Monday, September 6, 2010



Writer: Geoff Johns & Peter J. Tomasi

Penciller: Ivan Reis, Pat Gleason, Ardian Syaf

Inker: Vicente Cifuentes, Rebecca Buchman, Mark Irwin, Ivan Reis

Editor: Eddie Berganza


After receiving visions of all those who were returned from the dead by the White Lantern, Boston Brand sets out to find the one who is destined to wield the power of the White Light. He tells his ring to take him to Hal Jordan; Dove travels with him, leaving Hawk alone in New Mexico

J’onn J’onzz questions Miss Martian about who attacked her; she tells him that it was another Green Martian. He doesn’t believe her, so she opens her mind to him so that he might see all that transpired. J’onn is amazed, and admits that there is another Green Martian on Earth besides him…

On Hawkworld, Tonrarr of the Lionmane Tribe relates his world’s history to Hawkman, explaining that it is a bridge between Earth and Thanagar. The races of Hawkworld, having witnessed Hawkman’s transformation into a White Lantern, believe that he is the healer who will lead them out of oppression. He sees them as the beginnings of an army…

High above Hawkworld, in the Nth City, Hawkgirl fends off an attack by other prisoners. She tears through the cage trapping her and attacks Hath-Set. His consort, Queen Shrike, knocks Hawkgirl to the ground and reveals herself as Shiera’s mother…

J’onn and Miss Martian search the world for a telepathic anomaly that will direct them towards this mystery Green Martian. They locate a telepathic black hole right in the heart of Star City


Page 1: Hawk, Dove and Boston Brand last appeared in Brightest Day #7.

“That’s because I told you, Boston Brand.” Whoever thought that the Entity of the White Light would have such a snippy attitude?

“Who’s Maxwell Lord --?” Maxwell Lord used his mental powers to cause everyone in the world to forget that he ever existed in Brightest Day #0. Only Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, Skeets and Captain Atom recall who he is.

“Maxwell Lord must stop the war before it starts.” This is Lord’s “mission,” as revealed in Brightest Day #7. In Justice League: Generation Lost #6, Captain Atom quantum leaped into a future in which the world was devastated by a conflict, presumably this war that he must prevent.

Page 2: “It said I was brought back to protect you.” As seen in Brightest Day #7, Hawk has been brought back to save Dove from Captain Boomerang.

Page 3: The Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian last appeared in Brightest Day #7.

“It seems I became a White Lantern.” In – yep – Brightest Day #7. Looks like a lot happened in that issue, hunh?

“You are the only White Martian left on the planet.” Despite her outward appearance, Miss Martian is a White Martian, not a green one.

However, whatever became of Till’all, the White Martian who survived the events of the recent Martian Manhunter mini-series? Or have we just decided to forget the events of that story because it really wasn’t all that good?

“The only answer is that another White Martian must have eluded the JLA and assimilated itself into the population.” In JLA #4, the JLA defeated the White Martians and placed them in stasis in the Still Zone. Later, in JLA #55, the White Martians escaped, but they were once again defeated and imprisoned in JLA #58.

Why is J’onn so convinced that Miss Martian’s attacker must be a White Martian? He knows that something came from Mars to Earth courtesy of Dr. Erdel before he did; why couldn’t it be a Green Martian? Granted, it’s a deranged, psychotic Green Martian, but still…

Page 4: The events of this flashback take place before J’onn arrived at Miss Martian’s refuge in the Tanami Desert in Brightest Day #6.

Crazy, deranged Martian lady last appeared in Brightest Day #6.

Page 5: “Ah, sent from Mars by rocket to the Vega system to escape the civil war between the greens and the whites, were you?” Miss Martian’s “secret origin,” apparently. I’m not sure that this has been revealed prior to this.

The crazy, deranged female Martian seems to have it out for the White Martians, doesn’t she?

Page 6: “You will never give him what a true Green Martian can!” Is the crazy, deranged female Martian out to woo J’onn and win his affections? Doesn’t she realize that random slaughter and chaos isn’t the way to the Martian Manhunter’s heart?

Page 7: Hawkman last appeared in Brightest Day #7.

“I saw something – a cit of green, a forest, being ripped into the air – “ Yeah, yeah, yeah, Brightest Day #7, again. Really, you should have read it. Visions, premonitions, blah blah blah…

“It’s not every day we get a visitor here who suddenly erupts with bright white light and heals everyone around him.” Well, you just live in a boring place, now don’t you Mister Lionmane guy?

Speaking of which…

“I am Tonrarr, leader of this Lionmane tribe.” Boo-ya! If you call, I mentioned that this fellow looked a hell of a lot like Lionmane after he first appeared in Brightest Day #5.

“‘Lionmane.’ I’ve met your kind before.” Lionmane was a classic Hawkman foe who first appeared in Hawkman (first series) #20. Archaeologist Edward Dawson came into possession of the Mithra meteorite that transformed him into a were-lion creature. Given that this was pre-Crisis and Hawkman’s continuity is a total mess, I have no idea when Lionmane actually first appeared in continuity, but he does exist, and isn’t that all that really matters?

“Someone has. Or someone like you.” What connection does Lionmane have to this tribe, and to Hawkworld in general?

Page 8: “SKKRAK” I hate it when were-lions fall from the sky and explode into a bloody, pulpy mess right at my feet.

According to Tonrarr, Nth metal ore comes from Hawkworld. So are many other elements of Hawkman’s life and continuity derived from Hawkworld as well? Is this place the “source” of all things Hawkman?

Page 9: Anyone else think that the statue of a human looks something like Kalmoran? He was a legendary hero on Thanagar that Katar Hol admired, first seen in the Hawkworld mini-series. This is back when Katar was a drug-addict and killed his own father. Good times.

Anyone else remember this? Anyone at all besides me?

Pages 10-11: The history of Hawkworld, and its connection to both Earth and Thanagar…

According to Tonrarr, humans came to Hawkworld hundred of thousand of years ago, long before the Thanagarians ever came to Earth. They then discovered the Nth metal and harvested it for their own purposes. The humans and the new Manhawks, who are also native to Hawkworld, then traveled to Thanagar. Did these humans then colonize Thanagar? Does this explain why humans and Thanagarians are so similar?

So when the Thanagarians first came to Earth during the days of ancient Egypt and gave the secret of Nth metal to Prince Khufu and Princess Chay-Ara, they were actually descendents of humans who had left Earth thousands of year before, correct?

Tonrarr goes on, explaining that another woman left Earth and arrived on Hawkworld to take control of the Manhawks. She created a city out of Nth metal and raised it into the clouds. Queen Shrike has now ruled for over two thousand years.

Khufu supposedly reigned during the 19th dynasty of ancient Egypt, approximately 1200 BC, which would be a little over two thousand years ago. So did the arrival of the Thanagarians on Earth cause this Shrike to travel from Earth to Hawkworld?

Pages 12-13: “…I see an army.” Ah, Carter, always the peaceful one, aren’t you?

Pages 14-15: Hawkgirl last appeared in Brightest Day #7.

Pages 16-17: Hath-Set last appeared in – wait for it – Brightest Day #7.

Nitpick note here…in the first panel, it looks like Hath-Set and Queen Shrike are inside the cage, as opposed to on the outside looking in, as they appear to be in panel 5.

Page 18: This is the first appearance of Queen Shrike.

Remember my original thoughts about Hath-Set’s queen? That she was really Hawkman’s old foe Hyathis? Totally, one-hundred percent wrong. I admit it.

I still think that I’m right about Isis being the Chosen One, though…

“And she has ruled the pathway between Earth and Thanagar for centuries.” Millennia, really, but who’s counting?

Page 19: Ouch. That Queen Shrike is bad-ass, isn’t she?

Page 20: So Queen Shrike is Hawkgirl’s mother, hmmm? Since Shrike has ruled Hawkworld for over two thousand years, and judging by her skin tone, I assume that Shrike was born in ancient Egypt and was Princess Chay-Ara’s mother.

So, why – and I ask this in all seriousness – does Shrike refer to her daughter as “Shiera”? Wouldn’t she call her “Chay-Ara,” no matter how many times she has been reincarnated?

So did Shrike travel to Hawkworld before or after Hath-Set killed Khufu and Chay-Ara? Does it matter? And was Shrike allied with Hath-Set in ancient Egypt? Did he kill the future Hawks at her command?

“I noticed that even the ancient scar on my body has completely disappeared.” How did she get this car? Inquiring minds want to know.

Oh boy, Hawkman does not look happy…

Page 22: That forest sprouted up in Star City in Brightest Day #0. It has since become the home of Oliver Queen, as seen in the pages of Green Arrow. To say that the forest is a bit mysterious is an understatement.