Monday, March 29, 2010

Green Lantern #52

“Life Blood”

Writer: Geoff Johns

Penciller: Doug Mahnke

Inker: Christian Alamy, Doug Mahnke, Rebecca Buchman Keith Champagne

Editor: Eddie Berganza


Sinestro has become the vessel for the Entity of White Light, but is even he able to defeat Nekron? Meanwhile, John Stewart leads a mission to destroy Xanshi, but they might be too late to save Coast City


Page 1: The events of this issue take place after Green Lantern Corps #46, page 5, when John Stewart and Kilowog leave the rest of the Lantern Corps to attack Xanshi.

Green Lanterns John Stewart and Kilowog, Sinestro Corpsman Slushh, Blue Lantern Brother Hynn and Star Sapphire Fatality last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #46.

Green Lanterns Morro and Stel, Sinestro Corpsman Tekik and Red Lantern Haggor last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

“I am the greatest Lantern of them all!” This scene corresponds to Blackest Night #7, pages 23-24; that’s Thaal Sinestro doing the proclaiming, in case you missed it.

Pages 2-3: Xanshi last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #46.

That’s a whole lot of Black Lanterns heading towards Earth. It doesn’t look good…

Pages 4-5: Hal Jordan and Thaal Sinestro last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

In Blackest Night #7, Sinestro -- I mean, Thaal Sinestro, honestly, I just like typing “Thaal,” I’m not sure why -- became the host for the Entity, and now harnesses the white light of life.

Pages 6-7: Black Hand last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

“A revised history of the DC Universe, brought to you in living color, courtesy of Thaal Sinestro and the Entity…”

Okay…momentary digression time, please forgive me…

For those of you on the message boards who are hooting and hollering, crying, wailing, bitching and moaning about how this scene goes against evolution…or about how it’s forcing us to believe in god…or whatever other nonsense you’re espousing today, tomorrow, or whenever…







It’s a fictionalized universe, dealing with characters that – lo and behold – don’t exist.

Really. They don’t. Get over it.

It’s for entertainment. Blackest Night is a balls-to-the-wall, popcorn blockbuster extravaganza that is here to entertain us. That’s it.

Geoff Johns isn’t here to convert you, or strip you of your beliefs.

If, somehow, the history and origin of this Entity of White Light offends you…then there’s probably not a whole lot anyone can do for you anyway, but it’s probably best that you just skip over these pages and move on, okay?

Sorry. I know that I shouldn’t go onto the DC Comics message boards…they are just such a scary, screwed-up place…


The “origin” of the Entity and its “splintering” into the lights of the emotional spectrum was first hinted at in Blackest Night #3.

This story retroactively makes Earth, if not the actual center of the DC Universe, then ultimately the most important planet, since it’s the location of the Entity’s “birth.”

Pages 8-9: Ion, the willpower entity, was the first of its kind to come into existence.

Not only did the Entity create Earth to be its home, but the other entities were also born here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just not seeing how a tiny dragonfly evolved into this fear entity, bit I’m not going to make an issue out of it…

Now, just to anger some anti-religious freaks, there are some Biblical connections to the entities. Love would evolve out of Adam and Eve’s feeling for one another. The avarice entity has a connection to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The rage entity seems linked to the murder of Abel by Cain with a rock (although Brad Meltzer might have other ideas about the choice of murder weapon). Prayer creates the hope entity, and, according to the New Testament, God offers compassion to all.

Pages 10-11: The entities of the emotional spectrum, seen together for the first time.

Digression time – In Green Lantern (fourth series) #51, the Spectre told Atrocitus that he has met the rage entity previously. If the rage entity was created, as I have mentioned, after Cain killed Abel, then wouldn’t Vandal Savage, who in Final Crisis: Revelations was branded with the Mark of Cain, be a vessel for the rage entity? Is this how the Spectre knows of this creature? Just throwing random ideas out there…

Page 12: Nekron last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

Because Sinestro is bonded to the life entity, everyone else feels his pain as he is killed by Nekron.

Carol Ferris, Indigo-1, Atrocitus, Barry Allen, Saint Walker and Ganthet last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

Page 13: Man, Coast City has seen better days…

Page 15: “The skies are going dark.” Well, it is the Blackest Night, Hal…

“The weight of my world still lies heavily on your shoulders.” Fatality is from Xanshi, the planet the John Stewart accidentally destroyed in Cosmic Odyssey #2. As seen in Green Lantern (fourth series) #49, John has moved on.

Page 16: “But I’ve tried to dedicate the other side of my life to building things up instead of tearing them down.” John is now an architect, hence the “building up” analogy.

Black Lantern Katma Tui last appeared in Blackest Night #6.

“You’re not Katma Tui. And this isn’t Xanshi.” Way to go, John!

Black Lantern Driq – who may or may not be on the side of angels – last appeared in Green Lantern (fourth series) #49. What’s interesting about Driq is that he’s dead. Well, yeah, most of the Black Lanterns are dead, but he was a Green Lantern, and then he died, but his willpower was so strong that his ring kept him functioning – dead, but functioning – until the destruction of the Green Lantern power battery. So what effect the Black Lantern power ring has on him remains to be seen.

Page 17: Ray Palmer and Sayd last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

“What in Mogo’s crack is this?” Mogo is the planet-Green Lantern; not sure if Mogo has a crack, or if Kilowog is just trying to make a dirty joke.

Pages 18-19: A small part of me feels like this scene was rushed, and a little too easy on the Lanterns…

But a much bigger part of me enjoyed seeing the Lanterns finally win a battle.

Page 20: Xanshi go “BOOM.”

I don’t see Driq included in this shot. Was his “connection severed” as well?

Page 21: “Connection severed.” Was Xanshi all-important to Nekron to keep his Black Lanterns functioning? The Black Lantern power battery is still intact, but is that enough? The Green Lanterns need Mogo to direct the rings to their intended recipients; did Xanshi serve a similar purpose?

Mera and Wonder Woman last appeared in Blackest Night #7

Pages 22-23: John Stewart is all about the last-minute saves today…

Page 24: “I am now the true guardian of the universe.” Why does this not inspire me with confidence?

“The white light…He’s alive.” White light equals life, which could mean resurrections? Maybe?

Nah, that would never happen…


Anonymous said...

Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you will not have a leg to stand on.............................................

Tiago said...

"Man, Coast City has seen better days…"

It has seen worse too... Those who don't remember what Cyborg-Superman did should read the most recent issues of Booster Gold.

And I also didn't get the insect becoming Parralax, but I think this is not going to be further touched, so I'll just suck it up.

Tiago said...

Oh, and the next time people start bitching about how DC is trying to make them believe in God, they just gotta remember that God's been a part of DCU for a long time. There are even angels [Zauriel, for example] and spirits [Spectre, Phantom Stranger] that confirms His existence.

Andrew Dowdell... said...

Re: Tiago...

True, the destruction of Coast City was far worse...

But all of the city's dead rising up ranks up there as far as really crappy days...

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