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Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1

“Part One: The Living”

Writer: Greg Rucka

Penciller: Nicola Scott

Inker: Prentis Rollins, Jonathan Glapion, Walden Wong and Drew Geraci

Editor: Eddie Berganza


Wonder Woman follows a trail of death to Arlington National Cemetery, where she confronts Black Lantern Maxwell Lord, the man she murdered. As she and Lord battle, more Black Lantern power rings fall, raising those who are buried there, including the Unknown Soldier. Though Wonder Woman uses her lasso to seemingly destroy the Black Lanterns, Lord survived and promised to see Diana soon…


Page 1: Wonder Woman II, real name Princess Diana, also known as Diana Prince. First historical appearance in All-Star Comics #8, first modern appearance in Wonder Woman (second series) #1. Killed a first time in War of the Gods #3; returned in War of the Gods #4. Killed a second time in Wonder Woman (second series) #125, became the Goddess of Truth in Wonder Woman (second series) #127, and became a mortal again in Wonder Woman (second series) #136. Possesses superhuman strength, resistance, speed, flight, combat skills and her Lasso of Truth.

The events of this issue take place concurrent with Blackest Night #4, after Barry Allen does his “Paul Revere” run to inform Earth’s heroes about the threat of the Black Lanterns, and before Nekron rises.

After this story, Diana teams up with the rest of Earth’s heroes to combat Nekron in Coast City, as seen in Blackest Night #5.

Pages 2-3: Wonder Woman is at the Washington Monument. She is looking west, towards the Lincoln Memorial in the background. Immediately beyond the Washington Monument is the National World War II Memorial, and behind that is the Reflecting Pool.

Pages 4-5: The scenes of death that have affected Diana…

Diana cradling her mother Hippolyta’s body in Wonder Woman (second series) #172, as Superman looks on;

Artemis’ death in Wonder Woman (second series) #100;

Superman holding Batman’s charred corpse in Final Crisis #6;

And Diana snapping Maxwell Lord’s neck in Wonder Woman (second series) #219.

Page 6: “The demon Neron assaulted my soul. Raked and burned it.” As seen in Wonder Woman (second series) #124.

“I lingered for days before finally dying.” As seen in Wonder Woman (second series) #125.

Page 7: Diana has flown to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC.

Medgar Wiley Evers was an African-American civil rights activist from Mississippi who was murdered in 1963 by Byron De La Beckwith, a member of the Ku Klux Klan and White Citizens Council.

And Evers’ headstone looks exactly like that; check out the photograph of it on Wikipedia as seen here:

Maxwell “Max” Lord IV, former head of the Justice League International. First appeared in Justice League #1. Killed in Wonder Woman (second series) #219. Yes, yes, I know that he died in Justice League America and was revived by the Kilg%re in the body of Lord Havok…but does anyone really consider that story canonical anymore? I didn’t think so. Last appeared in Blackest Night #4. Able to telepathically control the minds of others.

That’s the Tomb of the Unknowns that those two soldiers are guarding. It, too, is artistically accurate; here’s another photograph:,_with_U.S._Navy_sailor_and_woman,_May_1943.jpg

Wonder Woman is feeling love.

Page 8: Strange that she’s feeling love right before she chops off Lord’s head, isn’t it?

Page 10: “All aboard the Ted Kord express – destination brains!” In Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1, Max Lord shot Ted Kord, the former Blue Beetle, in the head, killing him.

Diana is feeling love, while the two members of the Honor Guard are all about willpower.

Page 11: Diana’s love for all living things is unwavering, while the two members of the Honor Guard are still strong in their will. Basically, these two guys are struggling against Max Lord’s power, to no avail.

Pages 14-15: What hasn’t been revealed yet is why there have been several waves of Black Lantern rings falling all over the Earth. There was the initial wave in Blackest Night #1, and then a second one that raised the Bat-villains in Blackest Night: Batman #1. A third wave raised the villains incarcerated under the Hall of Justice in Blackest Night #3, and then this fourth wave has hit Arlington National Cemetery. Is there a reason for multiple waves, other than for dramatic story purpose?

Pages 16-17: Despite all odds, Dina still feels love for all.

Page 18: The Unknown Soldier, real name unknown (duh). First appeared in Star-Spangled War Stories #151. Although a character called the Unknown Soldier appeared in Our Army at War #168, this is “an” Unknown Soldier, as opposed to “the” Unknown Soldier. Who knows? As to when he died…no idea. Sorry. He’s a skilled soldier and a master of disguise.

Page 19: “Wonder Woman? It’s Flash – we need all able bodies in Coast City right away.” Since Barry Allen didn’t know that any other heroes were joining him in Coast City, I assume that the “Flash” that Diana is speaking to is Wally West, who calls her just before he arrives in Coast City in Blackest Night #5.

Gee, isn’t continuity fun?

Pages 20-21: Hey! There’s a Blackhawk hanging out in the background! Well, a Black Lantern Blackhawk, at any rate.

Basically, Diana is channeling her love through the Lasso of Truth, destroying the Black Lanterns. Neat trick.

Page 22: Wonder Woman is off to Coast City, still feeling love. The two members of the Honor Guard are still strong in their willpower.

And Maxwell Lord isn’t quite done yet. He’ll be back…

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