Tuesday, November 30, 2010


“All This Useless Beauty”

Writers: Geoff Johns & Peter J. Tomasi
Pencillers: Patrick Gleason, Scott Clark, Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Inkers: Mark Irwin, David Beaty, Tom Nguyen, Rebecca Buchman, Mick Graym Christian Alamy, Patrick Gleason
Editors: Eddie Berganza


J’onn J’onzz returns to Mars, only to find D’kay D’razz, the female green Martian, waiting for him.  She wants to join with J’onn so that they might restore Mars to its original splendor.  J’onn rejects her, and the two battle one another both physically and psychically…

Deathstorm and his Black Lantern Corps leave Silver City, NM with the White Lantern.  Firestorm races off after them, but the situation is made more difficult by the fact that Ronnie and Jason can’t get on the same page.  Deathstorm’s mysterious master orders his minion to bring him the White Lantern, prompting the Black Lanterns’ hasty exit.  Ronnie and Jason agree that they need the help of the Justice League…

Boston Brand and Dove use Oracle’s resources to try to figure out the identity of the White Lantern, even as Brand, sensing the recent resurrection of Black Lantern Deadman, realizes that something is very wrong in the world…

J’onn defeats D’kay, and then uses a newfound ability to restore the long-dead Martians to life.  He is reunited with his lost wife and daughter, and weeps as he hugs them.  Little does he realize that it is nothing more that a mental illusion created by D’kay and designed to trick J’onn into loving her…


Page 1:  J’onn J’onzz last appeared in Brightest Day #11.

That pyramid on Mars is J’onn’s home.  We last saw it in Brightest Day #1.

Page 2:  D’kay D’razz, or, as I prefer to call her, crazy Martian lady, last appeared in Brightest Day #9.

“You’re no longer destroying the Green, you’re cultivating it.”  It seems that although J’onn’s had an adverse affect on plant life on Earth, killing it, the opposite appears true on Mars; a veritable forest, similar to the one that grew in Star City, has blossomed on the formerly dead planet.  Unfortunately, unlike the Star City forest, which has a connection to the White Lantern, the Martian fauna seems to have some link to the Black Lantern. 

Notice that D’kay is using J’onn’s old sarcophagus as a dining room table.  Kinda tacky, if you ask me. 

Page 3:  “Do you recognize these scars?”  I am assuming that she is referring to the black marks on her chest and stomach.

“The Martian symbols of love and hate.”  Don’t prisoners get “love” and “hate” tattooed on their knuckles while they’re in prison?  Is this J’onn story going to degrade into a bad prison-film tale?

“If you wish, I can carve them into your skin too…”  No, really, I’m fine, thanks for the offer, though…

Page 5:  “I saw the White Lantern symbol – I felt its immense power through your mind – you can’t turn your back on why you were resurrected!”  J’onn was given a vision of his purpose by the White Lantern in Brightest Day #7.  According to the voice, J’onn must burn a forest down; for a time, he assumed that it was the Star City forest, but soon realized he was wrong.

Pages 6-7:   Ewww…Martian mind-melds are freaking gross.

“…and I was brought to Earth by Erdel’s transporter beam.”   Melissa Erdel, Dr. Saul Erdel’s elderly daughter, told J’onn about this event in Brightest Day #2.

“I was lost in the experience of being human.”  Given how long D’kay has been on Earth – Melissa was quite young when D’kay arrived and is on in years in the present day -- she must have assumed several different lives over the course of the years.  If she wiped her body and mind clear of Martian memories, then how is it that she assumed other identities?  Why would she not just grow old and die in her first and only human guise?

“…that is until I was suddenly hit by the massive telepathic burst you fired when you were killed…”  As seen in Final Crisis #1 and Final Crisis: Requiem #1.

“That finally occurred when I saw the images on television of your resurrection.  J’onn was resurrected, along with the rest of the White Lantern Twelve, in Blackest Night #8.  D’kay, in her human form, saw it on TV in Brightest Day #2.

Page 8:  “It was you – you sent that psychic flash to me on Mars – showed me I wasn’t the only Martian that Erdel brought to Earth – that you were the first --”  This happened in Brightest Day #1.

Page 9:  Nope, the JLA isn’t really there; they’re just figments of J’onn’s imagination.  But wouldn’t it be really cool if they did just show up like that?  Depicted here are the Flash, Aquaman, Superman, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Wonder Woman (wearing her “old” costume), Green Lantern Guy Gardner and Batman (I assume that it’s Bruce, but you can’t really tell).

Pages 10-11:  “Did you really think we wouldn’t notice you were terraforming Mars by sucking the life from every blade of grass, flower and tree on Earth?”  Oh, so that’s why all the plant life that J’onn touched died, hunh?  Well, at least it was for a good reason…

Hey!  There’s Firestorm!  Nice of you to show up in J’onn’s imagination!

Page 12:  Firestorm, Deathstorm and the Black Lanterns last appeared in Brightest Day #11.

“Up, up and awayyyy!”  What, does Deathstorm think he’s Superman all of the sudden?

Page 13:  “That thing has trapped my dad inside him – and your dad -- ” Deathstorm absorbed both Martin Stein and Alvin Rusch into his matrix in Brightest Day #11, in an effort to get back at both Ronnie and Jason.

“Next to Batman and the Flash, you had more super-villains targeting you than anyone else.”  It’s true.  Ronnie had quite the gallery of foes when he first started out as Firestorm – Multiplex, Killer Frost, the Hyena, Typhoon, Bug & Byte, Plastique, Black Bison, the Enforcer, Henry Hewitt, the 2000 Committee, Tokamak, Silver Deer, Slipknot, Mindboggler…man, they all had it out for the poor kid.

“You were the youngest member to ever join the Justice League.”  Firestorm joined the JLA in Justice League of America (first series) #179.

“You stopped nuclear wars, Ronnie.”  After Professor Stein was diagnosed with brain cancer, he and Ronnie attempted to force the United States and the Soviet Union to destroy all of their nuclear weapons.  This story began in The Fury of Firestorm the Nuclear Man #62.

Obviously, given that the Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991, almost twenty years ago, the events of that story would have to be tweaked a bit to fit into modern DC continuity.  However, it’s good to see that it is still fondly remembered by someone other than me.

Page 14:  “Maybe we’re upsetting the matrix.  I don’t think we’re supposed to be arguing.”  Martin Stein warned Ronnie and Jason against arguing, lest they ignite another Big Bang, as revealed in Brightest Day #10. 

“That voice.  I’ve heard it somewhere before.”  Who is it, Martin?  Who wants the White Lantern?  Oh, tell me please please please…

Page 15:  “I think it’s time we go find the Justice League.”  Uh, which Justice League do you want?  The heroes formerly known as the JLI who are busy hunting down Maxwell Lord?  The new JLA, which counts among its members a bunch of former Titans, a few Infinitors and a talking gorilla?  Or the big guns, all of whom have their hands full with loads of other things right now?

Boston Brand and Dove last appeared in Brightest Day #9.

They are hanging out at the Watchtower, which is Oracle’s base of operations in Gotham City.

“I haven’t felt that since…the white ring brought me back to life.”  Again, that occurred in Blackest Night #8.

In the pile of photos are pictures of Doctor Light III, the Ray II, Resurrection Man, the Flash II, Green Arrow, Halo and someone who kinda-sorta-not really looks like Firestorm. 

Page 16:  “Who do we think is going to be the White Lantern?”  Isis.


Isis Isis Isis Isis Isis.

Man, I’ll feel really freaking stupid if I’m wrong…

Pages 18-19:  So all of the sudden J’onn can just punch a planet back to life, hunh?  Interesting development…

Those Martians are taking the news of their resurrections pretty calmly, if you ask me…

Page 20:  M’yri’ah and K’hym are J’onn’s wife and daughter. 

Martian names are such a pain in the neck to type...and my spell check is just crying out to correct them. 

Page 21:  “I have been blessed with new powers – I healed Mars and I healed you!”  Man, I never realized that J’onn had such a god complex.  Must suck to hang out with him…

Page 22:  Ooooh, that D’kay is one sneaky bitch, isn’t she?


Tiago said...

It's interesting how Martian names are just a form of "normal" American names, like John, Kim and Mariah... even substantives like "decay".

[PS: glad to see you're back]

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