Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Booster Gold #27

“Dead Ted” Part II of II

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Pencillers: Mike Norton and Dan Jurgens

Inker: Norm Rapmund

Editor: Michael Siglain


Booster Gold and the new Blue Beetle face off against the Black Lantern Blue Beetle, but the heroes find themselves outmatched by their foe. They escape and make use of some of Ted Kord’s old technology to incapacitate the Black Lantern. After burying Ted at Vanishing Point so that his body can’t be used again, Booster and Beetle then fly off to join the Justice League in saving the world…


Page 1: Booster Gold last appeared in Booster Gold (second series) #26.

Pages 2-3: Daniel (Supernova) Carter, Rose Levin, Black Lantern Blue Beetle, Skeets and Blue Beetle III last appeared in Booster Gold (second series) #26.

Page 4: “According to the Flash, the ring can access Ted’s memory, personality and control his body.” As seen in Booster Gold (second series) #26, Rip Hunter received a transmission of Barry Allen’s “Paul Revere” message, explaining the Black Lanterns to the heroes of the world.

Booster Gold is feeling rage.

Page 5: “Like when we injected castor oil into the creamy filling of J’onn’s Choco cookies. Or the time we put Fire’s panties in dry ice? Or when you sprayed Ralph with WD-40 while he was napping?” As amusing as these pranks are that Black Lantern Blue Beetle is describing, they never actually appeared in any issue.

They did, however, build a resort on a sentient island and proceeded to wake it up, which was a hoot and a half.

Page 6: Booster’s feeling more rage, while Rose’s willpower is strong.

Page 8: Jaime – the new Blue Beetle – sure does have moxie, taking on his undead predecessor like that.

Page 9: Black Lantern Blue Beetle comes complete with a replica of Ted’s BB Gun, which releases a blast of compressed air.

Page 11: “How ‘bout I fix you up with a friend? Sue Dibny is available!” Ouch. That hurts.

Sue Dibny was the wife of Ralph Dibny, a.k.a. the Elongated Man. She was killed in Identity Crisis #1, but was revived as a Black Lantern in Blackest Night #1. She was later destroyed in Blackest Night #3.

Page 13: Rip Hunter last appeared in Booster Gold (second series) #26.

Booster and company have escaped to Rip’s underground bunker in Arizona, which was first seen in 52 Week Six.

Notes on Rip Hunter’s infamous blackboard…

“Beware the Creeper?” Jack Ryder and his insane alter ego are currently hanging out with the Outsiders…is something going to happen with him in the near future?

“When?” I got nothing.

“time of the Time Trapper!” The Time Trapper most recently appeared in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.

“THE HENSHAW DIRECTIVE = ELIMINATION.” Hank Henshaw is the Cyborg-Superman who destroyed Coast City years ago. Flip to the last page of this issue to see how he might be tied into this book.

Page 15: Skeets is broadcasting Barry Allen’s aforementioned message to Earth’s heroes regarding the threat of the Black Lanterns.

Page 16: “I go back in time, stop Max Lord from killing Ted – Boom! Problem solved.” Booster already tried this, as seen in Booster Gold (second series) #6. It didn’t end well; divergent time lines, Max Lord taking over the world, dead super-heroes, and Ted ended up sacrificing himself in the end.

Page 17: “My own sister disappeared in the time stream and you haven’t done a thing to save her.” Michelle Carter vanished without a trace in Booster Gold (second series) #19.

“—dad.” In Booster Gold (second series) #1000000, it was revealed that Booster Gold is Rip Hunter’s father.

Page 18: KORD Industries was formerly owned by Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle.

Page 19: “The entrance log. Someone else came through here a few months ago.” A mysterious stranger entered this “Beetle-cave” in Booster Gold (second series) #1000000.

Page 21: Now Booster is feeling rage coupled with willpower.

Pages 22-23: In addition to projecting blasts of compressed air, Ted Kord’s BB Gun also projected intense blasts of light.

“Skeets programmed a flash pattern designed to approximate the emotional spectrum.” Black Lanterns can be destroyed by combining light from two or more branches of the emotional spectrum.

Page 24: Without a host body to inhabit, Black Lantern power rings are pretty much harmless.

Page 25: Vanishing Point is a dimension that operates outside of the normal space/time continuum, existing during the last nanosecond before entropy destroys the universe. It serves as a base of operations for the Linear Men. It first appeared in The Adventures of Superman #476.

“Ted’s funeral was a disaster for me.” A glimpse of this funeral and Booster Gold’s anguish was seen in Booster Gold (second series) #26.

Pages 26-27: The “Blue and Gold” montage includes a multitude of scenes from the past adventures of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Notable highlights include…

Beetle and Booster sunning themselves at Club JLI on the island of Kooey Kooey Kooey, from Justice League America #34…

Beetle and Booster battling the Ace android in either Justice League #4 or Justice League Spectacular #1…

Booster and Beetle moving crates in the JLI’s Parisian embassy in Justice League International #8…

Booster and Beetle hanging out with the rest of the JLI gang, including J’onn J’onzz, Batman, Captain Atom, Metamorpho, the Flash, Fire and Guy Gardner…

Beetle in bunny ears? No idea? It’s from the Justice League International post card set, all drawn by Kevin Maguire…

Page 28: “I can’t live up to all those JLA adventures you guys had.” Correction, Jaime…they were JLI adventures.

Page 29: Presumably, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle next appear in the pages of Blackest Night, aiding the rest of Earth’s heroes against the Black Lanterns.

Or, maybe not, what do I know?

Page 30: I like the fact that the grizzled tow-truck guy is named “Mac.”

So, what, Michelle travels into the past and starts hanging out with the first tool that she finds? And his name is “Drew,” what the hell kind of name is that?

In any case, Michelle and “Drew” are heading to Coast City, apparently just before it was destroyed by the Cyborg-Superman in Superman (second series) #80. Michelle really should’ve planned this trip a little bit better, don’t you think?

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