Monday, December 28, 2009

Superman/Batman #67

“Night of the Cure” Part Two

Writer/Penciller: Scott Kolins

Editor: Eddie Berganza


As Black Lantern Solomon Grundy attacks Bizarro, Man-Bat contemplates whether or not he should transform into his human form forever. After Grundy rips out Frankenstein’s heart, Bizarro flings the Black Lantern into the sun. Man-Bat flies off into the night, thinking that he has lost his wife Francine forever…


Page 1: A backwards and twisted look at Bizarro’s history, as seen through his own eyes.

Bizarro last appeared in Superman/Batman #66.

As noted, the events on Pages 1-3 take place an hour ago, during the events of Superman/Batman #66.

Page 3: “Me am Bizarro! Me want enemies!” Yep, another whole issue of Bizarro-speak. My head hurts.

Page 4: Black Lantern Solomon Grundy last appeared in Superman/Batman #66.

Page 5: Frankenstein and the S.H.A.D.E. agents last appeared in Superman/Batman #66.

The sword which Frankenstein wields once belonged (so he claims) to the Archangel Michael. As such, it’s a pretty formidable weapon.

Page 6: “I did it once – I can do it again.” Frankenstein killed Solomon Grundy in Solomon Grundy #6.

Page 7: Man-Bat and Francine Langstrom last appeared in Superman/Batman #66.

“Be human again! No more nightmares – No more Man-Bat!” Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard all this before.

Page 8: “Man-Bat – will – not – die!” This is what counts for a domestic squabble in the Langstrom household, arguing over whether or not Kirk will continue to transform into a humanoid bat. Every couple has their issues…

Page 9: The Bride last appeared in Superman/Batman #66.

“That’s not the same Grundy we fought the other day.” Yep, the events of Solomon Grundy #6 only happened a few days ago. Talk about decompressed storytelling…

Frankenstein and the Bride are feeling love.

Page 10: “All this started because you wanted to help people. To cure deafness.” Kirk Langstrom originally developed his Man-Bat formula so that he could give humans a sonar-like ability to replace their sense of hearing. He was spurred to do this because he himself was becoming deaf. The first that I recall this being mentioned was in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #5.

Page 11: “Does the light bother you?” As seen in other Blackest Night tie-in issues, the Black Lanterns are susceptible to light-based attacks.

Page 12: So, in the end, Kirk Langstrom overwhelms the power of the Man-Bat and lives happily ever after, as a human being…

Page 13: Or not. Well, that was an extremely quick turn of events, wouldn’t you say?

And why are S.H.A.D.E. agents shooting at Bizarro in the first place? Hasn’t Superman been around for at least ten years or so? Doesn’t everyone known by now that he’s bulletproof? Wouldn’t be a logical assumption that his clone, however screwed-up looking, would also be bulletproof? Why waste the damn bullets?

Page 14: That’s it, Kirk. Transform into Man-Bat and slap your bullet-ridden wife around. That will definitely make things all better.

Damn, Kirk Langstrom seems to have taken spouse lessons at the “Hank Pym School of Marriage.”

Page 15: Instead of heat vision, Bizarro has cold vision.

Frankenstein is feeling love, making him vulnerable to Black Lantern Solomon Grundy.

Page 16: “Frankenstein -- dead!” But, Frankenstein, for all intents and purposes, was already dead, so what’s the difference?

Page 17: Oh, I see Kirk, you smack Francine around and now you’re all sad and weepy, is that how you want to play it?

I feel like I’m on an episode of Tyra right now…”Super-heroes who slap around their doting wives.”

Bizarro is feeling rage.

Page 20: Man, Bizarro sure has a twisted way of showing friendship, throwing Grundy into the sun like that…

Since fire has been shown to not permanently destroy a Black Lantern, I have a funny feeling that Grundy will be making a return appearance before Blackest Night is over. Then again, it is the sun, and it’s really, really hot, so who knows?

Page 21: Yay! Frankenstein lives! Woo-hoo!

Sorry. Got a little bit carried away there…

Page 22: Yay! Francine Langstrom lives…

Whoops. Did it again.