Monday, March 29, 2010

Green Lantern #52

“Life Blood”

Writer: Geoff Johns

Penciller: Doug Mahnke

Inker: Christian Alamy, Doug Mahnke, Rebecca Buchman Keith Champagne

Editor: Eddie Berganza


Sinestro has become the vessel for the Entity of White Light, but is even he able to defeat Nekron? Meanwhile, John Stewart leads a mission to destroy Xanshi, but they might be too late to save Coast City


Page 1: The events of this issue take place after Green Lantern Corps #46, page 5, when John Stewart and Kilowog leave the rest of the Lantern Corps to attack Xanshi.

Green Lanterns John Stewart and Kilowog, Sinestro Corpsman Slushh, Blue Lantern Brother Hynn and Star Sapphire Fatality last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #46.

Green Lanterns Morro and Stel, Sinestro Corpsman Tekik and Red Lantern Haggor last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

“I am the greatest Lantern of them all!” This scene corresponds to Blackest Night #7, pages 23-24; that’s Thaal Sinestro doing the proclaiming, in case you missed it.

Pages 2-3: Xanshi last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #46.

That’s a whole lot of Black Lanterns heading towards Earth. It doesn’t look good…

Pages 4-5: Hal Jordan and Thaal Sinestro last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

In Blackest Night #7, Sinestro -- I mean, Thaal Sinestro, honestly, I just like typing “Thaal,” I’m not sure why -- became the host for the Entity, and now harnesses the white light of life.

Pages 6-7: Black Hand last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

“A revised history of the DC Universe, brought to you in living color, courtesy of Thaal Sinestro and the Entity…”

Okay…momentary digression time, please forgive me…

For those of you on the message boards who are hooting and hollering, crying, wailing, bitching and moaning about how this scene goes against evolution…or about how it’s forcing us to believe in god…or whatever other nonsense you’re espousing today, tomorrow, or whenever…







It’s a fictionalized universe, dealing with characters that – lo and behold – don’t exist.

Really. They don’t. Get over it.

It’s for entertainment. Blackest Night is a balls-to-the-wall, popcorn blockbuster extravaganza that is here to entertain us. That’s it.

Geoff Johns isn’t here to convert you, or strip you of your beliefs.

If, somehow, the history and origin of this Entity of White Light offends you…then there’s probably not a whole lot anyone can do for you anyway, but it’s probably best that you just skip over these pages and move on, okay?

Sorry. I know that I shouldn’t go onto the DC Comics message boards…they are just such a scary, screwed-up place…


The “origin” of the Entity and its “splintering” into the lights of the emotional spectrum was first hinted at in Blackest Night #3.

This story retroactively makes Earth, if not the actual center of the DC Universe, then ultimately the most important planet, since it’s the location of the Entity’s “birth.”

Pages 8-9: Ion, the willpower entity, was the first of its kind to come into existence.

Not only did the Entity create Earth to be its home, but the other entities were also born here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just not seeing how a tiny dragonfly evolved into this fear entity, bit I’m not going to make an issue out of it…

Now, just to anger some anti-religious freaks, there are some Biblical connections to the entities. Love would evolve out of Adam and Eve’s feeling for one another. The avarice entity has a connection to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The rage entity seems linked to the murder of Abel by Cain with a rock (although Brad Meltzer might have other ideas about the choice of murder weapon). Prayer creates the hope entity, and, according to the New Testament, God offers compassion to all.

Pages 10-11: The entities of the emotional spectrum, seen together for the first time.

Digression time – In Green Lantern (fourth series) #51, the Spectre told Atrocitus that he has met the rage entity previously. If the rage entity was created, as I have mentioned, after Cain killed Abel, then wouldn’t Vandal Savage, who in Final Crisis: Revelations was branded with the Mark of Cain, be a vessel for the rage entity? Is this how the Spectre knows of this creature? Just throwing random ideas out there…

Page 12: Nekron last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

Because Sinestro is bonded to the life entity, everyone else feels his pain as he is killed by Nekron.

Carol Ferris, Indigo-1, Atrocitus, Barry Allen, Saint Walker and Ganthet last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

Page 13: Man, Coast City has seen better days…

Page 15: “The skies are going dark.” Well, it is the Blackest Night, Hal…

“The weight of my world still lies heavily on your shoulders.” Fatality is from Xanshi, the planet the John Stewart accidentally destroyed in Cosmic Odyssey #2. As seen in Green Lantern (fourth series) #49, John has moved on.

Page 16: “But I’ve tried to dedicate the other side of my life to building things up instead of tearing them down.” John is now an architect, hence the “building up” analogy.

Black Lantern Katma Tui last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

“You’re not Katma Tui. And this isn’t Xanshi.” Way to go, John!

Black Lantern Driq – who may or may not be on the side of angels – last appeared in Green Lantern (fourth series) #49. What’s interesting about Driq is that he’s dead. Well, yeah, most of the Black Lanterns are dead, but he was a Green Lantern, and then he died, but his willpower was so strong that his ring kept him functioning – dead, but functioning – until the destruction of the Green Lantern power battery. So what effect the Black Lantern power ring has on him remains to be seen.

Page 17: Ray Palmer and Sayd last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

“What in Mogo’s crack is this?” Mogo is the planet-Green Lantern; not sure if Mogo has a crack, or if Kilowog is just trying to make a dirty joke.

Pages 18-19: A small part of me feels like this scene was rushed, and a little too easy on the Lanterns…

But a much bigger part of me enjoyed seeing the Lanterns finally win a battle.

Page 20: Xanshi go “BOOM.”

I don’t see Driq included in this shot. Was his “connection severed” as well?

Page 21: “Connection severed.” Was Xanshi all-important to Nekron to keep his Black Lanterns functioning? The Black Lantern power battery is still intact, but is that enough? The Green Lanterns need Mogo to direct the rings to their intended recipients; did Xanshi serve a similar purpose?

Mera and Wonder Woman last appeared in Blackest Night #7

Pages 22-23: John Stewart is all about the last-minute saves today…

Page 24: “I am now the true guardian of the universe.” Why does this not inspire me with confidence?

“The white light…He’s alive.” White light equals life, which could mean resurrections? Maybe?

Nah, that would never happen…

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #46

“Black Dawn”

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Penciller: Patrick Gleason

Inker: Rebecca Buchman, Keith Champagne & Tom Nguyen

Editor: Adam Schlagman


As the Lantern Corps finally unite, the face the threat of the Black Lanterns on Earth. But an even bigger foe awaits them – the Anti-Monitor, who wishes to annihilate the Earth and all who oppose him…


Page 1: I’m going to make this very easy on myself (and you, the gentle reader)…everyone in this issue last appeared in Blackest Night #7, unless otherwise noted.

Some identification in this chaotic fight scene…

Panel 1 – Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and Princess Iolande; Red Lantern Fury-6 and Bleez;

Panel 2 – Green Lanterns Soranik Natu and Kyle Rayner; Sinestro Corps members Karu-Sil, Low and some guy getting impaled; Star Sapphire Miri Riam;

Panel 3 – Green Lanterns Kilowog and Arisia Rrab; Sinestro Corps member Arkillo; Blue Lantern Brother Warth;

Panel 4 – Green Lantern Vath Sarn and Sinestro Corps member Bedovian;

Panel 5 – Green Lanterns John Stewart and Isamot Kol, Red Lantern Dex-Starr, and Indigo Tribesman Munk.

Pages 2-3: Oooh, look at all the pretty colors…

Page 4: As Guy mentions, “Tholian Web” was the 64th episode of Star Trek, aired during its third season in 1968. In it, a race known as the Tholians attempted to trap the Enterprise in an energy web.

Panel Three – Star Sapphire Fatality, hanging out upside down, with Sinestro Corps member Tri-Eye and Blue Lantern Brother Hynn behind her.

“…but don’t ya wanna wipe these things out so we can get back to killing each other again?” Guy knows how to cut through the bullshit and really get to the heart of the matter.

In Blackest Night #7, each of the Corps was instructed to aid the others so that they could defeat the threat of the Black Lanterns and survive the Blackest Night.

Page 5: Xanshi, the planet that has been resurrected as a Black Lantern looms in the background on Panel 1.

John Stewart accidentally destroyed Xanshi in Comic Odyssey #2.

Pages 6-7: Now that’s one big Lantern Corps-Tholian web…

Lots of connections being severed here.

Top row – Fury-6, Low, Dex-Starr, Munk, Bleez, Karu-Sil and Zilius Zox.

Bottom row – Miri Riam, Bedovian, Romat Ru, Bother Warth, Tri-Eye and Skallox.

Left column – Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande.

Right column – Vath Sarn, Arisia Rrab and Isamot Kol.

Page 8: Still more Black Lanterns biting the dust…literally.

“I think we’re gonna need a bigger net.” Guy’s all about the TV/movie references today, isn’t he? This is, of course, a reference to the line “We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” from the 1975 film Jaws.

Page 10: Ice, real name Tora Olafsdotter. First appeared in Justice League International #12. Killed in Justice League Task Force #14; returned to life in Birds of Prey #104. Able to produce vast quantities of ice and snow. Last appeared in Adventure Comics (second series) #7.

“…I was wondering when you’d finally come back home for a visit.” In Green Lantern Corps #29, Guy and Ice had a heart-to-heart about their relationship. He felt that he had to be on Oa, while her place was on Earth. They parted, with the understanding that, if and when they could be in the same place at the same time, then they might reevaluate their relationship.

Oh, yeah, Ice is a Black Lantern now. She was “killed” by Nekron in Blackest Night #5.

Page 11: Oh, man, not the refrigerator…

Alexandra “Alex” DeWitt, Kyle-s ex-girlfriend. First appeared in Green Lantern (third series) #48. Killed in Green Lantern (third series) #54.

Page 12: I like the fact that the refrigerator has a Black Lantern magnet on it. It’s twisted, I know…

Kyle is taking on the role of Major Force, the man who killed Alex and stuffed her in the refrigerator.

Page 13: Hey, it’s a Black Lantern playing on the fears and insecurities of its victim! Haven’t seen that in a while…

Guy is feeling compassion.

Page 14: When I first read this scene, I was horrified that Ice was shattered into several pieces. I thought, “Oh no, she’s dead again! Not Ice.”

Then I remembered that she’s a Black Lantern and she’ll be back together in no time, and all was right in the world.

Page 15: “Major Force was not a happy camper – so he decided to take it out on me.” Major Force was sent to find Kyle Rayner, who had only recently received the Green Lantern power ring. Kyle, however, wasn’t at home, so Major Force attacked and killed Alex instead, breaking her neck and stuffing her body into the refrigerator.

Page 16: “A black ring found your finger for a few fleeting moments.” In Green Lantern Corps #42, Kyle was killed by an exploding Green Lantern power battery. In Green Lantern Corps #43, a Black Lantern power ring attempted to resurrect him, but his friends protected him until Star Sapphire Miri Riam and Soranik Natu could revive him, alive and well.

Page 18: Kyle combines his Green Lantern energy with that of Munk’s Indigo light to destroy Black Lantern Alex.

“Ya know how we’ve never been able to find the Anti-Monitor after Super Punk tossed him?” In Green Lantern (fourth series) #25, Superboy-Prime hurled the Anti-Monitor’s body into space, where it landed on the dead world of Ryut in Space Sector 666. Weak and unable to resist, the Black Lantern power battery formed around him.

Page 19: The Anti-Monitor, also known as pretty much the Biggest Big Bad the DC Universe has ever known. First appeared (in shadow) in Crisis on Infinite Earths #2 and (fully seen) in Crisis on Infinite Earths #5. Killed in Crisis on Infinite Earths #12. Returned to life in Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1. He manipulates anti-matter energy to destroy universe. Not people, not towns, not planets…whole universe. He’s pretty freaking powerful. Last appeared (trying to escape from the Black Lantern power battery) in Blackest Night #7.

Kyle gives Miri a pretty good synopsis of the life and time of the Anti-Monitor, for those of you who don’t know too much about him, and shame on you for that.

Page 20: Dove II, real name Dawn Granger. First appeared in Hawk and Dove (mini-series) #1. Seemingly died in Armageddon 2001 #2, but this was later revealed to be a deception by Mordru. Possesses heightened strength and reflexes, expanded mental capabilities and the ability to fly. Sister to Hawk III. Last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

Page 21: “…Which means we can destroy him if we all fire our tings together and warp his ass in a Technicolor dreamcoat!” Now Guy’s referencing Broadway musicals? What’s the deal?

“Now Dove’s the best bug zapper I’ve ever seen!” Dove has a connection to an energy source, possibly the Entity itself, which can destroy the Black Lanterns with ease.

Page 22: “All readings indicate that the Anti-Monitor has not fully transformed into a Black Lantern at this juncture.” Well, isn’t that convenient?

Page 23: Ouch! That had to hurt!

It’s pretty cool to see Ismaot Kol have such concern for his partner Vath Sarn, considering that the two of them hated one another when they were first paired together as Green Lanterns. Sarn is from Rann, while Kol is from Thanager, two worlds constantly at war with one another.

Page 24: “I have no idea what I’m connected to and why it’s singled me out.” On a related note, Don Hall, the original Dove, could not be raised as a Black Lantern; I assume that the Doves’ power source is somehow connected to the Entity of the White Light.

Page 25: The Red Lanterns are vomiting the red plasma that flows through their bodies to break through the Anti-Monitor’s defenses.

“Vomiting red plasma”…who thinks this stuff up anyway?

Page 26: Bedovian is the sniper of the Sinestro Corps.

Page 27: Bull’s-eye!

Pages 28-29: Despite his apparent “death,” the Black Lantern power battery is still suing the Anti-Monitor as a power source.

Page 30: The Corps unite!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Writer: Geoff Johns

Penciller: Ivan Reis

Inker: Oclair Albert & Joe Prado

Editor: Eddie Berganza


The various Lantern Corps finally arrive on Earth, but it may be too late! As Hal Jordan and the New Guardians battle valiantly against Black Hand and the Black Lanterns, Nekron uncovers and exposes the greatest lie of the Guardians of the Universe – that life began on Earth, and the Entity of life lives there still! Nekron prepares to eradicate all life in the universe, but Sinestro makes one last play and absorbs the Entity’s power, becoming a White Lantern…


Page 1: Nekron and Black Lanterns Hawkgirl, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Aquaman, Green Arrow and Hawkman last appeared in Green Lantern (fourth series) #51.

“Why did you vow to guard the universe?” Up until recently, it was understood that the so-called Guardians chose to protect the universe after the rogue Maltusian Krona flooded the dawn of time with entropic energies, causing the universe to be “born old.” Blackest Night, however, postulates a different motivation for the Guardians.

Pages 2-3: Carol Ferris, Sayd, Larfleeze, Ray Palmer, Hal Jordan, Mera, Thaal Sinestro, Saint Walker, Ganthet, Wonder Woman, Barry Allen, Lex Luthor, Indigo-1, Atrocitus and Scarecrow last appeared in Green Lantern (fourth series) #51.

“How shocking. Our beams are as useless against Nekron as they are the black battery.” Hal, Sinestro and the other representatives of the Corps attacked the Black Lantern power battery with all their power in Blackest Night #5…with little success.

“Fly, my monkeys!” Scarecrow is having a The Wizard of Oz moment, creating winged monkeys with his power ring.

“I am not your servant yet, Larfleeze.” In Green Lantern (fourth series) #48, Sayd agreed to become the guardian of the Orange Lanterns if Larfleeze would aid the other corps against the threat of the Black Lanterns.

Page 4: Black Hand last appeared in Green Lantern (fourth series) #51.

“Still believe all will be well, Walker?” “All will be will” is Saint’s Walker’s catchphrase/mantra.

“You? I remember you, alien.” Black Hand and Atrocitus first met in Green Lantern (fourth series) #33.

“You are the doorway to the black. I tried to end this along time ago –“ In Green Lantern (fourth series) #34, Atrocitus attempted to kill William Hand, because he would be “the incubator of death to all.”

Page 5: “Where is your heart?” Black Lantern Qull ripped out Atrocitus’ heart in Green Lantern (fourth series) #48.

“His ring is his heart.” Thanks to his Red Lantern power ring, Atrocitus doesn’t need a heart.

Page 6: “For the first time in my wretched existence I feel alive!” Ever since he was inducted into the Sinestro Corps, Scarecrow has felt like he can feel emotions again. Previously, he felt crippled, unable to express or feel anything.

Page 7: “He has succumbed to the orange light.” Luthor has been overcome by the feeling of greed and avarice that fuel him.

“Give me your ring!” Larfleeze himself has felt the compulsion to possess the power rings of others.

Page 8: “Pretty red ring.” Oh, Mera just wants to kick your ass right about now, Luthor.

Page 9: John Stewart and the millions of Black Lanterns approaching Earth, including Black Lantern Air Wave, last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

Pages 10-11: Okay, massive two-page spread crowd-of-characters time again. I have to hand it to Ivan Reis, he does these well.

The Green Lantern Corps, part one (center of page): Guy Gardner, Soranik Natu, Morro, Kyle Rayner, Star Sapphire Miri Riam, Arisia, Kilowog, Princess Iolande and Stel. Kryb of the Sinestro Corps is hanging out with them as well.

The Star Sapphires (bottom left corner): Miss Bloss, Fatality, Race, Dela Pharon and Queen Aga’po.

The Sinestro Corps (top left corner of page): Tri-Eye, Murr the Melting Man, Arkillo, Bedovian, Low, Slushh, Karu-Sil, Romat Ru and Tekik.

Munk is doing his own Indio Tribe thing, right above Kilowog. There are several other members of the Indigo Tribe here as well, but since they are as-yet unnamed, it’s a little hard to identify them.

The Red Lantern Corps (top right corner of page): Fury-6, Dex-Starr, Zilius Zox, Haggor, Bleez, Skallox and Ratchet.

The Green Lantern Corps, part two (top right corner of the page): Alpha Lantern Boodikka, Graf Toren, Tomar Tu and Hannu.

And, finally, the Blue Lantern Corps (bottom right corner of page): Sister Sersy, Brother Hymn and Brother Warth.

Page 12: Air Wave has his connection severed, dying an inglorious death a second time.

Page 13: “If you are receiving this recorded message…” Each of the members of the Lantern Corps is receiving a message informing them that the Black Lanterns should be first and foremost in their minds. Each of the messages is tailored to each of the Corps, appealing to them in their own way.

Page 14: Dove, Cyborg and Starfire last appeared in Adventure Comics (second series) #7.

“I can feel something working through me.” Dove has the ability to destroy the Black Lanterns with just a touch, as first seen in Blackest Night: Titans #3. How and why she has this ability has yet to be revealed.

“Let me out.” That’s the Anti-Monitor in there; Nekron has been using him as a power source for the Black Lantern power battery.

Page 15: “We cannot let him remove Mera’s ring, Atom. It has stopped her heart. She will die.” When one is chosen to join the Red Lantern Corps, the ring expels the wearer’s blood, flooding their body with red plasma. Thus, removing the ring results in their death.

“Do you have any final words, creature of deceit?” Nekron has a mad-on for the Guardians of the Universe because of a “lie” that they perpetuate.

Page 16: Note that the insides of the Guardian contain the other emotional spectrum colors – blue, indigo, violet, green, red and orange. Their blood, apparently, is yellow.

Black Hand has made a symbol on the ground using the Guardians’ blood. It looks somewhat familiar…

Page 17: “The t-truth…what I really want…is to be Superman.” Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth forces Luthor to reveal his deepest secret.

Pages 18-19: The Entity revealed!

Well, it’s about freaking time…

Note that the Entity physically resembles the other emotional spectrum entities, like Ion, Parallax and the Predator.

“He said, ‘Let there be light.’ And there was.” So Black Hand is quoting scripture now? Not sure if even God would let him repent now…

Page 20: When Nekron strikes the Entity with his scythe, all those who are living feel the pain. Note that Black Hand, being dead, feels nothing.

Page 21: “The Guardians may be the oldest living beings, but life did not begin on our world. Life began on Earth.” This is,the reason why Earth is so important in the grand scheme of things in the DC Universe, and why the Guardians of the Universe have always kept a close eye on the planet.

“You let the universe believe life originated on your home world to justify your authority!” This is the Guardians great lie; whether or not they will be in charge of the Green Lantern Corps after this is over remains to be seen.

Page 22: Nekron isn’t going to kill each and every individual in the universe; he’s just going to kill the Entity, and all will then die. He’s efficient, that Nekron.

“It just needs a pilot.” Anyone know of a pilot around here? Anyone? Larry Trainor around? Or how about that Ace guy from the Challengers…oh, hey, yeah, Hal’s a pilot. Sure, why not?

Sinestro has formed a yellow-light replica of himself to stop Hal; note that Sinestro apparently still thinks of himself as a Green Lantern.

Pages 23-24: Thaal Sinestro becomes the first White Lantern…

What? Like you couldn’t see that coming?

Page 25: Chapter 1, Verse 6 of "The Book of the Black"…I really hope we’re done with these, because I’ve gotten sick and tired of Black Hand’s deranged ramblings. Enough is enough already…

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blackest Night: JSA #3

“White Lightning”

Writer: Tony Bedard & James Robinson

Penciller: Eddy Barrows, Marcos Marz & Eduardo Pansica

Inker: Eddy Barrows, Luciana del Negro, Wayne Faucher, Eber Ferreira & Sandro Ribiero

Editor: Brian Cunningham & Eddie Berganza


Black Lantern Superman of Earth-Two has risen again, and threatens to tear the JSA apart. Mr. Terrific has a plan to defeat them, but he just might not have the time…


Pages 1-3: A recap of the origin, life and death of Kal-L, the Superman of Earth-Two. Not the post-Infinite Crisis Earth-2, but the Earth Two that existed before the Multiverse was combined into a single universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Big difference.

Pages 4-5: Power Girl and Black Lantern Superman of Earth-Two last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

This story required two writers, three pencillers and five inkers? Really? Honestly, isn't this a case of overkill?!?

Page 6: Mr. Terrific II, Green Lantern I, Atom-Smasher, Wildcat I, Magog and Judomaster III last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

“Clark and Connor barely beat that zombie Superman the first time -- !” Superman and Superboy defeated Black Lantern Superman in Blackest Night: Superman #3 using the Psycho-Pirate’s Medusa Mask.

“If I hadn’t wanted to trust Damage so much…” In Blackest Night: JSA #2, Atom-Smasher believed that Black Lantern Damage only wanted to use his powers to destroy the other Black Lanterns, thereby helping the JSA. In truth, he wanted to break through the S.T.A.R. Labs facility to interrupt Mr. Terrific’s efforts to find a way to destroy the Black Lanterns.

Page 7: Stargirl, Doctor Fate VI, Lightning II and Wildcat III last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

Pages 8-9: Jessie Quick and Black Lantern Johnny Quick last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

“My husband is an addict – “ Jessie Quick is married to Rick Tyler, also known as Hourman II. For years, Rick was addicted to Miraclo, the drug which gave him superhuman abilities for an hour at a time. He now uses a non-addictive form of Miraclo.

Pages 10-11: Hourman II and Citizen Steel last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

Pages 12-13: Cyclone last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

Pages 14-15: “When the Black Lanterns struck, their first target was Jamal Thunder.” First of all, this revelation comes completely out of left field. This was not even remotely hinted at before this moment.

Second of all, his name is “Jakeem,” not “Jamal.” I know that writer John Robinson really enjoys renaming characters for no apparent reason, but it’s really getting ridiculous.

And yes, I know that his name isn’t John. Sue me.

Pages 16-17: “Don’t come between me and my daughter!” Uh, dude? Mr. Black Lantern, sir? She’s your cousin. Stop calling her your daughter, it’s getting kinda creepy.

Pages 18-19: Jessie Quick is feeling love.

Pages 20-21: “You are not my father.” I agree, but from the way that this is written it seems like Kara is saying that this is just an undead version of her father, not her real father who is long gone.

But, say it with me…

Kal-L was Kara Zor-L’s COUSIN, not father. Everyone ok on that?

Page 22: Doctor Mid-Nite III last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2. Nice of you to show up after everything’s said and done, Doc.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Green Arrow #30

“Lying to Myself”

Writer: J.T. Krul

Penciller: Diogenes Neves

Inker: Ruy Jose & Vicente Cifuentes

Editor: Adam Schlagman


While Green Arrow struggles against the Black Lantern power ring that has taken control of his body, Black Canary, Speedy and Connor Hawke fight to stay alive. But it soon dawns on them that the only way to save Ollie might be to kill him…


Page 1: Some scenes from Green Arrow’s life…

Oliver Queen first picking up a bow and arrow to combat drug smugglers on a deserted island…

United with “Team Arrow” – his sidekick, Speedy II, his son, Connor Hawke, and his first sidekick, now all grown up, Red Arrow, who has seen better days lately…

Partnered with Black Canary II, who is now his wife…

Attacking his best friend Hal Jordan, then known as Parallax, seemingly killing him during the event known s the Zero Hour…

Pages 2-3: Green Arrow, real name Oliver “Ollie” Queen. First appeared in More Fun Comics #73. Killed in Green Arrow (first series) #101. Returned to life in Green Arrow (second series) #1. A master archer and skilled martial artist armed with an arsenal of normal and trick arrows. Last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

Hal Jordan and Black Lanterns Superman and Wonder Woman last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

Green Arrow and seven other heroes were transformed into Black Lanterns by Nekron in Blackest Night #5. In Blackest Night #6, these newly minted Black Lanterns attacked their former allies. The events of this issue take place immediately after they were transformed and before Green Lantern (fourth series) #50, when Hal Jordan and the Lantern Corps battled the Spectre.

Page 4: Unlike the Black Lanterns who were dead and then resurrected by the Black Lantern power rings, Ollie and the others are aware of their actions and struggle against them, with varying degrees of success. Example of other heroes’ struggles against their transformations can be seen in Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2, Blackest Night: The Flash #3, and Adventure Comics #7.

Page 5: Atrocitus, Thaal Sinestro and Larfleeze last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

“Never thought I’d say it, Hal – but right now I wish you had kept a part of Parallax inside you.” Be careful what you wish for, Ollie. To see Hal and Parallax together again, check out Green Lantern (fourth series) #50-51.

Pages 6-7: Barry Allen last appeared in Blackest Night #6, in which he grabbed Hal Jordan and raced away to avoid being transformed into Black Lanterns.

“The Righteous Brothers” were the musical duo of Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield who recorded between 1963 and 1975. One of their notable hits was “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling.” I assume that Ollie isn’t saying that Hal and Barry are soul singers; rather, he’s probably putting down their heroic and sometimes-righteous attitudes.

Cyborg, Starfire, Mera and Black Lantern Superboy last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

Page 8: Black Canary II, real name Dinah Laurel Lance. First appeared in Justice League of America (first series) #75. I went on a ranting tirade about her continuity in the notes for last issue; go look them up if you like. One of the world’s greatest martial artists who wields an ear-splitting “Canary Cry.” Last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

“Not again. I need you, Ollie. I can’t have you die again.” As mentioned previously, Ollie died in Green Arrow (first series) #101. After returning to life, he seemingly died in Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special #1. For months, Dinah mourned him, convinced that he was dead.

Page 10: Black Lantern Green Arrow is using his Black Lantern power ring to create energy “trick arrows.”

Page 11: Shado was an archer and assassin with whom Ollie fathered a child.

Pages 12-13: “Pretty bird” is Ollie’s pet name for Dinah.

Page 14: Speedy II, real name Mia Dearden. First appeared in Green Arrow (second series) #2. An accomplished archer, combatant and swordsman.

Green Arrow II, real name Connor Hawke. First appeared in Green Arrow (first series) #0. A master martial artist and archer who possesses a regenerative healing factor.

Pages 16-17: That’s a pretty freaking cool shot of Ollie filled with arrows, if I do say so…

Page 18: “You little Lolita” Derived from Vladimir Nabokov’s book by the same name, a “Lolita” refers to a sexually promiscuous young woman. Before her life as Ollie’s partner, Mia was a prostitute, hence the derogatory nickname.

“As for you, my boy – I know Doctor Sivana’s genetic experimentation has made you a shell of the man you used to be.” In a very bizarre storyline that I really wish was left forgotten, Doctor Sivana kidnapped Connor Hawke and spliced his DNA with that of Plastic Man’s and made other modifications to give Connor his healing factor. It also left Connor an amnesiac with no recollection of his life.

Page 19: This is a brief recap of Ollie’s history as father of the year.

Page 20: Connor Hawke always believed that his mother never told Ollie about him. In Green Arrow (second series) #21, it was revealed that Ollie knew about Connor since the day he was born.

Pages 22-23: You go, girl! Speak – I mean, scream – your mind.

Page 24: “Dinah, legends never die.” Wasn’t that the tagline for Final Crisis?

Ollie is starting to look skeletal because, the longer the Black Lantern power ring is in possession of its host, the more said host begins to die.

Page 27: “I used his ring once before.” Ollie wielded Hal’s Green Lantern power ring in Green Lantern: Rebirth #4 to fend off an attack from Thaal Sinestro.

Page 28: Ollie was able to exhibit the slightest bit of control over his body so the arrow missed Dinah.

Page 30: Though Ollie is frozen in liquid nitrogen now, he must be freed at some point so that he can join the rest of the Black Lantern JLA with Nekron at the end of Green Lantern (fourth series) #51.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Green Lantern #51

“Parallax Rebirth” Part Two

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Doug Mahnke

Editor: Eddie Berganza


Parallax battles Black Lantern Spectre as the members of the Lantern Corps try to save Coast City from destruction. But even if the Spectre is freed of the power of the Black Lantern power ring, he might not be powerful enough to stop Nekron…


Page 1: Black Hand last appeared in Blackest Night #5.

Page 2: Lex Luthor, Larfleeze and Black Lantern Superman last appeared in Green Lantern (fourth series) #50.

Since both Luthor and Larfleeze are wielding the orange light of avarice, they both want it only for themselves.

“I do not like you very much either.” Larfleeze makes me laugh. He should have his own late-night talk show. I’d watch him.

Page 3: I have gone through such horrible things to possess this battery. I traded my birthright!” Eons ago, Larfleeze and his thieving partners stole several artifacts from the planet Maltus and fled to the Vega system, specifically the planet Okaara, where they discovered the orange power battery. The thieves fought amongst one another for the power.

Eventually, the Guardians of the Universe and the Manhunters arrived, and offered Larfleeze and Blooch, the surviving thieves, a deal. As long as they kept the orange light contained within the Vega system, one of them could possess it. Larfleeze killed Blooch and turned over a mysterious box to the Guardians which contained the essence of Parallax. I can only assume that Larfleeze considers the box his “birthright.”

Pages 4-5: Parallax and Black Lantern Spectre last appeared in Green Lantern (fourth series) #50.

Pages 6-7: Ganthet, Carol Ferris, Wonder Woman, Mera, Sayd, Atrocitus, Ray Palmer and Thaal Sinestro last appeared in Green Lantern (fourth series) #50.

Barry Allen, Wally West and Kid Flash last appeared in Blackest Night: The Flash #3.

Black Lantern Tempest, a.k.a. Garth, last appeared in Blackest Night: Titans #3.

Black Lantern Tempest, formerly of the Doom Patrol, last appeared in Doom Patrol (fifth series) #5.

Both Tempests seem to be getting destroyed here. So much for my plans of them being resurrected and going on tour as a singing duo…

Page 8: Parallax is feeling both will and fear, which makes sense given that a fear entity is bonded to a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Parallax just ripped out Black Lantern Spectre’s eye…ouch.

Page 10: The Spectre has been trapped ever since a Black Lantern power ring took control of Crispus Allen’s body in Blackest Night #2.

Page 11: “I release you.” Parallax is able to destroy the Black Lantern power ring because he combined the green energy of will with the yellow energy of fear.

Page 12: Wow. That looks…horrifically painful.

Page 13: “Save the Anti-Monitor, you have more blood on your hands than any being I have ever faced.” Well, technically, the Anti-Monitor’s hands are pretty blood-free, considering that he used waves of anti-matter to completely eradicate universes. There weren’t even corpses left, much less blood…

Or am I reading this too literally?

Say, where is the Anti-Monitor anyway. You’d think that this would be his kind of party, wouldn’t you?

Page 14: Oh, boy, it’s never a good thing when Atrocitus has a brilliant idea…

“I will not fail the universe as a failed Ryut.” Ages ago, the robotic Manhunters experienced a glitch; they all concluded that the best way to maintain order was to exterminate all organic life. Thus, they descended upon Space Sector 666 and eradicated every living being they could find. Ryut was one of these worlds. Atrocitus and the rest of the Five Inversions were the only survivors of this genocide.

Page 16: Yeah, like a Red Lantern Spectre is really a step in the right direction…

Page 17: The Spectre decides that red really isn’t his color.

“But I know of the crimson creature of anger, Atrocitus! I have faced him!” So, I assume that Atrocitus is going to seek out this rage entity sometime in the near future?

Pages 18-19: Ew. That looked unpleasant.

“Fear entity is being pulled away by unknown force.” So who has the power to entity-nap Parallax? And for what purpose?

“It has Parallax.” And how does Hector Hammond know so much about this?

Geoff Johns has mentioned that he plans to use Hector Hammond in Green Lantern once Blackest Night is over, so this would seem to be a good foreshadowing of future events.

Page 20: Saint Walker last appeared in Blackest Night: The Flash #3.

“Spectre’s back on our side?” Gee, Barry, get up to speed, would you?

Nekron last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

Page 21: “I…cannot strike you down.” Oh, for the love of…what use are you then, Spectre? We call you in so you can strike down, with all of God’s furious anger and vengeance, the bad guys! And now you can’t even do that! Why? Because the bad guy doesn’t have a soul? Big-freaking whoop! Be useful for once, man!

Page 22: “The universe will die now.” That’s never what you want to hear the Big Bad say.

Assembled around Nekron are Black Lanterns Green Arrow, Aquaman, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Superman, Firestorm and Martian Manhunter. You know, I think it’s great that the “satellite-era” JLA is back together again. Too bad they’re all dead…

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #45

“Red Dawn”

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Penciller: Patrick Gleason

Inker: Rebecca Buchman, Keith Champagne & Tom Nguyen

Editor: Adam Schlagman


The Green Lanterns struggle to free Guy Gardner from the control of the Re Lantern power ring, but the only one who can save him is Mogo! But even after Guy is rescued, the Green Lantern Corps must assemble to face the Black Lanterns in final battle on Earth…


Page 1: Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Munk, Vath Sarn, Isamot Kol and Kilowog last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #44.

Guy Gardner became a Red Lantern in Green Lantern Corps #43.

Page 2: Arisia and Star Sapphire Miri last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #44.

Page 3: Soranik Natu last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #44.

“Still in a compassionate mood there, Munk?” Munk is a member of the Indigo Tribe; the emotion that they represent is “compassion.”

Page 4: “…open his heart with a sapphire tether.” Star Sapphires are able to use these tethers to connect with those in need to aid them. Miri used one in Green Lantern Corps #43 to save Kyle Rayner’s life.

Page 6: Mogo, in all his planet-glory, last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #44. Mogo’s a badass; just ask all of the Black Lanterns he destroyed.

Pages 8-9: Lots of vignettes here, dealing with various points in Guy’s life and career.

Notable “green moments” include:

Guy joining the Justice League;

Playing football at the University of Michigan;

Using his Vuldarian powers as “Warrior”;

Kissing Ice;

And battling alongside the Green Lantern Corps.

Notable “red moments” include:

Being attacked by Parallax;

Getting punched in the face by Batman;

Battling Lobo;

Guy’s father Roland abusing him;

Kyle’s death and being taken over by the Red Lantern power ring;

And mourning Ice.

Page 10: Guy’s twin power rings are going haywire, creating energy constructs of both Ice and his father.

Page 11: Guy and Roland had a less-than-loving relationship, as seen here.

“There’s no winner’s circle waiting for you like there was for your brother Mace.” Guy’s older brother Mace was the favored son; Mace later became the mercenary known as Militia.

Page 12: “Burn like the cancer you were on our lives!” Roland Gardner was an alcoholic who abused Guy. He later died of liver failure, but not before he and Guy reconciled.

Page 13: “The red ring is unlike our rings. It does not simply slip on and off. Once it finds a host, it does not relinquish its grip.” When a Red Lantern power ring finds a host, it replaces the host’s blood with fiery plasma that can be expelled from their mouth. They also seem to no longer need to use their hearts. The downside to this (as if there is an upside) is that this condition seems to be permanent.

Page 14: “Unfortunately, I do not have enough power to transport anyone at this time.” Well now, isn’t that convenient?

“I’m afraid that will not be possible.” Munk is a real downer today, isn’t he?

Page 16: “Alright. He said ‘You gotta kill me.’” Guy said this to Kyle in Green Lantern Corps #44.

Page 17: Well it’s about time Mogo did something useful…

Page 19: I bet, when Guy woke up this morning, that he had no idea that he’d be having his whole body cleansed by super-fast alien leeches. No clue.

Page 20: “Son of a bitch!? That would be my reaction too.

Page 21: “Thought I lost you to that black ring, buddy.” A Black Lantern power ring attempted to raise Kyle back in Green Lantern Corps #43.

Page 22: “You got yourself an open tab at Warriors bar for life.” Warriors is the bar that Guy owns and operates on Oa.

Page 23: As revealed in Blackest Night #6, all available members of each of the Lantern Corps are needed on Earth to combat the threat of the Black Lanterns. In The Atom and Hawkman #46, Indigo-1 was able to contact the members of the Indigo Tribe to have them teleport all of the Lantern Corps to Earth.

Page 24: The Green Lanterns are reciting their oath as they charge their rings, a nicelittle breather before the final act of this story.

Other GLs seen here are Rori Stroh (the guy with the big head right behind Arisia), Brik (between Miri and Guy), Larvox (to the right of and behind Soranik), Morro (hooded guy to the right of Larvox), Stel (to the right of Soranik) and Princess Iolande (in front and to the right of Kilowog).

I have no idea who the guy with the flaming hole in his head, standing behind Miri, is.