Sunday, March 28, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #46

“Black Dawn”

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Penciller: Patrick Gleason

Inker: Rebecca Buchman, Keith Champagne & Tom Nguyen

Editor: Adam Schlagman


As the Lantern Corps finally unite, the face the threat of the Black Lanterns on Earth. But an even bigger foe awaits them – the Anti-Monitor, who wishes to annihilate the Earth and all who oppose him…


Page 1: I’m going to make this very easy on myself (and you, the gentle reader)…everyone in this issue last appeared in Blackest Night #7, unless otherwise noted.

Some identification in this chaotic fight scene…

Panel 1 – Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and Princess Iolande; Red Lantern Fury-6 and Bleez;

Panel 2 – Green Lanterns Soranik Natu and Kyle Rayner; Sinestro Corps members Karu-Sil, Low and some guy getting impaled; Star Sapphire Miri Riam;

Panel 3 – Green Lanterns Kilowog and Arisia Rrab; Sinestro Corps member Arkillo; Blue Lantern Brother Warth;

Panel 4 – Green Lantern Vath Sarn and Sinestro Corps member Bedovian;

Panel 5 – Green Lanterns John Stewart and Isamot Kol, Red Lantern Dex-Starr, and Indigo Tribesman Munk.

Pages 2-3: Oooh, look at all the pretty colors…

Page 4: As Guy mentions, “Tholian Web” was the 64th episode of Star Trek, aired during its third season in 1968. In it, a race known as the Tholians attempted to trap the Enterprise in an energy web.

Panel Three – Star Sapphire Fatality, hanging out upside down, with Sinestro Corps member Tri-Eye and Blue Lantern Brother Hynn behind her.

“…but don’t ya wanna wipe these things out so we can get back to killing each other again?” Guy knows how to cut through the bullshit and really get to the heart of the matter.

In Blackest Night #7, each of the Corps was instructed to aid the others so that they could defeat the threat of the Black Lanterns and survive the Blackest Night.

Page 5: Xanshi, the planet that has been resurrected as a Black Lantern looms in the background on Panel 1.

John Stewart accidentally destroyed Xanshi in Comic Odyssey #2.

Pages 6-7: Now that’s one big Lantern Corps-Tholian web…

Lots of connections being severed here.

Top row – Fury-6, Low, Dex-Starr, Munk, Bleez, Karu-Sil and Zilius Zox.

Bottom row – Miri Riam, Bedovian, Romat Ru, Bother Warth, Tri-Eye and Skallox.

Left column – Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande.

Right column – Vath Sarn, Arisia Rrab and Isamot Kol.

Page 8: Still more Black Lanterns biting the dust…literally.

“I think we’re gonna need a bigger net.” Guy’s all about the TV/movie references today, isn’t he? This is, of course, a reference to the line “We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” from the 1975 film Jaws.

Page 10: Ice, real name Tora Olafsdotter. First appeared in Justice League International #12. Killed in Justice League Task Force #14; returned to life in Birds of Prey #104. Able to produce vast quantities of ice and snow. Last appeared in Adventure Comics (second series) #7.

“…I was wondering when you’d finally come back home for a visit.” In Green Lantern Corps #29, Guy and Ice had a heart-to-heart about their relationship. He felt that he had to be on Oa, while her place was on Earth. They parted, with the understanding that, if and when they could be in the same place at the same time, then they might reevaluate their relationship.

Oh, yeah, Ice is a Black Lantern now. She was “killed” by Nekron in Blackest Night #5.

Page 11: Oh, man, not the refrigerator…

Alexandra “Alex” DeWitt, Kyle-s ex-girlfriend. First appeared in Green Lantern (third series) #48. Killed in Green Lantern (third series) #54.

Page 12: I like the fact that the refrigerator has a Black Lantern magnet on it. It’s twisted, I know…

Kyle is taking on the role of Major Force, the man who killed Alex and stuffed her in the refrigerator.

Page 13: Hey, it’s a Black Lantern playing on the fears and insecurities of its victim! Haven’t seen that in a while…

Guy is feeling compassion.

Page 14: When I first read this scene, I was horrified that Ice was shattered into several pieces. I thought, “Oh no, she’s dead again! Not Ice.”

Then I remembered that she’s a Black Lantern and she’ll be back together in no time, and all was right in the world.

Page 15: “Major Force was not a happy camper – so he decided to take it out on me.” Major Force was sent to find Kyle Rayner, who had only recently received the Green Lantern power ring. Kyle, however, wasn’t at home, so Major Force attacked and killed Alex instead, breaking her neck and stuffing her body into the refrigerator.

Page 16: “A black ring found your finger for a few fleeting moments.” In Green Lantern Corps #42, Kyle was killed by an exploding Green Lantern power battery. In Green Lantern Corps #43, a Black Lantern power ring attempted to resurrect him, but his friends protected him until Star Sapphire Miri Riam and Soranik Natu could revive him, alive and well.

Page 18: Kyle combines his Green Lantern energy with that of Munk’s Indigo light to destroy Black Lantern Alex.

“Ya know how we’ve never been able to find the Anti-Monitor after Super Punk tossed him?” In Green Lantern (fourth series) #25, Superboy-Prime hurled the Anti-Monitor’s body into space, where it landed on the dead world of Ryut in Space Sector 666. Weak and unable to resist, the Black Lantern power battery formed around him.

Page 19: The Anti-Monitor, also known as pretty much the Biggest Big Bad the DC Universe has ever known. First appeared (in shadow) in Crisis on Infinite Earths #2 and (fully seen) in Crisis on Infinite Earths #5. Killed in Crisis on Infinite Earths #12. Returned to life in Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1. He manipulates anti-matter energy to destroy universe. Not people, not towns, not planets…whole universe. He’s pretty freaking powerful. Last appeared (trying to escape from the Black Lantern power battery) in Blackest Night #7.

Kyle gives Miri a pretty good synopsis of the life and time of the Anti-Monitor, for those of you who don’t know too much about him, and shame on you for that.

Page 20: Dove II, real name Dawn Granger. First appeared in Hawk and Dove (mini-series) #1. Seemingly died in Armageddon 2001 #2, but this was later revealed to be a deception by Mordru. Possesses heightened strength and reflexes, expanded mental capabilities and the ability to fly. Sister to Hawk III. Last appeared in Blackest Night #7.

Page 21: “…Which means we can destroy him if we all fire our tings together and warp his ass in a Technicolor dreamcoat!” Now Guy’s referencing Broadway musicals? What’s the deal?

“Now Dove’s the best bug zapper I’ve ever seen!” Dove has a connection to an energy source, possibly the Entity itself, which can destroy the Black Lanterns with ease.

Page 22: “All readings indicate that the Anti-Monitor has not fully transformed into a Black Lantern at this juncture.” Well, isn’t that convenient?

Page 23: Ouch! That had to hurt!

It’s pretty cool to see Ismaot Kol have such concern for his partner Vath Sarn, considering that the two of them hated one another when they were first paired together as Green Lanterns. Sarn is from Rann, while Kol is from Thanager, two worlds constantly at war with one another.

Page 24: “I have no idea what I’m connected to and why it’s singled me out.” On a related note, Don Hall, the original Dove, could not be raised as a Black Lantern; I assume that the Doves’ power source is somehow connected to the Entity of the White Light.

Page 25: The Red Lanterns are vomiting the red plasma that flows through their bodies to break through the Anti-Monitor’s defenses.

“Vomiting red plasma”…who thinks this stuff up anyway?

Page 26: Bedovian is the sniper of the Sinestro Corps.

Page 27: Bull’s-eye!

Pages 28-29: Despite his apparent “death,” the Black Lantern power battery is still suing the Anti-Monitor as a power source.

Page 30: The Corps unite!