishbone.

Omen is making Wonder Girl see the two men in her life – Robin and Superboy.

Page 14: As we’ve seen in Blackest Night: Titans #1 & 2, the Black Lanterns can’t “read” Dove’s emotions.

Page 15: This, however, is the first we’re seeing that there is something about Dove that can hurt the Black Lanterns.

Page 17: “You want our strength? You want our hope? You want our fear? You want our rage?” Yes. In a nutshell, this is exactly what the Black Lanterns want.

Pages 18-19: Oooooooh, pretty lights!

Terra, Tempest and Hawk are the only Black Lantern Titans to not be destroyed by Dove’s power.

Page 20: Hey! It’s Don Hall, the first Dove! Hi Don!

So, when do we learn why Don Hall couldn’t be raised and why the power of the Dove is so dangerous to the Black Lanterns?

“You can save him.” Is Hawk going to be one of those Black Lanterns who is somehow returned to life when this is all over?

Page 21: “It’s worse than that. I just talked to Barry.” Bart’s chat with Barry Allen corresponds to Barry’s “Paul Revere” imitation as seen in Blackest Night #4 page 14.

Page 22: “She wasn’t worth it. She wasn’t worth any of it.” See, Gar? That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!

Page 23: “The power behind these Black Lanterns…it wants me. I can feel it.” Nekron, the “power behind the Black Lanterns,” seems to have a vendetta against those heroes, like Barry Allen and Donna Troy, who have made a habit of dying and returning to life.

Page 24: You know things aren’t going well when you start seeing the world like a Black Lantern does…

For the record, here’s how the Titans are feeling right now…

Beast Boy: rage, hope and will

Starfire: rage, love and hope

Kid Flash: compassion, hope and fear

Dove: she’s all bright and shiny

Cyborg; will and rage

Wonder Girl: rage, hope and fear

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