Monday, April 25, 2011


“A Good New, Bad News Sort of Thing”

Writer: Judd Winick
Penciller: Joe Bennett
Inker: Jack Jadson & Ruy Jose
Editor: Rex Ogle & Brian Cunningham


Blue Beetle reveals to the rest of the J.L.I. that his armor, in addition to saving him from death, also hacked Max Lord’s files; he knows what Lord is up to next.  Batman and Power Girl arrive to join forces with the team, and they pool their resources.  They realize that Lord used the J.L.I. to discredit Checkmate, thereby taking control of the organization.  His next step is to kill Wonder Woman.  They set out to New York to find her, but she is suspicious of the heroes and their motives.  Meanwhile, Lord has set the final stages of his plan into motion, activating OMACs all around the world using his mental powers.  High over Manhattan, an OMAC army swarms down to the ground to attack Wonder Woman and the Justice League International…


Page 1:  Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Ice, Fire and Captain Atom last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #21.

“The last thing I remember is Max Lord had kidnapped me – I escaped – and I was doing my best to put the hurt on him.”  Max Lord kidnapped Blue Beetle in Justice League: Generation Lost #16.  Blue Beetle escaped from captivity in Justice League: Generation Lost #19.

Page 2:  Rocket Red and Skeets last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #21.

“You’re alive!!”  Max Lord shot Blue Beetle in the head in Justice League: Generation Lost #19; he was pronounced dead in Justice League: Generation Lost #20.

Page 3:  “Will you all shut up!!”  Man, Jaime sure is a hell of a lot more assertive than he was when he first me the team.  Being on the J.L.I. really drives one crazy…

Page 5:  Maxwell Lord last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #20. 

Professor Anthony Ivo last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #19.

Page 6:  “There was our break-in at the Castle.”  In Justice League: Generation Lost #7-8. 

“Then, our discovering the dormant Checkmate cells that went active.”  In Justice League: Generation Lost #10.

“Then there was Chicago…”  When Captain Atom fought and seemingly killed Magog in Justice League: Generation Lost #13.

“They lost their U.N. sanctions and that gave Max his opening to seize control.”  In Justice League: Generation Lost #17.

Page 7:  “On bright side.  Beetle is still not dead.”  He’s not even “mostly-dead.”  Glad to see that Gavril isn’t dwelling on the negative in the face of hopeless opposition.

Pages 8-9:  Oooooooh yeah, I’ve been waiting for this scene for almost a year now…It’s about time the Dark Knight got involved. 

Batman, real name Bruce Wayne.  First appeared in Detective Comics #27.  Master strategist, world’s greatest detective, incomparable athlete and hand-to-hand combatant. 

Power Girl last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #19.

While I’ve been on the fence about Bruce’s new look, I think he looks totally bad-ass when drawn by Joe Bennett.

“That is so cool.”  It is so freaking cool…

Page 10:  “But I’m definitely not going to need a blood transfusion during this?”  When Max mind wiped the world in Justice League: Generation Lost #1 and Brightest Day #0, he needed to make sure that he was hooked up to a hell of a lot of blood so that he didn’t die during the process.

Page 11:  “But at every step – with every cell, he was also using those facilities for experiments.  OMACs.”  As seen in Justice League: Generation Lost #17, Lord has developed the next generation of OMAC to serve his every whim.

“Kryptonian clones.”  Power Girl faced off against her clone Devine in Power Girl #16-19.

“Tests on the Metal Men.”  The J.L.I. encountered the Metal Men in Justice League: Generation Lost #10-12. 

“Genetic trials at New Cadmus.”  Resulting in the modified Creature Commandos, as seen in Justice League: Generation Lost #15-17 and Power Girl #19-20.

Page 12:  “Who’s ‘Wonder Woman’?  She new?”  Ever since the events of Wonder Woman #600, no one in the DC Universe remembers the existence of Wonder Woman…with the exception of Max Lord and the J.L.I., that is.  This was revealed in Justice League: Generation Lost #15.

Page 13:  “Sorry to freaking you out.”  It was kinda disturbing, now that you mention it, Gavril.

“Yes.  The power of the White Lantern restored my memory.  All of it.”  In Brightest Day #14, Batman briefly worse the White Lantern power ring, thus restoring his memory of both Maxwell Lord and Wonder Woman. 

Page 14:  “Man is it ever good to have him back.”  You said it, Fire. 

Wonder Woman, real name Diana of Themyscira.  First appeared in All-Star Comics #8, although the current version first appeared in Wonder Woman #600.  Possesses superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, the ability to fly and wields the indestructible Lasso of Truth.

Page 15:  I imagine that I am in the minority here, but I kinda, sorta like Diana’s new costume, especially when Joe Bennett draws it.

“I’m Booster Gold.  We’re here to help.”  For twenty-one issues, Booster has been a competent hero and leader.  But once Batman is back in the picture, he just seems like a goofy kid playing at hero.  Which isn’t a bad thing; most heroes seem just a little less accomplished when Bats is around.

One does have to remember that Batman is the one hero who knows that Booster Gold isn’t the total ass that he pretends to be, which has formed a powerful bond between the two men. 

Page 16:  “You’re not in a battle, you’re in a sniper’s cross hairs.  You need to come with us.”  How does Batman tell this woman, who he has known for years, that she lived a previous life in which she killed an egomaniacal killer who then proceeded to come back to life, wipe away is existence of the world, and is now out to take his revenge on her?  No tactful way of having that conversation, now is there?

Page 17:  Kami, real name Kami.  First appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #22.  A mild-mannered Chinese school-girl who is secretly a meta-human hunting OMAC. 

Sorry.  Sometimes I just need to shake things up a little bit…

Pages 18-19:  This scene of the OMACs filling the skies harkens back to a similar one from Infinite Crisis #1 (which, in turn, is similar to the Shadow Demons filling the skies from Crisis on Infinite Earths).

Page 20:  Oh boy…things aren’t looking good…