Thursday, March 31, 2011


“Old Friends”

Writer: Judd Winick
Penciller: Aaron Lopresti
Inker: Matt Ryan
Editor: Rex Ogle & Brian Cunningham


Power Girl has apprehended Captain Atom and is ranting at him about how he’s caused the deaths of thousands and turned against the world.  Atom realizes that she has been duped into thinking that he is Superman; he calls in the rest of the team for help, but Power Girl sees them as other Justice Leaguers who have declared war on humanity.  At the new Checkmate facility, Maxwell Lord and Professor Ivo continue their tests on Blue Beetle’s armor, while Lord justifies his actions to the young hero by reminding him that he is not the bad guy in this situation.  Meanwhile, Power Girl continues her assault on the overwhelmed J.L.I., and the battle seems lost until Rocket Red blasts her with high-frequency sound waves, overloading her super-hearing and incapacitating her.  Power Girl comes to her senses and, after recalling what Lord did to her, agrees to join her former teammates in taking him down…


Page 1:  I’m trying to figure out when this flashback occurs.  Power Girl joined the J.L.I. in Justice League International #24, and it must take place before she changed her costume to from the one shown here to the cape less-yellow and white unitard she began wearing in Justice League Europe #15. 

However, Booster Gold is mentioned as still being a member of the team, and he quit in Justice League America #37.  That issue is cover-dated April, 1990, as is Justice League Europe #13.  The two issues had a mini-crossover that month, involving a yellow cat and chaos on two continents (it was one of those things where you had to be there), so this scene must take place sometime before the events in those issues.

I have mentioned that the Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League was my favorite comic book of all time, right?  Just checking…

Page 2:  Captain Atom and Power Girl last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #17.

The Tama River is a major river in the Yamanashi, Kanagawa and Tokyo Prefectures in Japan. 

“I didn’t kill Magog.”  Really, he didn’t.  Magog’s lance, tampered with by Maxwell Lord, exploded, thereby killing him, in Justice League: Generation Lost #13.

Page 4:  Max has used his mind control powers to convince Power Girl that Captain Atom is actually Superman.  A Superman that has killed Magog and caused an explosion that killed thousands. 

“Oh God.  This is bad.”  You said it, Captain Atom.  Your day could definitely be going better…

Page 5:  Ice, Booster Gold, Skeets, Fire and Rocket Red last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #17.

Pages 8-9:  Power Girl sees Fire, Captain Atom, Rocket Red, Booster Gold and Ice as Supergirl, Superman, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Batman and Starfire respectively.

Who does she see in place of Skeets?  And which Batman does she see, because neither Dick Grayson nor Bruce Wayne are dressing like that these days. 

Page 10:  Blue Beetle, Maxwell Lord and Professor Ivo last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #17.

“You killed Ted Kord.  You killed the Blue Beetle.”  Maxwell Lord killed the second Blue Beetle in Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1.

Page 11:  “My big ol’ brain can only open the floodgates so many times before it starts to take on water.”  Translation – Max really can’t mind wipe the entire world again because it will most likely fry his brain. 

Page 12:  “You keep thinking I’m the bad guy.”  A running theme of this series is that Max is doing the right thing.  Or, at least, Max believes that he’s doing the right thing. One of the hallmarks of a great villain is that he or she does not think that what they are doing is wrong, and that everyone else just needs to get onboard with their plans.

Page 13:  “We can’t run from her!  She’s too fast!”  Yes.  She’s a Kryptonian, Booster.  Kryptonians are fast.  They have super speed.  It’s kinda what they do. 

Page 14:  “You got Kryptonite or an enormous red sun tucked in your metal G-string?”  Not only do you need Kryptonite, but it needs to be Kryptonite from Earth-2, and I’d imagine that it’s a little hard to come by.

And I think that tucking a red sun into your g-string might hurt a bit, don’t you?

Page 17:  “No!  If we don’t rule over them – the world will die!”  It’s almost as if Max has converted Power Girl to his way of thinking; that Earth’s super humans are trying to take over the world from normal humans. 

Page 19:  “I think you have a job to do, don’t you?”  Max said this to Power Girl in Justice League: Generation Lost #17 and Power Girl #20.

Page 20:  I like Ice’s new costume.  It harkens back to her old look, but somehow looks a bit more functional.  I still think that Fire needs a new costume though; I can’t stand her Checkmate-era outfit.

 “Yeah.  Sign me up.”  I’ve been waiting for Power Girl to join up with the team since Justice League: Generation Lost #5.  Now all we need is a certain Dark Knight Detective to lend a helping hand and I’ll be a happy camper.