Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Secret Six #17

“Danse Macabre” Part 2

Writer: Gail Simone & John Ostrander

Artist: J. Calafiore

Editor: Sean Ryan


The Suicide Squad and Secret Six meet in battle, but both groups are unprepared for the threat of the Black Lanterns. Black Lantern Fiddler comes closer to getting his revenge of Deadshot, even as the Black Lantern Suicide Squad is about to kill everything in sight…


Pages 1-3: A recap of Yasemin Soze’s life and death; her last name is revealed here for the first time.

Yasemin Soze last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67.

Page 4: Amanda Waller, Scandal Savage and Multiplex last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67.

Insignificus was once a Lowlie from Apokolips who now serves Scandal.

Page 6: That’s a big honking gargoyle that the Secret Six has stashed away in the House of Secrets for emergencies such as this.

Page 7: Bane and Nightshade last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67. Note that, when this fight started, Bane and Nightshade were within the prison; it seems that Nightshade has teleported them outside off-panel.

“This was all foretold like the sand of an hourglass.” This is awfully...profound for a prison security guard.

Page 8: Count Vertigo last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67.

I’m not sure how Count Vertigo’s ability to “unbalance” others causes Bane to see visions of Batman. He might become dizzy, but to hallucinate? Not buying it.

Page 9: Black Alice last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67.

“No Scandal. You were meant to be saaafe!” Bane has been overly protective of Scandal for quite some time now; she doesn’t really appreciate it.

Pages 10-11: Black Lanterns Atom, Psi, Manticore, Ravan and Shrike last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67; they are wreaking havoc within Belle Reve.

Twister, real name Theresa Zimmer. She is next to Manticore, her face all askew. First appeared in The New Teen Titans (second series) #26. Killed in Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag #8. Able to induce horrifying illusions in the minds of others.

Punch, real name Clyde Phillips…perhaps. Punch’s real name has never been revealed, but “Clyde Phillips” was apparently raised with the others, so I am going out on a limb and identifying him as Punch. First appeared in Captain Atom (first series) #85. Killed in Checkmate (second series) #7. Wore boots that allow him to walk on air and wields sting strings that allow him to take control of another’s actions.

I still have no idea who the undead blond woman is.

“Nasty little sinners. Every one of you.” The last time we saw Twister, she had found god and wanted to punish all those she thought of as sinners.

The Belle Reve prison guards are feeling rage, fear and will. The prisoners are feeling rage and fear.

Page 12: Bronze Tiger and Catman last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67.

Pages 13-15: Not much to say about this fight except for that fact that it’s a damn good, knock-down, drag-out brawl. Catman actually holds his own and shows that he’s a damn dirty fighter.

Page 16: Ragdoll, Virtuosa and Jeannette last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67.

“If I still had my – you know – I’m certain they’d be ruptured.” Ragdoll has been castrated and is a eunuch.

“Hush. I sense death walking.” As a banshee, Jeannette can sense death.

Page 17: Black Lantern Fiddler last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67.

Jeannette is feeling will; Ragdoll is feeling rage, avarice, fear, will, hope, compassion and love – the whole spectrum of emotions. Virtuosa is feeling love.

“Paganini” refers to Niccolò Paganini, a 17th century Italian violinist and composer.

Page 18: Jeannette is going into full-banshee mode here.

“A little of Pagnini’s Caprice No. 1 in E major andante.” Caprice No. 1, nicknamed “L’Arpeggio,” is one of Pagnini’s 24 Caprices for Solo Violin. “Andante” refers to the piece’s tempo; it is played at a walking pace, 76-108 bpm (beats per minute).

Page 19: Rick Flag and Deadshot last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67.

Flag is feeling will and rage with a hint of fear.

Black Lantern Yasemin used her Black Lantern power ring to create her guns.

Page 20: The usually unemotional Deadshot is feeling small traces of rage and will.

Page 22: King Faraday last appeared in Suicide Squad (first series) #67.

“Our regular tap of JLA comms has brought a message from the Flash.” This was the message that Barry Allen relayed to all of Earth’s super-heroes regarding the threat of the Black Lanterns in Blackest Night #4.

According to Suicide Squad (first series) #67, the Secret Six arrived at Belle Reve Penitentiary 24 hours after the Fiddler and the other villains under the Hall of Justice rose. Are we to believe that, after Barry Allen and company escaped from the Hall of Justice shortly thereafter, it took them a full day for Barry to do his “Paul Revere” run around the world? I don’t think so. I’m thinking that the “24 hours later” notation is a continuity error.