Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #42

“Hungry Heart”

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Penciller: Patrick Gleason

Inker: Rebecca Buchman with Tom Nguyen

Editor: Adam Schlagman


After the Black Lantern power levels reach 100%, the Black Lanterns change their tactics and attempt to destroy the Power Battery on Oa. The Green Lanterns Corps go on the defensive, but are overwhelmed by the onslaught. When Alpha Lantern Chaselon’s internal power battery is damaged, Kyle Rayner takes advantage of its explosion to destroy as many Black Lanterns as he can, killing himself in the process…


Page 1: Isamot Kol, Vath Sarn and Munk (who I kept calling Indigo-2 for simplicity’s sake) last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #41.

All of the Black Lanterns that Vath, Isamot and Munk are facing are either fallen Green Lanterns or their dead children – the Corphans.

“Zamaron, the bastion of love and violet, is gone – their central power battery has been destroyed.” This occurred in Green Lantern (fourth series) #46. How Munk knows this is unknown, since he left Zamaron before the power battery was destroyed. Perhaps he and Indigo-1 share a connection and she relayed this information to him?

Page 3: As first seen in Blackest Night #3, the green light of willpower, when combined with energies from another part of the emotional spectrum, can destroy a Black Lantern.

Page 4: Yep, more Black Lantern destroying. Munk makes it look so damn easy. Seems like this whole Blackest Night-thing is almost over, doesn’t it?

Page 5: Still more explanation about how combining their energies destroys the Black Lanterns, how only direct discharges work, blah blah blah blah blah. Let’s get back to rampant, mindless zombie killing, shall we?

“100% Power Levels Exceeded.” In Blackest Night #4, Black Lantern Jean Loring killed Damage, at which point the Black Lantern Power Levels reached 100%. Which probably isn’t a good thing, when you think about it.

Page 6: Kilowog and Black Lantern Ermey last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #41.

“Devour Will.” This can’t work out well…

Page 7: I think that Kilowog is having a little breakdown here…

Page 8: Kyle Rayner, Soranik Natu and Black Lantern Jade last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #41.

“You’re going to have to speak up, I can’t hear you with my fist shoved in your mouth.” I love this line.

Pages 10-11: Before you ask…No, I am not going to identify all of these dead Green Lanterns, now Black Lanterns. I will point out some of the more distinctive ones, thought…

Ke’Haan, in the bottom left corner, with the large horn jutting out of his head;

Cherniss, top left, he’s a lizard-guy with a long, pale face, his head kinda looks like a moon crescent;

Diamalon, top left, next to Cherniss, he’s a big, round guy with a Mohawk and two tentacles where his arms should be;

Zharan Pel, in the center of the spread, he has a fin on top of his head and six tentacles;

Barin, top center of spread, he has the tendrils growing from his upper lip.

Page 12: Guy Gardner last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #41.

“Pour it on!” Okay, that core gang is all here. In the bottom panel, from left to right, we have a huge, lave-like guy (I have no idea what his name is), Soranik Natu, Kyle Rayner, Brik, Isamot Kol, Kilowog, Guy Gardner, Vath Sarn, Arisia and Munk.

Page 13: The Green Lantern with red skin, yellow hair and bony protrusions is Turytt. Kinda reminds me of Doomsday, now that I think about it.

Salaak last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #40. In that issue, he assumed control of the Green Lantern Corps in the absence of the Guardians of the Universe, despite the protests of the Alpha Lanterns.

“Construct Dark Matter.” Hmmm…I wonder what this is all about…

Page 14: Man, this night is just going from bad to worse…

Page 15: Battery Foundation Compromised.” Well, that’s something you don’t hear everyday…

“This ain’t looking good!” You said it, Guy.

Page 17: Vice of Space Sector 13. First appeared in Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1. He was responsible for the Sciencell Riot on Oa in Green Lantern Corps #34, but was recaptured shortly thereafter.

Pages 18-19: Vice really, really enjoys killing, as you can see on this two-page spread.

As seen in Green Lantern (fourth series) #47, Red Lanterns have a certain amount of resistance to Black Lanterns due to their lack of a heart. Black Lanterns, of course, really like to tear their victims’ hearts out of their chests. It’s kind of their “thing,” if you know what I mean.

Alpha Lantern Chaselon last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #40. He’s always jumping to conclusions and killing off rampaging Red Lanterns. Such a wet blanket, that Chaselon.

Battery Present.” Alpha Lanterns are implanted with an internal power battery.

Page 20: “The Alpha Lanterns are the only ones capable of rectifying this situation and preserving the Central Battery.” The Alpha Lanterns are a bit full of themselves and really need to be taken down a few dozen notches.

The aforementioned internal power battery belonging to Chaselon has now been forcibly ripped from his body and has been damaged. This seems like it’s not necessarily a good thing, judging by the way Kyle and Salaak are acting.

Given that the Alpha Lanterns’ power batteries mainline energy straight from the Central Power Battery, they are probably pretty damn powerful. Not the sort of thing you want to have blowing up on you.

Page 22: “Alpha Lantern Battery Detonation Imminent.” See? What did I say about the night just getting worse?

“I love you, Soranik.” Awww, how sweet.

“And you too, Guy. You’ve been like a brother to” Now I’m getting all choked up.

Since we know that Guy Gardner is fated to become a Red Lantern shortly, this must be the event that sends him over the edge to embrace his anger and rage.

Page 23: So is a massive amount of Green Lantern energy capable of destroying the Black Lanterns as well?

Page 24: Poor Kyle. Nice knowing you, pal…

So…what’s the over/under on when he’s coming back?

“Moratorium on sentient ring replacement. Process to Space Sector 2261.” In Green Lantern Corps #40, Salaak decreed that, given the current crisis, no new Green Lanterns would be called; he didn’t want to put untrained rookies in the line of fire. Thus, when a Green Lantern dies, their power ring is being sent to Mogo until the threat of the Black Lanterns has passed.


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