Sunday, December 20, 2009

Doom Patrol #5

“Back in Black”

Writer: Keith Giffen

Penciller: Justiniano

Inker: Livesay

Editor: Elizabeth V. Gehrlein


The Doom Patrol valiantly struggles against the Black Lantern Doom Patrol for the fate of Oolong Island, but it’s the efforts of Ira Quimby that save the day, but at the cost of the heroes…


Page 1: Robotman, Negative Man and Black Lanterns Cliff Steele and Negative Woman last appeared in Doom Patrol (fifth series) #4.

“Pull it together, Steele. You seen weirder.” Sure you have, Cliff. I mean, compared to a brain trapped in a metal casing, his super-intelligent, French-speaking gorilla sidekick, a guy who can transform into any animal, vegetable or mineral, and a sentient, transvestite street, your corpse returned to life is just a walk in the park.

Page 3: “Awww crap! Not again!” Larry and Black Lantern Negative Woman’s negative spirits battled each other in Doom Patrol (fifth series) #4.

Page 4: Those negative spirits don’t seem to like one another very much, now do they?

Page 5: “Connection severed.” Larry’s negative spirit seems to be able to destroy the Black Lanterns. Thus far bright light seems to do the trick, as well as combining the energies from one or more of the Lantern Corps.

“Rebis? Please tell me that wasn’t Rebis.” Rebis was a member of the Doom Patrol while Grant Morrison was writing the book. Basically, the negative spirit, which had previously left Larry Trainor, merged with Larry and his doctor, Eleanor Poole, to form a new being, Rebis. Rebis was a compound being, made up of all three individuals, and was essentially immortal. What Rebis’ final fate was, and how Larry Trainor returned to his own body remain to be seem. I have a funny feeling that we’ll learn some of this in Doom Patrol (fifth series) #6.

Larry’s will is strong here.

Page 6: The Chief, Black Lantern Celsius and Black Hole guy (does he have a name yet?) last appeared in Doom Patrol (fifth series) #4.

Niles is feeling avarice and fear.

“I, Arani Desai…” Black Lantern Celsius is reciting her wedding vows to Niles, because she feels that he didn’t take their marriage seriously.

“Shouldn’t you be green?” Up until about two years ago or so, anyone wearing a power ring would be a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Now, there’s a whole spectrum-worth of colors for power rings, but Black Hole guy obviously hasn’t been keeping up with things.

It seems that Black Hole guy can create force fields, like the one holding Black Lantern Celsius.

Page 8: Elasti-Woman, Black Lantern Tempest and the Oolong Island security team last appeared in Doom Patrol (fifth series) #4.

The three security team members are feeling rage, fear and willpower.

Page 9: So Rita sucked the undead Tempest in her mouth…and then spit him out?


Page 10: “I am so sick and tired…of being defined…by men!” Rita has some issues that she needs to work through…

“The Chief.” Post-Infinite Crisis, it was revealed that the Chief was able to re-grow Rita’s entire body from a piece of her skull. However, her malleable form interfered with her ability to think, and she was kept docile and subservient to the Chief.

“That pervert of an ex-husband.” That would be Steve Dayton, also known as Mento, who has been using his abilities to probe her mind whenever he wants.

Page 12: “Not like your particular breed to play hard to get.” Ouch. Now that’ not a very nice thing to say, now is it? Then again, Black Lanterns aren’t very nice, now are they?

Page 16: I.Q., real name Ira Quimby. First appeared in Mystery in Space #87. Possesses super-intelligence, the level of which is determined by the amount and duration of sunlight he is exposed to.

“I’m living proof that you can’t keep a superior intellect down.” In Justice League: Cry for Justice #3, it was revealed that I.Q. has been aiding Prometheus in his master plan. To repay him for his services, Prometheus caused I.Q. intellect to reduce to an infantile state. Quimby has obviously has his intelligence restored since then.

“Cale” refers to Veronica Cale, the president of Oolong Island.

Page 17: “Not so much fun without a T-shirt, is it?” Black Lantern Tempest is being derogatory towards Rita again; I assume that he’s referring to a wet T-shirt contest here.

Page 18: “The so-called ‘Science Squad’ is deploying a portal. Bastardized Boom Tube tech.” The Science Squad is the playful nickname given to the scientists who work on Oolong Island, who were originally brought there by Chang Tzu to build the Four Horsemen as seen in 52. They used advanced technology, some of which was from Apokolips, like the Boom Tube technology that they have utilized to create a transport system.

Page 19: “Caulder’s whore! You’ll die cursing his name!” Man, everyone’s dumping on Rita today.

Page 20: “The creation and the deployment of the Four Horsemen, put lightly, did not sit well with her.” The Science Squad on Oolong Island created the Four Horsemen, which were then sent to Kahndaq, where they destroyed much of the country and killed Isis and Osiris. Black Adam, in retaliation, later laid waste to much of Bialya. Veronica Cale was sickened by the destruction and death and she had a hand in creating.

Baron Bug, real name unrevealed and does anyone really even care? First appeared in House of Mystery #163. He builds mechanical bugs. That’s it. Slightly more deadly than the Bug-Eyed Bandit, but not by much.

“Keyed into a JLA distress beacon.” I.Q. and Baron Bug have tapped into the JLA distress beacon sent out in Blackest Night #5, calling any and all heroes to Coast City to battle Nekron.

Page 21: So I presume that we’ll next see the Doom Patrol and their Black Lantern counterparts in the pages of Blackest Night, where they’ll team up with the rest of Earth’s heroes.

In the meantime, the Chief and Oolong Island are in pretty bad shape.

Page 22: A look into the future of the Doom Patrol; I’m really excited to see a flock of pelicans attack Larry Trainor, personally…

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