Saturday, July 24, 2010


“Under Pressure”

Writers: Geoff Johns & Peter J. Tomasi

Pencillers: Ivan Reis, Ardian Syaf, Joe Prado

Inker: Vicente Cifuentes

Editor: Eddie Berganza


Aquaman and Mera arrive near the Bermuda Triangle to stop a leak at an undersea oil well, but are confronted by a group of extra-dimensional warriors…

In Georgetown, Hawk and Dove watch as Boston Brand attempts to revive Don Hall using the power of the White Lantern power ring…

Though they fight back against their attackers, Aquaman and Mera are outnumbered. Mera and the warriors’ leader seem to know one another, prompting Mera to suggest that she and Aquaman retreat…

Hawkman and Hawkgirl get their bearings after materializing on the other side of the dimensional gate. Both feel uneasy after their trip, and wonder if the Black Lantern is still controlling them. Suddenly, they find themselves under attack by a group of were-creatures. Hawkgirl is abducted and imprisoned, while Hawkman crashes to the ground below…

Boston Brand is unable to revive Don Hall, because the former Dove is at peace. Brand then attempts to revive Dove’s sister Holly, but the ring warns him against such an action…

Hawkman wakes up, only to find a feline creature feasting on his attackers. The creature tells Hawkman that he has arrived on Hawkworld, and warns him to survive longer than “his mate”…

Aquaman stops Mera and demands answers. He wants to know why their attackers had powers like hers. She informs him that she knew that this day would one day come, and reveals that she was originally sent to Earth to kill him…


Page 1: “Off the Bermuda Triangle.” Remember that we’ve had some weird occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle as of late, as seen in Brightest Day #3 & 4.

A little bit of commentary about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico here?

Aquaman and Mera last appeared in Brightest Day #4.

Page 2: “They don’t like us shutting them down, they can take it up with me.” Ah, that’s the pissed-off and self-righteous Aquaman I remember…

Page 3: Ouch. That looked like it hurt.

“King of Atlantis.” Who is the king of Atlantis right now? In Titans #15, Tempest agreed to lead the undersea city, but he was killed in Blackest Night #2. Since Aquaman is alive once more, is he automatically the king, even if he wants nothing to do with the Atlanteans?

Page 4: I have a funny feeling that this leggy redhead who is generating hard-water constructs is Hila, Mera’s sister, but this has yet to be confirmed. They do have a connection in some way, however. Nevertheless, she and her minions/followers/soldiers last appeared in Brightest Day #4.

Page 5: Boston Brand, Hawk and Dove last appeared in Brightest Day #4.

“The black rings couldn’t resurrect and use his body.” As seen in Blackest Night #2 and Blackest Night: Titans #1, the Black Lantern power rings could not resurrect and use Don Hall, the first Dove; he was “at peace” and would not rise.

Page 7: “We weren’t sent here by surface dwellers, half-breed.” Aquaman’s origins are a little bit nebulous right now. Up until recently, he was the son of Queen Atlanna of Atlantis and the wizard Atlan. However, as hinted at in Blackest Night #2, it seems that Aquaman’s origins are similar to his Silver Age incarnation: he is the son of Queen Atlanna and Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper, hence the half-breed moniker.

Page 8: “Hold his neck out, Quana.” Quana?


What the hell kind of name is “Quana?”

“Siren!” So, is that this woman’s name? Or is Mera just calling her a “Siren” in a derogatory way?

Page 9: “Mera.” These lovely ladies seem to have some personal issues to work through…

“You haven’t told him, have you?” That doesn’t sound good, whatever it means…

Page 10: Hawkman and Hawkgirl last appeared in Brightest Day #4.

“What we saw back there – when we went through the gate…” When Hawkman and Hawkgirl traveled through an inter-dimensional gate to this world in Brightest Day #4, they experienced all of their past lives and deaths.

Page 11: Carter and Shiera should really see someone about that skin condition of theirs. And spitting up black blood can’t be a sign of anything good…

As I mentioned in my notes for Justice League: Generation Lost #4, it seems that those members of the “White Lantern Twelve” who haven’t changed their lives or their ways of thinking post-resurrection are still somehow connected to the power of the Black Lantern. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are still consumed with Hath-Set and the curse that connects them, and are thus in danger of being consumed by the power of the Black Lantern.

This is still a sketchy hypothesis, and I’m working out all of the details, but so far, I think that I am on to something…

“Felt something similar back inside the museum when we kissed…” This was in Brightest Day #0.

Ah, the Hawks finally have a tender moment alone….

Page 12: …Only to be interrupted by a horde of wild and crazed were-beasts. How nice.

So we have some fighting…

Page 13: More fighting.

Pages 14-15: The humanoid bird-creatures that just joined the fight… Are those Manhawks? Because, if so, that would be cool.

For those not in the know, Manhawks were hawk-like alien beings that flew through space and plundered valuables from inhabited worlds. They worse masks over their heads to resemble the dominant life-form of the planet they were robbing. They first appeared in The Brave and the Bold (first series) #43.

Page 16: That’s the problem with long hair…you never known when a Manhawk passing overhead is going to get its claws stuck in your lovely tresses.

“Get your damn dirty claws off me!” A variation of the famous line, “Get your paws off me, you damn dirty ape!” from the 1968 classic, Planet of the Apes.

Page 18: “He said he’s at peace.” I guess those Black Lantern power rings don’t lie.

“Maybe he can’t bring back people who are at peace.” I think that this is part of the secret why the White Lantern Twelve have been returned: they weren’t at peace, they left unfinished business here on Earth, and have a job to do. Would this mean that those who didn’t come back, like Ralph and Sue Dibny, are, like Don Hall, at peace?

Page 19: Holly Granger, a.k.a. Hawk III, was killed by Black Lantern Hawk in Blackest Night: Titans #2.

Boston…you shouldn’t be doing this.” I totally agree…

Page 20: “Who are you --?” That big feline guy looks like Lionmane, another classic Hawkman foe. Not sure if it’s him, or just supposed to resemble him.

“Welcome to Hawkworld, human.” Those of you who have been reading comics for as long as I have will remember that the Tim Truman-John Ostrander 1989 reboot of Hawkman was titled Hawkworld, as was the ongoing series that followed. “Hawkworld” was a nickname for the planet Thanagar and referred to the predatory nature of its civilization.

Page 22: “…I was sent here to kill you.” Well, that’s a good way to put a dampener of your relationship…