Wednesday, April 20, 2011


“The Dark of Morning’s Light”

Writer: Judd Winick
Penciller: Fernando Dagnino
Inker: Raul Fernandez
Editor: Rex Ogle & Brian Cunningham


In the aftermath of their confrontation with Maxwell Lord, the members of the J.L.I. must deal with their own feelings and doubts.  Captain Atom is plagued by the deaths of those in Chicago and worries that all he has brought to the world is death.  Ice tells him that he has saved the team countless times over.  Rocket Red busies himself with making sure that his armor is in perfect working order for when they resume their hunt of Lord.  Fire, due to the fact that Gavril makes her smile in a really bad time, kisses him.  Booster struggles with Blue Beetle’s death and tells the team that it’s over.  Max has won time and time again, and he can’t keep leading them without a sign that they can actually win.  With that, Blue Beetle seemingly rises from the dead and informs the team that he knows that Max’s plan is…


Page 1:  “There’s the two police officers that Max forced to shoot one another when they found him on the streets in New York City.”  As seen in Justice League: Generation Lost #1.

“There’s Magog.  Poor Magog.  Who Max forced to turn his own weapon in himself.”  This occurred in Justice League: Generation Lost #13.

“And there’s Chicago.  When Max blew up Magog’s enhanced lance causing a nuclear explosion that instantly killed 621 people.”  Also in Justice League: Generation Lost #13.

Booster Gold last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #20.

Page 2:  Skeets and Blue Beetle last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #20.

Page 3:  “I want to bring him back to them.”  Blue Beetle, against his will, left his family to join up with the heroes formerly known as the J.L.I. in Justice League: Generation Lost#2.

Page 5:  Captain Atom and Ice last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #20.

“Where is Captain Atom?”  He’s sitting right there in that chair.  Duh.

Page 6:  “You said you were afraid of dying again.”  Ice admitted this to Captain Atom in Justice League: Generation Lost #5.

Page 7:  “Nathan…”  This is the first I’ve seen anyone call him “Nathan.”  “Nathaniel,” sure.  Even “Nate.”  But “Nathan”?  Nope.

Page 8:  “Y’know…I’m not human anymore.”  This development was first mentioned in Justice League: Generation Lost #6.

Page 9:  Rocket Red and Fire last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #20.

“Never saw him out of beetle suit.”  It’s true; Jaime hasn’t appeared without the beetle armor on at all in this entire series.

Page 11:  “Oprah Winfrey.  Woman is a genius.”  It’s lines like these that make me love Gavril.

Page 12:  Whoa, Nellie!  You go, Gavril!

Page 13:  “Things could not be much worse right now.  But you make me smile, Gavril.  I like smiling.”  Oh, Bea, please don’t string the poor boy along just to feel better.  If you like the big lunk of a Russian, just tell him that and be done with it.

Page 15:  “And the fact that you’re going to outlive us…I’m sorry, Nate, but that gives me hope.”  I half expected Saint Walker to show up and declare, “Nathaniel Adam of Earth, you have the ability to instill great hope.  Welcome to the Blue Lantern Cops!” but I think that there’s enough stuff going on in this book without Captain Atom receiving a power ring.

“Through all of this, at every turn…You are the one who’s saved us.”  Captain Atom has had several saves in this series…

He absorbed the energy from an atomic blast in Yemen (Justice League: Generation Lost #1);

Separated the team from an exploding suit of Rocket Red armor in Russian (Justice League: Generation Lost #5);

Served as emergency evac from the Checkmate Castle when things hit the fan (Justice League: Generation Lost #8);

Incapacitated a mind-controlled Fire at the J.L.I. Embassy in Germany (Justice League: Generation Lost #9);

Battled a mind-controlled Magog in Chicago (Justice League: Generation Lost #13);

And broke through Max Lord’s manipulation of Power Girl in Japan (Justice League: Generation Lost #18).

Say, what has the rest of the team been doing this whole time?

Page 17:  “And I get Jaime killed.  Blue Beetle is murdered by Max Lord.  Again.”  Max Lord killed Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, in Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1.

Page 19:  “I want one sign that we can actually beat this monster!  One!”  Who can resist a line like that?

Page 20:  Hey!  Blue Beetle’s back! 

(Not that I’m unhappy to see him alive and all, but I’d check his hand for a Black Lantern power ring, just to be on the safe side, you know what I mean?)