Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Outsiders #24

“Matter of Trust”

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Penciller: Fernando Pasarin

Inker: Scott Hanna, Prentis Rollins & Fernando Pasarin

Editor: Michael Siglain


After her battle with the Titans, Black Lantern Terra seeks out Geo-Force and the Outsiders, but not to do battle; rather, she wants her brother to kill her permanently. Meanwhile, Halo, Katana and Creeper are escorting Killer Croc back from the Louisiana Bayou when Katana’s long-dead husband and children attack them en route…


Pages 1-3: A recap of Terra’s birth, life and death, from her own particularly twisted point of view.

Page 4: Terra I, real name Tara Markov. First appeared in The New Teen Titans (first series) #26. Killed in Tales of The New Teen Titans Annual #3. Able to control and manipulate all forms of rock and earthly matter. Her appearance in this scene is concurrent with Blackest Night #1, pages 28-29.

Page 5: Geo-Force, real name Brion Markov. First appeared in The Brave and the Bold (first series) #200. Possesses superhuman strength, endurance, flight, the ability to project lava blasts, gravity manipulation and earth manipulation. Last appeared in Outsiders (fourth series) #23.

Continuity note: at some point before the events of Outsiders (fourth series) #23, Geo-Force visited Titans Island in San Francisco to take part in Heroes Day, as seen in Blackest Night: Titans #1. After this, he returned to some mystery location where the Outsiders are holding Clayface and Mr. Freeze, and then Terra showed up.

“…thoughts I don’t want…thoughts I’m ashamed of…” This is the first time we’ve seen any Black Lantern show signs of doubt or regret about their actions. I’m not quite sure that we should be trusting Miss Markov here…

Page 6: Black Lightning, real name Jefferson Pierce. First appeared in Black Lightning (first series) #1. A skilled fighter and martial artist able to generate and manipulate electricity. Last appeared in Outsiders (fourth series) #23.

Owlman, real name Roy Raymond, Jr. First appeared (as Raymond) in Robin #38 and (as Owlman) in Outsiders (fourth series) #15. Brilliant detective armed with crime-fighting equipment designed by Batman himself.

Metamorpho, real name Rex Mason. First appeared in The Brave and the Bold (first series) #57. Killed for the first time in Outsiders (first series) #27; returned to life in Invasion! #3. Killed for the second time in JLA #1; returned to life in JLA/JSA Secret Files and Origins #1. Able to transmute his body into a wide variety of elemental compounds and change his shape at will.

“I went to the Titans Tower – almost did some terrible things to Gar – to Beast Boy --” As seen in Blackest Night: Titans #1-3.

Page 9: “We believe you, Tara. I believe you.” Really? Do you really believe her, Brion? Your sister was a demented sociopath who tried to kill her supposed “friends.” Why, all of the sudden, do you feel the need to believe her undead corpse? Chipmunk-like cuteness really only goes so far…

Page 10: “I’m calling this into AP --” Owlman’s not talking to the “Associated Press;” rather, he’s calling “Alfred Pennyworth,” who has been aiding the Outsiders with intelligence-gathering and coordination since they reformed after Batman’s death.

“Batman and Robin are doing what they can.” As seen in Blackest Night: Batman #1-3.

“The sooner you can make it back here the better. Pennyworth out.” I assumed that this temporary base of operations out of which the Outsiders were working was somewhere in Gotham. Apparently, it’s not.

Page 11: So, Black Lantern Terra sounds all sincere and all, but that’s partly the point – Tara Markov was a deceiver and liar who befriended the Teen Titans and attacked them from within once she gained their trust. I’m not convinced that the Outsiders should trust her now.

Owlman feels fear, Black Lightning hope, Geo-Force love and Metamorpho compassion and will (although Metamorpho is mis-colored orange instead of indigo).

Page 12: Halo, real name Gabrielle Doe; an Aurakle that formerly inhabited the body of Violet Harper, now occupies the body of Marissa Baron. First appeared in The Brave and the Bold (first series) #200. Harper died in Outsiders (second series) #7, and Barron became the host for Halo in Outsiders (second series) #8. Able to fly and create auras of different colors around herself that have various effects.

Katana, real name Tatsu Yamashiro. First appeared in The Brave and the Bold (first series) #200. A highly-skilled martial artist armed with a sword that captures the souls of all those it is used to kill.

Why Katana calls Halo “Violet,” considering that she hasn’t been in Violet Harper’s body in years. Then again, maybe she’s back in Harper’s body and no one even thought to CC me on the memo. Could happen.

Page 13: Creeper, real name Jack Ryder. First appeared in Showcase #73. Killed in Eclipso #13. Returned to life in The Creeper #1. Possesses superhuman agility, strength, stamina and healing, as well as a madness-inducing laugh.

Killer Croc, real name Waylon Jones. First appeared in Detective Comics #523. Possesses superhuman strength, agility, stamina, sense and healing factor, as well as razor-sharp claws and teeth.

Page 14: “Were you seeing anybody before Alfred came calling?” Alfred recruited this current team of Outsiders in Batman and the Outsiders Special #1.

Page 15: “Well…there was a kiss.” Katana and Geo-Force shared a kiss in Outsiders (fourth series) #15.

Maseo Yamashiro, Katana’s husband, and Reiko and Yuki Yamashiro, Katana’s children, have been revived as Black Lanterns. I’m pretty sure that this is their first appearance, mainly because they were all dead by the time Katana first appeared, but don’t quote me on this.

I am almost positive that none of them have had their own series in the past, nor have been a part of any teams.

Pages 16-17: Oooh, that looked like it hurt.

Pages 18-19: Yep, more hurting.

Page 21: The tale of how Katana came into possession of the Soultaker sword and how her husband and sons died was told in Batman and the Outsiders (first series) #11-12.

Page 25: Since Halo harnesses the power of the light spectrum, can her abilities injure the Black Lanterns like the energies from the power rings of the various Lantern Corps?

Page 26: Nope, I guess not.

Page 27: “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back” is a superstition that claims it is bad luck to step on a crack in pavement.

“Follow the Killer Croc road!” Creeper is obviously singing this song to the tune of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” from The Wizard of Oz. I never would have pegged him for a Judy Garland fan.

Page 28: “Guess you veered off and made a right turn at Albuquerque.” Ever watch old Bugs Bunny cartoons? He’s constantly arriving at the wrong destination and declaring that “I knew I shoulda made a left turn at Albuquerque.” The mound of pavement created by Killer Croc’s crash even looks like the overturned dirt left in Bugs’ wake as he burrows under the ground.

Page 30: Oh, man, Katana is totally pissed now…

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