Monday, May 16, 2011


“It All Comes Down to This!”

Writer: Judd Winick
Penciller: Aaron Lopresti
Inker: Matt Ryan
Editor: Rex Ogle & Brian Cunningham


While the Wonder Woman and the J.L.I. face off against OMAC Prime in the streets of Los Angeles, Booster Gold confronts Maxwell Lord in Checkmate’s floating headquarters.  Blue Beetle ultimately takes control of OMAC Prime and destroys it, and Booster is about to apprehend Max when Lord takes control of Booster’s mind, incapacitating him.  Captain Atom, struggling to absorb energy he stole from OMAC Prime and about to launch into the timestream, forces Max to restores the world’s memories of him.  As the J.L.I. prepares to arrest Max, he teleports away, telling them that this is just the beginning. 

Two weeks later, Max has uploaded a video online explaining his actions.  He hails the J.L.I. as heroes, but informs the world that he and Checkmate will hold Earth’s metahumans accountable for their actions.  Booster Gold feels that they didn’t accomplish anything with their hunt for Lord, but Batman reminds them that they kept fighting when no one else does and calls them all heroes.  Booster laments that this is over.  

Batman tells him that it isn’t.  Booster wonders if Batman has a plan; the Dark Knight does.

A new Justice League International. 


Cover:  The variant cover is homage to the cover to Justice League #1, also penciled by Kevin Maguire.  That cover has been the basis of several other covers, most notably Justice League International #24, Justice League Europe #1, Justice League America #29, Justice League America Annual #4, Justice League Quarterly #1, Justice League Europe Annual #2, Justice League Europe #36 and Formerly Known as the Justice League #1. 

“What?  You were expecting Swamp Thing?”  A reference to Brightest Day’s revelation that Swamp Thing is the chosen champion of the Earth. 

Page 1:  “Last time that actually got him killed.”  Max Lord attempted to use a mind-controlled Superman to kill Wonder Woman, but that backfired and Wonder Woman instead snapped Max’s neck, killing him.  This took place in Wonder Woman (second series) #219.

This page gives a brief overview of Max’s plans and deceptions up until now, which have been seen in Justice League: Generation Lost #1-23.

Pages 2-3:  Fire, Blue Beetle, OMAC Prime, Wonder Woman, Rocket Red and Ice last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #23.

“-- appears to be an immense OMAC battling an unidentified black-haired super-powered woman --”  Die to the events of the “Odyssey” storyline currently appearing in Wonder Woman, no one on Earth remembers the existence of Wonder Woman.  As revealed in Justice League: Generation Lost #15 and 22, Maxwell Lord, Booster Gold,. Fire, Ice, Captain Atom and Batman do, in fact, remember her. 

“-- the Justice League International, whose team member Captain Atom was at the heart of the Chicago disaster --”  The world believes that Captain Atom killed Magog, causing a massive explosion in the heart of downtown Chicago in Justice League: Generation Lost #13.

Page 5:  “He gets more powers longer we fight him!”  Like the Professor Ivo-created Amazon, OMAC Prime can mimic the super-powered abilities of the metahumans he fights. 

Page 7:  Booster Gold and Maxwell Lord IV last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #23.

Page 8:  “Now she’s gonna die while half a billion people watch from the cheap seats.”  I get that Max is on a revenge kick right now, but he’s forgetting one important thing – no one in the world remembers who Wonder Woman is.  So killing her “on camera” in front of everyone really doesn’t mean anything to anyone but him, because what does the rest of the world care about some nameless super-heroine getting killed? 

“That’s the electromagnetic pulse that shut your suit down at the J.L.I. Embassy in New York.”  Back in Justice League: Generation Lost #1.

Page 9:  Back when they last fought, Max got the drop on Booster and beat him up pretty badly.  This time, Booster has decided to get in a little payback. 

Skeets last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #23.

Page 11:  “Rocket!!”  Fire screams with two exclamation points here because, as seen in Justice League: Generation Lost #22, she has begun to develop romantic feelings for Rocket Red. 

Page 12:  Captain Atom and Power Girl last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #23.  They have been absent from this fight so far because they were left behind in New York with Batman when Max’s teleportal transported the rest of the group to Los Angeles.  I guess it took them a little while to cross the country.

Page 13:  “I’m not going to fight it!  I’m going to destroy it!!”  Can’t really argue with that logic…

Page 15:  “I am not like the rest of them!!  I’m not human!!  I am a living bomb!!”  As revealed in Justice League: Generation Lost #6, Captain Atom has been changing, becoming less and less human and more a being of energy.

Page 19:  Whoops.  Watch your first step, there.

Page 20:  Notice how, as OMAC Prime has gained each hero’s abilities, his Mohawk-headfin thing has changed so that now it resembles Wonder Woman’s hair.  Only in comics, kids…

Page 25:  I like Jaime’s moment here.  He hasn’t really done all that much in this series, and while I was happy to see “a” Blue Beetle on the team, he didn’t really do much..  I was glad that he was instrumental in this final battle and that his kidnapping in Justice League: Generation Lost #16 served a greater purpose. 

“And this is for Ted Kord!!”  Ted Kord, of course, was the second Blue Beetle, a former member of the Justice League International who was killed by Maxwell Lord in Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1.

Page 26:  OMAC Prime go bye-bye.

Page 27:  “My suit!  You turned – my suit is working!”  Alright, I can buy that an electromagnetic pulse could disrupt and shut down Booster Gold’s suit.

But his flight ring?  His – pardon me – Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring?  The flight ring that was made in the 30th century?  The one that, as Batman said in Justice League of America (second series) #1, “I can take it apart, but the technology is so advanced, it’s like a caveman pounding on a microchip”?  That flight ring was shut off by an EM pulse? 

Page 28:  “Yes.”  As indicated by the bloody nose, Max is using his mind-control powers on Booster once again.

Page 30:  Oh boy, Captain Atom looks pissed…

Page 31:  “I’m going to get tossed into the time stream, Max!!”  Captain Atom has been tossed into the time stream two other times in this series; after absorbing the energy from a bomb in Yemen in Justice League: Generation Lost #1, and after absorbing the energy from Magog’s exploding lance in Justice League: Generation Lost #13.  Neither trip was all that much fun for him…

Page 32:  Batman last appeared in Justice League: Generation Lost #23.  He must have taken the long route from New York to Los Angeles.  You think he would have taken advantage on his JLA connections and gotten hold of a teleporter, you know?

“Remember.”  Max negates the mindwipe of the world from Justice League: Generation Lost #1, which caused the world to forget his existence.

Page 33:  “A man.”  Despite his fears over losing his humanity, Captain Atom has reaffirmed that he is, in fact, first and foremost a man and not just a ball of energy in a human shell. 

Page 34:  “This is just the beginning.”  No, really, it’s the final issue, Max.  It’s over. 

Page 35:  Power Girl is standing next to Nicholas “Nicco” Cho, her employee and tech guy.

Page 36:  Got to hand it to Max, he’s as charismatic and fake-sincere as he ever was.

So, two weeks later and still no Captain Atom?  Let’s hope that he returns to the present soon. 

Page 37:  “And pinned the OMACs on Dr. Ivo.”  I’m pretty sure that Ivo stopped worrying about the public’s perception of him back when his skin turned all green and scaly.

“You’re heroes, Booster.”  You.  Fire.  Ice.  Rocket Red.  Blue Beetle.  Captain Atom.  Heroes.  Like always.”  Awwww, is Batman getting all sensitive and caring on us?

I must say, this is a welcome speech from Bruce.  Back in Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1, it seemed like Bruce had all but disavowed his involvement with the J.L.I. when he rebuffed Ted Kord in his time of need.  Obviously, time has mellowed him out a bit. 

Page 38:  “That…that sounds like…well…do you have a plan?”  Such a silly question, Booster.

“Yes.”  Of course he does.  He’s Batman.  The Batman.  He always has a plan.

“What do you think?”  I think it’s a really, really, really freaking great idea…

Honestly, the creation of a new Justice League International fits perfectly with Bruce’s new Batman, Inc. idea.  I’m not saying that the new team will have anything to do with that, but it does make sense.  How a new J.L.I. will function in a DC Universe with a Justice League of America remains to be seen, but, in all honestly, I’ve enjoyed this group far more over the course of the last year than the one currently calling itself the JLA, no offense to James Robinson. 

“To be continued in the new monthly series:  Coming Soon!”  Not soon enough.