Tuesday, January 25, 2011


“Old Soldiers”

Writer: Judd Winick
Penciller: Joe Bennett
Inker: Jack Jadson & Ruy José
Editor: Rex Ogle & Brian Cunningham


In Chicago, Magog attacks Captain Atom, and Blue Beetle and Booster Gold can only watch as their teammate is mercilessly beaten.  When the battle spills onto the streets, Captain Atom finally defends himself, but only to prevent innocent bystanders from being killed.  He finally gets through to Magog, and forces the super-powered Marine to remember the existence of Maxwell Lord.  This all comes far too late, as Lord uses his abilities to force Magog to kill himself, and then compels the world to believe that Captain Atom murdered his fellow hero.  Magog’s energy lance fires, and while Captain Atom absorbs much of the blast, it leaves a crater-sized hole in the middle of Chicago and Atom nowhere to be found…


Page 1:  Inchon, or Incheon, is South Korea’s fourth largest city, after Seoul and Busan.  On September 15, 1950, it was the site of the Battle of Incheon, in which United States military forces aided a United Nations offensive, resulting in a decisive victory for the United Nations in the Korean War. 

“David Reid” is, of course, Magog.

Page 2:  Magog and Captain Atom last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #12.

Page 3:  “I just don’t give a @#$%!”  Man, what a potty mouth.

Page 4:  Booster Gold and Blue Beetle last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #12.

“And at the moment I’m on an internationally sanctioned operation.”  Magog believes that Maxwell Lord, on behalf of Checkmate, has ordered him to kill Captain Atom, as seen in Justice League: Generation Lost #10.

“Aw, hell, this ain’t good.”  I have to hand it to Jaime, he’s learning…

Say, where the hell has Skeets flown off to?  He hasn’t shown his golden shell since Justice League: Generation Lost #11.

Page 5:  “His lance.  It’s different.”  Captain Atom and Magog battled one another in Justice League: Generation Lost #2; Maxwell Lord “upgraded” Magog’s lance in Justice League: Generation Lost #10, altering its energies.  Nate can tell that something has changed. 

Page 8:  “It’s firing radiation bursts!  And some other kind of unstable energy.”  All so that Magog would be better equipped to deal with Captain Atom.

Page 10:  “It’s similar to that nuke that Max Lord left for us in Yemen.”  As seen back in Justice League: Generation Lost #1.

“The one whose energy I absorbed and tossed me briefly to the year 2351.”  As shown, via flashback, in Justice League: Generation Lost #6. 

Page 14:  Magog’s memories of Maxwell Lord come rushing back to him.  He recalls Max’s time with the Justice League International, the death of Blue Battle at Lord’s hands, and Wonder Woman killing Lord to stop him from mind-controlling Superman. 

“That bastard made us…we forgot.”  Maxwell Lord made the world forget that he ever existed, as seen in Brightest Day #0 and Justice League: Generation Lost #1.

Maxwell Lord IV last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #11.

Page 15:  Max’s nosebleed indicates that he’s using his mind control powers.  Kinda messy, if you ask me.

Page 16:  Poor Magog.  We hardly knew ya.

Actually, I am kind of bummed.  I really liked the first few issues of the Keith Giffen-written Magog series.  I know, me and two other people.  But it seemed like Giffen was trying to develop Magog into a Thor-like character with a unique mythology all his own.  I guess we’ll never know what could have been…

“Life returned.”  As revealed in Brightest Day #7 and Justice League: Generation Lost #7, Max was brought back to life by the Entity of the White Light so that he could prevent Magog from stopping a metahuman war, similar to the Kingdom Come future as depicted in Justice League: Generation Lost #10.  Since he has fulfilled his mission, his life has been restored. 

Page 18:  Man, this really isn’t Captain Atom’s day, now is it?

Page 19:  With everyone and their mother owning a cell phone and a Twitter account, a hero just can’t kill someone in cold blood without it being all over the news right away anymore, now can they?

Pages 20-21:  This part doesn’t make much sense to me.  By using Magog’s lance on Captain Atom, Max risks creating a Kingdom Come style future in which a metahuman war breaks out because of Mass destruction.  Granted, Lord could me baking on the fact that Captain Atom won’t let this happen, but it is a distinct possibility.  What’s the difference between Captain Atom exploding and destroying Kansas or exploding and destroying Chicago?

Page 22:  Captain Atom gets thrown into the time stream a lot, doesn’t he?