Wednesday, November 24, 2010


“Heavy Metal Poisoning”

Writer: Judd Winick
Penciller: Aaron Lopresti
Inker: Matt Ryan
Editor: Rex Ogle & Brian Cunningham


One week ago, Maxwell Lord works with Professor Ivo to use a virtual reality program to transform the Metal Men into sociopathic robotic minions for his own use…

Today, the Metal Men attack Rocket Red, Fire and Ice at the Checkmate lab in China, thinking the heroes to be otherworldly invaders.  The heroes of the JLI are overwhelmed and, not wishing to harm the Metal Men, decide to retreat.  Ivo orders the robots to combine and form Alloy…

Booster Gold, Skeets, Captain Atom and Blue Beetle investigate a second Checkmate lab and find it filled with an army of half-built OMACs.  They realize that Ivo is in league with Max…

Back in China, Alloy knocks out Rocket Red and Fire, leaving Ice the last hero standing.  She pushes herself like never before, using her ice powers to incapacitate Alloy, but she is left transformed, her skin a light blue and her hair and body covered in ice.  Fire notes that this is something new…


Page 1:  As revealed on Page 5, these are the virtual reality versions of the Metal Men…

            Gold:  Caucasian man with blonde hair
            Tin:  the “little man”
            Platinum:  Asian woman
            Lead:  big, goofy guy in the hoodie
            Mercury:  androgynous redhead
            Iron:  African-American man

Pages 2-3:  Presumably, those huge cybernetic centaurs are the Romnitaurs that VR-Gold referred to on Page 1. 

Page 4:  As indicated by the caption, this scene on Pages 4 & 5 takes place “one week ago.”  By my estimation, that would be sometime between the events of Justice League: Generation Lost #1 & 2. 

Professor Anthony Ivo, first appeared in Brave and the Bold (first series) #30.  A criminal mastermind and scientific genius responsible for the creation of Amazo and the Tomorrow Woman. 

Page 5:  “Narnia” refers to the fictional realm featured in C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia.  It is populated by talking animals and epic battles of good versus evil. 

“I’ll double check on Doc Magnus…”  Doctor William “Doc” Magnus is the creator of the Metal Men.  Presumably, Max is holding him against his will. 

Page 6:  The Metal Men, Rocket Red, Fire and Ice last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #10. 

Page 7:  “Mercury, right?  Liquid metal, but only at room temperature.”  When he is in his right mind, Mercury is fond of telling any and all who will listen that mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.

Page 10:  Man, the JLI ertainly is getting their butts handed to them by the Metal Men, aren’t they?

Page 11:  “We can’t have the entire Justice League joining us in here.”  I am sure that the last thing Ivo wants is yet another confrontation with the JLA; he’s had his plans foiled by them countless times over the years.  Can’t blame him for being a little bit JLA-shy, now can you?

Page 12:  “Alloy.”  Hmm…I wonder what that could mean…

Page 13:  Oh, Alloy…

Alloy is a “battle-form” of sorts for the Metal Men, in which they combine to form a really big honking robot.  Alloy first appeared in Kingdom Come #1, and later appeared in modern continuity in Superman: The Man of Steel #1,000,000, part of the DC One Million event.

And Alloy last appeared in a flash-forward (oh, how I miss Lost) in Justice League: Generation Lost #10.

Page 14  Skeets, Booster Gold, Captain Atom and Blue Beetle last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #10. 

“They’re checking out one active Checkmate cell.  We’re checking out the other.”  This line implies that there are only two Checkmate cells that they need to worry about, but in Justice League: Generation Lost #10, Skeets informed the team that four previously dormant cells went active after Max Lord returned. 

“This solves the mystery of where the 500 OMACs who attacked my house came from.”  As seen in Justice League: Generation Lost #2. 

“Lately I…I can’t really feel exterior temperatures.  Not much, at least.”  Captain Atom’s recent physiological changes were first mentioned in Justice League: Generation Lost #6.

Page 15  “No one’s looking for him but us.”  As a result of Max Lord mind wiping the world in Justice League: Generation Lost #1 and Brightest Day #0, no one but heroes formerly known as the JLI remember that Max ever existed. 

“He built Amazo.”  Amazo, nicknamed “the one-man JLA,” is an android created by Ivo that could duplicate the powers of the entire Justice League.

Page 20:  Whoa.  Ice went a little overboard with that last blast of hers…

Page 21:  Well now.  That’s an…interesting look there, Tora.  New stylist?  It’s very becoming…

Page 22:  “This is something new.”  And as they always say, new is better.  Always.