Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3

Writer: Greg Rucka

Penciller: Nicola Scott

Inker: Jonathan Glapion

Editor: Eddie Berganza


Now a Star Sapphire, Wonder Woman struggles to keep Coast City safe from the menace of the Black Lanterns. But her greatest test may come from Red Lantern Mera, who is being consumed by a rage connected to a long buried secret…


Page 1: Wonder Woman last appeared in Blackest Night #6 and Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 (the two issues take place concurrently). In those stories, Diana was chosen to join the Star Sapphires.

Pages 2-3: Carol Ferris last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

Page 4: “I was possessed. I was a Black Lantern.” Diana became a Black Lantern in Blackest Night #5; the power of the Star Sapphire was able to free her.

“No. I see that your love is unrequited. So your ring fills its place.” The Star Sapphire rings work in a strange way. They seek out those who have endured a great loss, such as Miri Riam, and ask that they choose to fill their hearts with love. In many ways, the Star Sapphires are much like the Red Lanterns; those who choose the red light of rage have felt loss as well, but they choose to lash out in anger, and not embrace love.

Thus, pitting Diana and Mera against one another in this story makes a good amount of sense, since they represent two ways of coping and dealing with loss.

“Loving him from afar is not worthy of him, or you.” The “him” in this case is Hal Jordan. Carol tells Hal that she loves him in Green Lantern (fourth series) #50.

Page 5: Black Lanterns Martian Manhunter and Firestorm last appeared in Blackest Night #4.

Events in this issue take place concurrent with Green Lantern (fourth series) #50, Blackest Night: The Flash #2 and The Atom and Hawkman #46.

Black Lantern Maxwell Lord IV last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2. At some point after the events of that story he traveled to Coast City, as seen here.

Pages 6-7: “…but are you into bondage?” The theme of bondage was introduced early on by Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston, with the heroine frequently tying up her foes and the Amazons engaging in wrestling or bondage play. While later writers toned down these elements, they have never totally vanished from the character.

Page 8: Star Sapphires are able to trap members of other Corps in their conversion crystals, which changes the light of their rings to violet, thereby transforming them into Star Sapphires. Whether or not this would work on a Black Lantern remains to be seen, but this is what Diana has trapped Maxwell Lord in here.

Page 9: Atrocitus and Mera last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

Pages 10-11: “RRAAAR!” Mera’s been a tad inarticulate ever since she became a Red Lantern.

Page 13: “Rage fed by an inconceivable pain, hidden behind years of lies.” I was really getting intrigued by this as I read it, thinking that some deep, dark secret of Mera’s would be revealed.

I’ll discuss my disappointment later on…

Page 15: “…it seems she took my becoming a Black Lantern personally.” Black Lantern Diana and Mera battled one another in Blackest Night #6 and Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2. Mera was more than a little upset about the whole thing.

Page 16: “So much anger…too much…why…?” Just what I was asking myself right about now…

Pages 18-19: Okay, so this two-page spread should give us some insight as to Mera’s state of mind, shouldn’t it? You’d think so, right?

Well, we see some images at the top of the page that are from Mera’s mind. We see her being crowned queen of Atlantis; her son, Arthur, Jr., trapped by Black Manta; her and Aquaman kissing; she’s punching out Black Manta, presumably after killing Arthur, Jr.; and her standing over Aquaman while he sleeps.

Okay. Hmmm.

Down below we have some images from Diana’s mind. We have her receiving her tiara as she adopts the mantle of Wonder Woman; two images of her in battle; Vanessa Kapatelis, transformed into the Silver Swan; and she and Bruce Wayne about to share a romantic moment.

And, yes, for those of you howling and complaining out there – Bruce and Diana did, at one point, contemplate a relationship with one another. It never got past the “first kiss, maybe we should, maybe we shouldn’t” phase, but they did have feelings for one another. It was during Joe Kelly’s JLA run and, although you may not like it, it happened. And the world didn’t end because of it, so grow up and deal.


So, what did we learn about Mera’s deep, dark secret?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I’ll complain more in a moment.

Page 20: “Dear Pallas…no wonder she hates herself.” Yeah, it’s no wonder. Could you tell me why, Diana?

“No wonder she burns with rage.” Actually…I am wondering.

“He never knew?” Knew what?

Page 21: “W-what could I tell him? After everything, what could I say?” Okay, look, if you want to tease and hint at some deep, dark secret, then could we at least have some clue as to what it is?

Did Mera blame Aquaman for their son’s death? Did she want to kill him because of it? Did she, as she declares in Green Lantern (fourth series) #50, never want to have children in the first place? Was she secretly in love with Black Manta and wanted to sell Arthur, Jr. into the underwater white slave trade to finance her new boyfriend’s villainous schemes??

Honestly, this issue (and this whole mini-series, for that matter) was a huge and total let-down because I have no idea what the point of it was. What was this whole story building up to, and why, in a story about emotions, is there no emotional payoff?

“…it’s too late for that, now.” That’s because Bruce Wayne is dead…or is he?

“But perhaps not for you. Not if we survive this night.” And why is that? Aquaman is dead, having been transformed into a Black Lantern. Nothing so far suggests that they can be resurrected. So does Mera’s secret have nothing to do with Aquaman?

I have no freaking clue, to be perfectly honest.

Page 22: Indigo-1, the Atom, Hal Jordan, Ganthet, Sayd, Saint Walker the Flash, Lex Luthor, Larfleeze, Thaal Sinestro and the Scarecrow last appeared in Blackest Night #6.


Gymbo said...

I'm thinkin'... the boy was not Arthur's, but Black Manta's... AND he's not really dead. We haven't seen him as a Black Lantern, have we?

Gymbo said...

Crap. Just saw that Jr is a Black Lantern in GL#50

Andrew Dowdell... said...

He's dead alright...and if he was Black Manta's kid, then he'd be half-black, something that would have been a little hard to hide from Arthur...

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