Saturday, March 13, 2010

Green Arrow #30

“Lying to Myself”

Writer: J.T. Krul

Penciller: Diogenes Neves

Inker: Ruy Jose & Vicente Cifuentes

Editor: Adam Schlagman


While Green Arrow struggles against the Black Lantern power ring that has taken control of his body, Black Canary, Speedy and Connor Hawke fight to stay alive. But it soon dawns on them that the only way to save Ollie might be to kill him…


Page 1: Some scenes from Green Arrow’s life…

Oliver Queen first picking up a bow and arrow to combat drug smugglers on a deserted island…

United with “Team Arrow” – his sidekick, Speedy II, his son, Connor Hawke, and his first sidekick, now all grown up, Red Arrow, who has seen better days lately…

Partnered with Black Canary II, who is now his wife…

Attacking his best friend Hal Jordan, then known as Parallax, seemingly killing him during the event known s the Zero Hour…

Pages 2-3: Green Arrow, real name Oliver “Ollie” Queen. First appeared in More Fun Comics #73. Killed in Green Arrow (first series) #101. Returned to life in Green Arrow (second series) #1. A master archer and skilled martial artist armed with an arsenal of normal and trick arrows. Last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

Hal Jordan and Black Lanterns Superman and Wonder Woman last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

Green Arrow and seven other heroes were transformed into Black Lanterns by Nekron in Blackest Night #5. In Blackest Night #6, these newly minted Black Lanterns attacked their former allies. The events of this issue take place immediately after they were transformed and before Green Lantern (fourth series) #50, when Hal Jordan and the Lantern Corps battled the Spectre.

Page 4: Unlike the Black Lanterns who were dead and then resurrected by the Black Lantern power rings, Ollie and the others are aware of their actions and struggle against them, with varying degrees of success. Example of other heroes’ struggles against their transformations can be seen in Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2, Blackest Night: The Flash #3, and Adventure Comics #7.

Page 5: Atrocitus, Thaal Sinestro and Larfleeze last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

“Never thought I’d say it, Hal – but right now I wish you had kept a part of Parallax inside you.” Be careful what you wish for, Ollie. To see Hal and Parallax together again, check out Green Lantern (fourth series) #50-51.

Pages 6-7: Barry Allen last appeared in Blackest Night #6, in which he grabbed Hal Jordan and raced away to avoid being transformed into Black Lanterns.

“The Righteous Brothers” were the musical duo of Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield who recorded between 1963 and 1975. One of their notable hits was “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling.” I assume that Ollie isn’t saying that Hal and Barry are soul singers; rather, he’s probably putting down their heroic and sometimes-righteous attitudes.

Cyborg, Starfire, Mera and Black Lantern Superboy last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

Page 8: Black Canary II, real name Dinah Laurel Lance. First appeared in Justice League of America (first series) #75. I went on a ranting tirade about her continuity in the notes for last issue; go look them up if you like. One of the world’s greatest martial artists who wields an ear-splitting “Canary Cry.” Last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

“Not again. I need you, Ollie. I can’t have you die again.” As mentioned previously, Ollie died in Green Arrow (first series) #101. After returning to life, he seemingly died in Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special #1. For months, Dinah mourned him, convinced that he was dead.

Page 10: Black Lantern Green Arrow is using his Black Lantern power ring to create energy “trick arrows.”

Page 11: Shado was an archer and assassin with whom Ollie fathered a child.

Pages 12-13: “Pretty bird” is Ollie’s pet name for Dinah.

Page 14: Speedy II, real name Mia Dearden. First appeared in Green Arrow (second series) #2. An accomplished archer, combatant and swordsman.

Green Arrow II, real name Connor Hawke. First appeared in Green Arrow (first series) #0. A master martial artist and archer who possesses a regenerative healing factor.

Pages 16-17: That’s a pretty freaking cool shot of Ollie filled with arrows, if I do say so…

Page 18: “You little Lolita” Derived from Vladimir Nabokov’s book by the same name, a “Lolita” refers to a sexually promiscuous young woman. Before her life as Ollie’s partner, Mia was a prostitute, hence the derogatory nickname.

“As for you, my boy – I know Doctor Sivana’s genetic experimentation has made you a shell of the man you used to be.” In a very bizarre storyline that I really wish was left forgotten, Doctor Sivana kidnapped Connor Hawke and spliced his DNA with that of Plastic Man’s and made other modifications to give Connor his healing factor. It also left Connor an amnesiac with no recollection of his life.

Page 19: This is a brief recap of Ollie’s history as father of the year.

Page 20: Connor Hawke always believed that his mother never told Ollie about him. In Green Arrow (second series) #21, it was revealed that Ollie knew about Connor since the day he was born.

Pages 22-23: You go, girl! Speak – I mean, scream – your mind.

Page 24: “Dinah, legends never die.” Wasn’t that the tagline for Final Crisis?

Ollie is starting to look skeletal because, the longer the Black Lantern power ring is in possession of its host, the more said host begins to die.

Page 27: “I used his ring once before.” Ollie wielded Hal’s Green Lantern power ring in Green Lantern: Rebirth #4 to fend off an attack from Thaal Sinestro.

Page 28: Ollie was able to exhibit the slightest bit of control over his body so the arrow missed Dinah.

Page 30: Though Ollie is frozen in liquid nitrogen now, he must be freed at some point so that he can join the rest of the Black Lantern JLA with Nekron at the end of Green Lantern (fourth series) #51.