Monday, March 15, 2010

Blackest Night: JSA #3

“White Lightning”

Writer: Tony Bedard & James Robinson

Penciller: Eddy Barrows, Marcos Marz & Eduardo Pansica

Inker: Eddy Barrows, Luciana del Negro, Wayne Faucher, Eber Ferreira & Sandro Ribiero

Editor: Brian Cunningham & Eddie Berganza


Black Lantern Superman of Earth-Two has risen again, and threatens to tear the JSA apart. Mr. Terrific has a plan to defeat them, but he just might not have the time…


Pages 1-3: A recap of the origin, life and death of Kal-L, the Superman of Earth-Two. Not the post-Infinite Crisis Earth-2, but the Earth Two that existed before the Multiverse was combined into a single universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Big difference.

Pages 4-5: Power Girl and Black Lantern Superman of Earth-Two last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

This story required two writers, three pencillers and five inkers? Really? Honestly, isn't this a case of overkill?!?

Page 6: Mr. Terrific II, Green Lantern I, Atom-Smasher, Wildcat I, Magog and Judomaster III last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

“Clark and Connor barely beat that zombie Superman the first time -- !” Superman and Superboy defeated Black Lantern Superman in Blackest Night: Superman #3 using the Psycho-Pirate’s Medusa Mask.

“If I hadn’t wanted to trust Damage so much…” In Blackest Night: JSA #2, Atom-Smasher believed that Black Lantern Damage only wanted to use his powers to destroy the other Black Lanterns, thereby helping the JSA. In truth, he wanted to break through the S.T.A.R. Labs facility to interrupt Mr. Terrific’s efforts to find a way to destroy the Black Lanterns.

Page 7: Stargirl, Doctor Fate VI, Lightning II and Wildcat III last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

Pages 8-9: Jessie Quick and Black Lantern Johnny Quick last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

“My husband is an addict – “ Jessie Quick is married to Rick Tyler, also known as Hourman II. For years, Rick was addicted to Miraclo, the drug which gave him superhuman abilities for an hour at a time. He now uses a non-addictive form of Miraclo.

Pages 10-11: Hourman II and Citizen Steel last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

Pages 12-13: Cyclone last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2.

Pages 14-15: “When the Black Lanterns struck, their first target was Jamal Thunder.” First of all, this revelation comes completely out of left field. This was not even remotely hinted at before this moment.

Second of all, his name is “Jakeem,” not “Jamal.” I know that writer John Robinson really enjoys renaming characters for no apparent reason, but it’s really getting ridiculous.

And yes, I know that his name isn’t John. Sue me.

Pages 16-17: “Don’t come between me and my daughter!” Uh, dude? Mr. Black Lantern, sir? She’s your cousin. Stop calling her your daughter, it’s getting kinda creepy.

Pages 18-19: Jessie Quick is feeling love.

Pages 20-21: “You are not my father.” I agree, but from the way that this is written it seems like Kara is saying that this is just an undead version of her father, not her real father who is long gone.

But, say it with me…

Kal-L was Kara Zor-L’s COUSIN, not father. Everyone ok on that?

Page 22: Doctor Mid-Nite III last appeared in Blackest Night: JSA #2. Nice of you to show up after everything’s said and done, Doc.