Monday, August 13, 2012

EARTH-2 #3

“Jade Knight”

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Nicola Scott
Inker: Trevor Scott
Colorist: Alex Sinclair & Pete Pantazis
Letterer: Dezi Sienty
Editor: Pat McCallum


In the aftermath of a horrific train accident, Alan Scott is transformed by the embodiment of the Earth’s energy into the Green Lantern so that he can be a champion on the coming dark times.  In Poland, Jay Garrick meets Hawkgirl, who tests the new hero’s super-speed abilities.  Both notice that the flora and fauna all around them has died, even as Grundy, an agent of the Grey, attacks Washington, D.C. to attract the attention of the Green’s new champion…


Page 1Hangzhou is the largest city of Zhejiang Province in eastern China and has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities in China for the last 1,000 years.

“Just as I was proposing marriage to --”  Alan proposed to his boyfriend Sam in Earth-2 #2.  Then there was a slight train accident, and the moment was lost...

Page 2: In the pre-Flashpoint DCU, that “green, talking bonfire” was known as the Starheart, a collection of all the wild magic in the universe gathered together by the Guardians of the Universe. 

Page 3:  

Good to see that Alan can make jokes despite the trauma of a horrible train accident and the death of his boyfriend.  A sense of humor is a good quality in a super-hero...

Page 4:  “I saw green light within that explosion.”  Evidently this occurred off-panel, as there was no indication in Earth-2 #2 that Alan noticed this.

“That was the work of another.”   So who caused this train crash and why?

“An evil will soon be upon the Earth, which if left unchallenged will destroy all life.”    Is this the same evil hinted at by Mercury in Earth-2 #2?

“I am the embodiment of the Earth’s energy.  In truly dark times, a champion is chosen.”  The depiction of both the green energy and Alan Scott’s role remind me of Just Imagine Stan Lee with Dave Gibbons creating Green Lantern.  In that book, Professor Len Lewis was imbued with the power of the Tree of Life, the greatest power source known to man, to achieve a balance between the needs of humanity and nature.  The Tree of Life, also known as Yggdrasil, was the spirit of the Earth itself, similar to a certain “green bonfire.”

“The world then had a sun god among its defenders.”  That would be Superman, who was powered by the sun.  He was, however, killed during the Apokolips War, as seen in Earth-2 #1.

If Superman had not landed on Earth, would this green flame have chosen a champion to defend the planet from Darkseid?  And, if so, would the outcome have been different? 

“This evil to come will make that war inconsequential.”  An evil worse than Darkseid.  Jeez.  That’s no good.

Page 5:  The Flash ran to Poland and met Hawkgirl in Earth-2 #2.

Yeah, Jay's a bit of a dope.

Page 6:  “Fate showed me the way.”  As in…Doctor Fate?

“Maybe you will when you meet the guy.”  Yep, Doctor Fate.

“Yeah, but considering what I’ve been through…the year I’ve had, let’s just go with it.”  Like her pre-Flashpoint counterpart, Kendra Saunders has something of a mysterious past.

Page 7:  Jay’s trying his best to show off in front of the pretty lady with wings…

Page 8

…only to fall on his ass while doing so.  Oh, well, give the poor boy some time.  He just got his powers a few hours ago.

It's cool to see that Hawkgirl is using her wings not only as a means of transportation but for offensive purposes as well.  Over on Prime Earth, Hawkman has been doing the same thing as seen in the pages of The Savage Hawkman.  

Page 9:  “Even though Mercury said I shouldn’t trust anyone…”   Don’t listen to him, Jay; gods can be so paranoid that way.

Page 10:  This death and decay looks similar to something called the Rot on Prime Earth.  Any relation?

Page 11

In effect, Alan has become the lantern itself, as opposed to drawing upon the power from another source.  This is similar to the depiction of Green Lantern in Kingdom Come, in which Alan Scott integrated his lantern into his armor.

“Visible as green energy it can take any shape or form, only limited by your imagination.  And you can fly.”  Well, Mr. Green Bonfire here is a regular fountain of information, now isn’t he?

Page 12:  

First appearance of the Green Lantern of Earth-2.  First historical appearance in All-American Comics #16.  Real name Alan Ladd Wellington Scott.  Able to…well, the green flame just told us what he can do…Do I really need to repeat it all?

I must say, this new costume is a vast improvement over his old one.  I am pretty sure that I am not going to miss the red shirt and purple cape combo anytime soon. 

Page 13:  “…In the name of the Grey I must arise.”  In the pre-Flashpoint DCU, the  Grey was a fungal intelligence, similar to the Parliament of Trees, that first appeared in   Swamp Thing Annual #4.  Now seems more similar to the Rot, a force opposing both the Green and the Red on Prime Earth, as seen in both Swamp Thing and Animal Man. 

Page 14:   “You must have a token or a weapon with which to focus your power.”  You know, something small, maybe it can fit on a finger, something like, oh, I dunno, a power ring, you don’t happen to have a power ring that you can use, do you?

Page 15:  “Has this happened before?”  Will we, in the future, meet some of the past champions of the green light?

“While you await the great evil, there are still other threats walking the Earth.”  So…when exactly is this “great evil” set to arrive?  Today?  Next Tuesday?  Five years from now?  Think Alan can go grab a sandwich beforehand?

“My time is over.  My task is done.”  So is this green flame a former champion of the green light whose final task it is to pass on this power to Alan?

Page 16:  

After the Apokolips War, the inhabitants of Earth-2 have become a bit more fearful and paranoid about anything otherworldly and different.  They just need some positive alien role models, that's all.

“…We’ve nothing to fear.”  This echoes the idea that the Green Lanterns from the Prime Earth universe are chosen because they are fearless, or at least able to overcome fear.  Also, also, Alan Scott is now the “Superman” figure on Earth-2; he’s the leader, the one everyone should follow and be inspired by.  Don’t be afraid of him, look up to him as a beacon of hope. 

Page 18:  “So I can kill him yet again.”  This agent of the Grey has had experience in killing the green champions; does it think that they are all the same?  Does it fail to see any differentiation between them?

“To take the hope from this world.”  Green Lantern represents that hope, especially in a world without heroes. 

Page 20:  First appearance of Grundy, formerly known as Solomon Grundy.  First historical appearance in All-American Comics #61.  Full extent of powers unrevealed, but he seems to have control over plant life to some extent and acts as a vampire, draining power from the living. 

Traditionally, Alan Scott was vulnerable to wood, a weakness that never made a lick of sense, despite many explanations.  However, if Grundy is an agent of the Grey, and he seems to have control over plant life to some extent, that would explain Alan’s wood vulnerability, if it still exists, given that the Green and the Grey are opposing forces.  Only time will tell…

One question of utmost importance...what's with Grundy wearing the leather bondage gear?  I mean, an undead zombie guy that can control decayed plant life I can deal with, but him wearing that get-up?  Downright creepy, if you ask me...