Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #45

“Red Dawn”

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Penciller: Patrick Gleason

Inker: Rebecca Buchman, Keith Champagne & Tom Nguyen

Editor: Adam Schlagman


The Green Lanterns struggle to free Guy Gardner from the control of the Re Lantern power ring, but the only one who can save him is Mogo! But even after Guy is rescued, the Green Lantern Corps must assemble to face the Black Lanterns in final battle on Earth…


Page 1: Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Munk, Vath Sarn, Isamot Kol and Kilowog last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #44.

Guy Gardner became a Red Lantern in Green Lantern Corps #43.

Page 2: Arisia and Star Sapphire Miri last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #44.

Page 3: Soranik Natu last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #44.

“Still in a compassionate mood there, Munk?” Munk is a member of the Indigo Tribe; the emotion that they represent is “compassion.”

Page 4: “…open his heart with a sapphire tether.” Star Sapphires are able to use these tethers to connect with those in need to aid them. Miri used one in Green Lantern Corps #43 to save Kyle Rayner’s life.

Page 6: Mogo, in all his planet-glory, last appeared in Green Lantern Corps #44. Mogo’s a badass; just ask all of the Black Lanterns he destroyed.

Pages 8-9: Lots of vignettes here, dealing with various points in Guy’s life and career.

Notable “green moments” include:

Guy joining the Justice League;

Playing football at the University of Michigan;

Using his Vuldarian powers as “Warrior”;

Kissing Ice;

And battling alongside the Green Lantern Corps.

Notable “red moments” include:

Being attacked by Parallax;

Getting punched in the face by Batman;

Battling Lobo;

Guy’s father Roland abusing him;

Kyle’s death and being taken over by the Red Lantern power ring;

And mourning Ice.

Page 10: Guy’s twin power rings are going haywire, creating energy constructs of both Ice and his father.

Page 11: Guy and Roland had a less-than-loving relationship, as seen here.

“There’s no winner’s circle waiting for you like there was for your brother Mace.” Guy’s older brother Mace was the favored son; Mace later became the mercenary known as Militia.

Page 12: “Burn like the cancer you were on our lives!” Roland Gardner was an alcoholic who abused Guy. He later died of liver failure, but not before he and Guy reconciled.

Page 13: “The red ring is unlike our rings. It does not simply slip on and off. Once it finds a host, it does not relinquish its grip.” When a Red Lantern power ring finds a host, it replaces the host’s blood with fiery plasma that can be expelled from their mouth. They also seem to no longer need to use their hearts. The downside to this (as if there is an upside) is that this condition seems to be permanent.

Page 14: “Unfortunately, I do not have enough power to transport anyone at this time.” Well now, isn’t that convenient?

“I’m afraid that will not be possible.” Munk is a real downer today, isn’t he?

Page 16: “Alright. He said ‘You gotta kill me.’” Guy said this to Kyle in Green Lantern Corps #44.

Page 17: Well it’s about time Mogo did something useful…

Page 19: I bet, when Guy woke up this morning, that he had no idea that he’d be having his whole body cleansed by super-fast alien leeches. No clue.

Page 20: “Son of a bitch!? That would be my reaction too.

Page 21: “Thought I lost you to that black ring, buddy.” A Black Lantern power ring attempted to raise Kyle back in Green Lantern Corps #43.

Page 22: “You got yourself an open tab at Warriors bar for life.” Warriors is the bar that Guy owns and operates on Oa.

Page 23: As revealed in Blackest Night #6, all available members of each of the Lantern Corps are needed on Earth to combat the threat of the Black Lanterns. In The Atom and Hawkman #46, Indigo-1 was able to contact the members of the Indigo Tribe to have them teleport all of the Lantern Corps to Earth.

Page 24: The Green Lanterns are reciting their oath as they charge their rings, a nicelittle breather before the final act of this story.

Other GLs seen here are Rori Stroh (the guy with the big head right behind Arisia), Brik (between Miri and Guy), Larvox (to the right of and behind Soranik), Morro (hooded guy to the right of Larvox), Stel (to the right of Soranik) and Princess Iolande (in front and to the right of Kilowog).

I have no idea who the guy with the flaming hole in his head, standing behind Miri, is.