Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adventure Comics #5/508

“He Primed Me” Part Two: Flame War

Writer: Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates

Penciller: Jerry Ordway

Inker: Bob Wiacek and Jerry Ordway

Editor: Sean Ryan


Superboy-Prime struggles to defeat the Black Lanterns that Alexander Luthor has assembled against him, with little success. He gives in and lets the power of the Black Lantern power ring take him, but his powerful mixture of emotions destroys the Black Lanterns. His lost love Laurie is returned to him, but she is more than she initially seems to be…


Page 1: Superboy-Prime and Black Lanterns Charaxes, Breach, Razorsharp, Bushido, Nightblade, Major Disaster, Geist, Ballistic, Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three, Sun Boy of Earth-Prime and Element Lad of Earth-Prime last appeared in Adventure Comics #4/507.

Pages 2-3: As seen with Bushido, Ballistic and Nightblade, the Black Lanterns are able to use their power rings to create replicas of their weapons.

Page 4: “You should burn for what you did to all of us.” That caped guy? The one who’s projecting fire at Superboy-Prime? That’s the Element Lad of Earth-Prime, not Sun Boy. Sun Boy’s isn’t wearing a cape and his head is on fire.

“You had a temper tantrum and people died.” Even though that was basically the entire plot to Infinite Crisis, it more specifically refers to the events of Infinite Crisis #4, in which Bushido and a slew of others, especially Titans, were killed.

Page 5: Metatextual commentary time…Superboy-Prime is going after the DC Comics staffers that he believes are responsible for his downfall over the past few years.

That’s Senior VP-Executive Editor of DC Comics Dan DiDio there…

Pages 6-7: More DC Comics staffers…

Panel One: Dan DiDio and Simona Martore…

Panel Two: Sean Ryan, Wil Moss and Elizabeth V. Gehrlein…

Panel Three: Janelle Siegel and Mike Marts…

Panel Six: Harvey Richards…

Panel Seven: Mike Carlin and Rachel Gluckstern…

Page 8: And finally Eddie Berganza and Adam Schlagman, editors of Blackest Night.

Is that Geoff Johns on the phone with them? Superboy-Prime would definitely have a bone to pick with him…

Page 10: As seen in Adventure Comics #4/507, Superboy-Prime’s “Fortress of Solitude” is the basement in his parents’ home, where he reads comic books and checks out the DC Comics message boards all day long.

Superboy-Prime is feeling rage…again.

Page 11: That photograph of Superboy-Prime, before his powers manifested, and his girlfriend Laurie Lemmon, depicts events as seen in DC Comics Presents #87. The picture, which was taken off-panel, represents a simpler time; shortly after it was taken, Superboy-Prime left his world to join Superman of Earth-One to fight in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which Earth-Prime was destroyed.

Superboy-Prime is feeling – yep, you guessed it – rage.

Page 12: “You know what you did to Laurie when you lost control:” As revealed in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5, Superboy-Prime killed Laurie.

Page 14: “Die.” The Black Lantern power ring is killing and then reviving Superboy-Prime as a Black Lantern in a method similar to the way in which Superman, Wonder Woman and company were transformed into Black Lanterns in Blackest Night #5.

Page 15: Superboy-Prime is going through an emotional rollercoaster here, feeling will, compassion, avarice, fear and rage. It makes him a more attractive target for the Black Lanterns.

Page 16: A “Superboy-Prime’s Greatest Killings” selection brought to you by the power of rage and the color red.

Page 17: So, this is interesting – it seems that Superboy-Prime’s Black Lantern power ring actually changed into a Red Lantern power ring because of the power of his emotions. Superboy-Prime can even do the whole “blood-vomiting” thing like the rest of the Red Lanterns.

Page 18: And now Superboy-Prime is feeling love. Apparently, his emotions are so powerful that they not only destroyed his Black Lantern power ring, but they also annihilated all of the Black Lanterns.

Note that he’s feeling all of the emotions on the spectrum, except for one…

Page 19: “They turned me into this monster. They turned me into a villain.” Earth-Prime and the intentions of DC Comics writers and editors aside, Superboy-Prime has been ranting and raving about his lack of responsibility for his actions since Infinite Crisis, so this isn’t a new refrain. Since his arrival on Earth-Prime, he hasn’t done anything other than cause chaos and bring misery to others, so who does he have to blame other than himself?

Basically, he’s become like anyone else who bemoans their lot in life; “It’s not my fault, I’m not responsible, why can’t I have something better?” He’s a whiny, miserable, self-important little bastard who needs to grow the hell up and take the reins of his life.

Whoa. Went on a little rant there. Sorry.

Wait, actually I’m not. Honestly, I’ve grown tired of this character and really think he needs to be put out to pasture for a bit of time…like forever.

Moving on…

Page 20: Hey, look, it’s Laurie! She’s looking none the worse for wear…well, with the exception of the broken arm that her wonderfully-psychotic boyfriend gave her…

“They heard you, Clark. They’re sorry.” “They,” meaning the writers and editors are DC Comics. “They” does not refer to me, however. I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

(I know, I know, I’m hating on a fictional character. Deal.)

Superboy-Prime is feeling hope, the one emotion he wasn’t feeling on Page 18.

Laurie, however, is a Black Lanter, so he shouldn’t be feeling hopeful for too long, heh heh heh.

I have problems, I know, I know…

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