Tuesday, March 1, 2011


“Short Fuse”

Writers: Geoff Johns & Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Ivan Reis, Scott Clark & Joe Prado
Inkers: Dave Beaty & Oclair Albert
Editors: Eddie Berganza


After making sure that the Hyde’s are safe in the Aquacave, Aquaman takes Jackson Hyde to an undersea cavern so the teen can learn of his heritage and responsibility to the world.  Jackson lashes out in anger and just wants to be left alone, but Aquaman confides in the boy, telling him that he knows he how feels, and that he wouldn’t heap this pressure on him unless he knew that he could handle it.  Jackson accepts the costume left for him and adopts the mantle of Aqualad…

On the Watchtower, the JLA and JSA attempt to help Firestorm stabilize himself, but Ronnie and Jason can’t keep their emotions in check.  Their argument escalates, and everything around them erupts in flame, leading them to believe that they have destroyed the universe…


Page 1:  We open on the Aquacave, located at the bottom of the Atlantic.  It looks much cooler now than it ever has before. 

That’s an image of Aquaman, Mera, and Arthur, Jr., a.k.a. Aquababy, in happier times.  Happier, as in, before Black Manta killed the kid and Mera went a little crazy and fled back to her home dimension. 

Jackson Hyde last appeared in Brightest Day #11.

Pages 2-3:  Aquaman last appeared in Brightest Day #11.  An alternate-future/mental-illusion version of Aquaman appeared in Brightest Day #15.

“My son.  He was murdered by your biological father.  Black Manta.”  This took place in Adventure Comics #452.

Mr. Hyde (no relation to Dr. Jekyll) last appeared in Brightest Day #11.  Mrs. Hyde last appeared in Brightest Day #10.

“Which world do you belong to?”  This seems to be a theme here in Brightest Day, that of heroes torn between worlds.  Aquaman, the Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Deadman (in a way) all straddle two worlds, never seeming completely comfortable in either one. 

Page 4:  Firestorm and Congorilla last appeared in Brightest Day #15.

The Atom last appeared in Brightest Day #2.

Mr. Terrific II, real name Michael Holt.  First appeared in The Spectre (third series) #54.  The third-smartest man on Earth, possesses a Genius-level intellect.  An Olympic-level athlete, aided by his T-Spheres that he can mentally control.  Invisible to all forms of technology. 

Doctor Mid-Nite II, real name Pieter Anton Cross.  First appeared in Doctor Mid-Nite #1.  A medical doctor who can see perfectly in the dark.  Wields blackout bombs and wears special ultrasonic lenses.

Supergirl, real name Kara Zor-El, also known as Linda Lang.  First appeared in Superman/Batman #8.  Possesses the standard Kryptonian powers of superhuman strength, speed, senses, invulnerability and flight. 

Jade, real name Jennifer-Lynn Hayden.  First appeared in All-Star Squadron #25.  Through a birthmark on her palm, able to channel the power of the Starheart, allowing her to create energy constructs and fly. 

Page 5:  Deathstorm, Martin Stein and Alvin Rusch last appeared in Brightest Day #12. 

Deathstorm stole the White Lantern and corrupted it, recreating the Black Lantern Corps in Brightest Day #11.

“I can transmute organics.”  As he did in Blackest Night #3 when he transformed Gehenna Hewitt into salt.  Firestorm is unable to use his molecular abilities on organic objects. 

Page 8:  Oooh, that Deathstorm is such a mean guy…

“Where is this “Elsewhere” that Deathstorm is hanging out in?  Looks like he’s on freaking Qward.

Page 10:  “I’m so sorry, Kaldur’ahm.”  As a fan of the Young Justice animated series, I was wondering when they were going to reveal Jackson’s real name. 

Page 11:  Why do the people of Xebel need Jackson as a key?  Obviously they could travel to Earth, because they came here to capture David’s parents in the first place, correct?  Or did they unwittingly travel to Xebel through the rift and were then taken prisoner?

Page 12:  “Osmosis” is the movement of water through a selectively-permeable membrane from an area of high water potential to an area of low water potential.  And I actually still remember that from high school Biology class.

Page 14:  Ah, Jackson’s decided to become a rebellious teenager.  They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Page 15:  Jeez, Arthur, you really think sending freaky-looking eels is really going to calm the kid down?  Have you been taking parenting lessons from Bruce Wayne lately?

Page 16:  “You d-don’t understand what I’m going through.”  Wah, wah, wah, I hate my life, no one gets me, I want to run away from my responsibilities. 

Deal with it, kid.  You’re in the DC Universe.  Grow a set and get ready to man up already. 

Page 17:  Aquaman gives a quick-little recap of his post-Infinite Crisis origin, for those who have arrived late to the show.  Now I’m thinking that an Aquaman: Secret Origin mini-series might be in order, hmmm?

Page 18:  Aqualad II, real name Kaldur’ahm, also known as Jackson Hyde.  First appeared in Brightest Day #4 (as Jackson) and Brightest Day #16 (as Aqualad).  Able to increase the density of water and manipulate its shape into weapons, as well as discharge bolts of electricity. 

Page 19:  “We’re waiting for Metamorpho?!  Why?!”  Yeah, really.  I mean, like, everyone knows that Metamorpho’s never on time for anything.  The dude’s always late.  Better off just starting without him…

Uh-oh, Martin said that Ronnie and Jason need to keep their cool…

Page 20:  Great.  Now they’ve done it. 

Page 21:  Universe go “Boom.”

Page 22:  “I think we just destroyed the universe.”  Well, I guess that’s one way to defeat Deathstorm…