Wednesday, September 5, 2012

EARTH-2 #4

“A Confluence of Wonders”

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Nicola Scott & Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Trevor Scott & Sean Parsons
Colorist: Alex Sinclair & Tony Avina
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Editor: Pat McCallum


Hawkgirl and the Flash trace the source of the world’s corruption and decay even as the new Green Lantern races to Washington, D.C. to do battle with Grundy, the Gray Knight.  The three heroes battle the undead monster with little success, until Captain Al Pratt, the Atom, uses his size-changing abilities to seemingly subdue Grundy.   The Atom then restrains Hawkgirl and orders the new heroes to stand down on the order of the World Army Council, lest they want to deal with him…


Page 1:  This scene takes place five years ago, while Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were sacrificing their lives against the forces of Apokolips in Metropolis, as seen in Earth-2 #1.

Page 2:  “World Army brass thinks we might find Apokolips tech out here – it survives this – we can use it.  Reverse-engineer it.”  This would explain some of the advanced technology used on this Earth as seen in Earth-2 #2-3.

Page 3:

The nude guy is Al Pratt, last seen in Earth-2 #1.  He’s also the guy whose enormous head we saw on Page 1.  Last time we saw him, he was a sergeant, leading a squad of troops while lugging an atomic cannon into Papua New Guinea

In the present day, it seems that’s he’s been promoted to captain.  I guess that surviving an atomic weapon deserves a reward.

Page 4:  “Reports are scattered, but from what I can hear, it’s crazy down there – and not just D.C., world over – plants and tress withering, people dying, animals…”  Well, you see, the Earth has chosen a new champion of the Green, and then the Grey resurrected their own champion, and bas stuff started happening, all of which occurred in Earth-2 #3.

Page 5:  “Where is the champion, the might jade champion?!”  Yes, I know that “jade” is green, and that’s why Grundy uses that word, but note that, in the pre-Flashpoint DCU, Jade, a.k.a. Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, was Alan Scott’s daughter.  At one point, Jade saved Solomon Grundy from a glacier and he became loyal to her for a time.  (Anyone remember Infinity, Inc.?  Anyone?  Anyone other than me?)

Page 6:

As I have noted before, Jay is not the sharpest tack in the box.

Page 7:  “Your body’s energy – insulating me somehow.”  Considering that Jay derives his power form a Greek and not from the Speed Force, I imagine that his powers will differ in many ways from those of Barry Allen.  You know, the other guy who runs fast.

Page 8:  “Almost enough to take my mind off what happened.  The crash.  Sam.”  Alan Scott’s lover, Sam, was killed in train explosion in Earth-2 #2.

Page 9:

You know, Grundy, you came all the way to Washington D.C., the least you could have done was brush your teeth and used some mouthwash, don't you think?

Page 10:

Jay, buddy, pal, you're doing great with the running.  The stopping?  Not so good...

Page 11:  “Sure I got its attention, saved those soldiers, but I have no idea how my weapons will be any more effective than the Army’s bullets.”  So where does Hawkgirl get her weapons and power from anyway?

Page 12:

Damn...that is one powerful crossbow.

Page 14:

Well it's about time Alan did something other than mope about his dead boyfriend.  I mean, really, he's been so moody lately...

Page 15:  “-- we ask is this the beginning of a new era of Wonders?”  Remember that, on Earth-2, super-heroes are called “Wonders.”  The first era ended with the deaths of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman during the Apokolips War five years ago.

“…this, after reports of a super-fast man saving a couple from an Apokorat attack.”  Jay saved that couple in Earth-2 #2.

“I couldn’t understand him, but I think he said his name was the Flash.”  Actually, Jay said, “Don’t worry I’ll have you out of danger in a flash!”  but since his voice was distorted, the poor guy misunderstood him. 

Page 16:  “Don’t stop, you hear me?  Do not stop!  Never back down!”  Green Lantern has quickly assumed a Superman-like role, becoming the de facto leader on this group of new heroes.

“Fortis et vigilare” roughly translates into something like “Be strong and vigilant.” 

Page 17:  “And…nothing.  My ring didn’t work.  Now what?”  Did Green Lantern’s ring fail to work because he was attempting to use it on Grundy himself?  Is his ring useless on plant life, just like the pre-Flashpoint Alan Scott’s ring was as well?

Page 18:

First appearance of the Atom of Earth-2.  First historical appearance in All-American Comics #19.  Real name Albert “Al” Pratt.  Possesses the ability to increase his size and generate atomic energy.

Note that this Atom possesses size-changing abilities, similar to Atom-Smasher, and his costume resembles Damage’s.  In the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe, Albert Rothstein (Atom-Smasher) and Grant Emerson (Damage) were Al Pratt’s godson and son respectively. 

Well.  The Atom definitely knows how to make a first impression, doesn’t he?

Page 19:  “I’m not going back, Al!  Not alive, anyway!”  So, it seems our mysterious new Hawkgirl knows a certain Captain Pratt, now doesn’t she?

“Yeah, thing is Kendra, what you want isn’t really a factor in how this is going down.”  This is the first confirmation that Hawkgirl’s name is, in fact, Kendra.  Whether or not her last name is Saunders has yet to be revealed. 

Page 20:  So, was the Atom sent to take out not only Grundy but any super-powered individuals he came into contact with?  Does the World Army Council see any new “Wonders” as a threat to their power, as a certain Terry Sloan of New York City apparently does?