Saturday, December 29, 2012


“The Secret of the Cheetah Part One”

Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Tony S. Daniel
Inkers: Richard Friend & Batt
Colorist: Tomeu Morey
Letterer: Patrick Brosseau
Editor: Brian Cunningham

Previously, in Justice League

Darkseid attacks.  World’s greatest heroes fight back.  Justice League forms.  Five years later, David Graves goes crazy.  Forces League to face their fears.  Heroes triumph.  Green Lantern quits.  Steve Trevor fired.  Superman and Wonder Woman kiss…


The Cheetah has returned to gain her revenge on Wonder Woman, but Diana only wants to rescue Barbara Minerva from the horror that her life has become.  As the team deals with the fallout from recent events, they travel to the Congo, where the Cheetah ambushes them and overpowers them all, even transforming Superman into a bestial version of himself…


Page 1:  This scene takes place immediately after the events depicted in Justice League #12.


Pages 2 & 3:

First appearance of the Cheetah.  Real name Barbara Minerva.  First historical appearance (of the Cheetah) in Wonder Woman (first series) #6 and (of Barbara Minerva) in Wonder Woman (second series) #7.  Possesses enhanced strength, speed, durability, agility, razor-sharp claws and fangs and a prehensile tail.

Note that the Cheetah was previous mentioned in Justice League #10 as having been interrogated by David Graves for information about the Justice League, specifically Wonder Woman.

Page 4:  “People are animals!”  I think we should get the Cheetah in the same room as the Elephant Man and let them has this out, don’t you?

Page 5:  “Even if your lasso did work on me, it wouldn't change what I’m saying.”  Why doesn't Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth work on Cheetah?  Is it because of her magical nature?  Or is the Cheetah just a really, really good liar?

Page 6:  “You grew up surrounded by violence.  And you’re still drawn to it.”  The Cheetah exposes one of the great paradoxes about Wonder Woman, in that she is supposed to bring pace to the world, yet she was raised by a warrior tribe that has distanced itself from the rest of the world.  She says that she doesn't want to hurt the Cheetah, and only wants to help her, but she will knock her out and drag her back if that’s what is best for her.  How does Diana resolve this inherent conflict in her mission and her very existence?

Page 7:  Damn.  Cheetah, 1, Wonder Woman, 0.

Oh, well, hey.  It's the Flash and Cyborg.  Nice of you two to show up...

Page 8:  Poor Trevor.  Even fired as the head of A.R.G.U.S., he can’t get away from these costumed guys…

Page 9:  And now, a page to recap “The Secret Origin of the Cheetah”…

“For the next several months, Barbara helped Diana and me on cases that tied to the mythological world.”  As much as I love the current new 52 DCU and the fact that certain titles haven’t had their continuities completely rewritten and eradicated – the Batman and Green Lantern books, most notably – there is a small part of me that would have loved for DC to have done a complete and total line-wide reboot, starting over at Year One, Day One, of only so we could have seen some of these Wonder Woman-Trevor-Barbara Minerva adventures. 

I know, there would have been a great amount of stories invalidated, and certain tales such as the recent “Court of Owls” would not have seen the light of day, but I think it would have given DC a complete blank slate upon which to work and re-craft their mythology.  And, no offense, but four Robins?  Really?  Even I can’t justify the continuity involved with that

“She oversaw the Black Room at A.R.G.U.S. where we sort and store those types of items.”  The Black Room was first mentioned in Justice League #7, and first seen in DC Comics -- The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1, and has been seen in recent issues of Justice League Dark.

 “Just like she’s blaming herself for David Graves putting me in the hospital.”  As seen in Justice League #12.

Page 10:  

I have a funny feeling that the purpose of the Justice League will be changing quite drastically over the next few months, don't you?

“I don’t get involved when Lex Luthor or Metallo is causing trouble, do I?”  Well, maybe you should, Diana.  Maybe that might be nice.  Superman might like that, don’t you think?

Page 11:  “What happened a few days ago, Superman.  It just happened.”  Pretty sure she’s talking about that kiss, as seen in Justice League #12 and on Page 1.  Or else she’s talking about something else entirely, in which case I am intrigued…

Is Superman actually standing on the floor?  Has this new relationship with Wonder Woman grounded him, both metaphorically and physically?

Page 12:  “I mean I’m not okay.  Green Lantern quit.  Batman and Aquaman are arguing about whose leading the team.”  This all happened in – yes, you guessed it – Justice League #12.  Busy issue, no?

“You think he’s still mad she kicked him into the side of a car?”  This happened in Justice League #11.  But it wasn't intentional.  It was one of those “in-the-heat-of-battle” kind of things, you know?

Cyborg, man, dude, really need to get a life.

“Sometimes I think I am just a machine that believes it’s a kid named Victor Stone.”  Anyone else get the impression that Cyborg’s a really downer at parties?

Page 13:  “C'mon, Vic, that was just one of Graves’ evil spirits trying to get to you.”  In Justice League #11, Graves used his powers to make each of the Leaguers see someone close to them who has died, in order to prey upon their fears and regrets.  Wonder Woman saw Trevor, while the rest of the team saw their parents.  Cyborg, however, saw an image of Victor Stone, causing him to doubt the fact that he is still alive. 

Up until this point, the Justice League has been pretty much all business, with no room for "secret identities" and camaraderie.  It looks like that will begin to change.

Page 14:  

It's so nice when super-heroes decide to play nice and team up to solve problems, isn't it?

Page 15:  

Steve, Steve, Steve...give it up.  Pack it in.  Move on.  She's dumped you six ways until Sunday, and still you act like a lost puppy-dog.  Give it a rest and find some shreds of dignity, okay?  Please?

Pages 16-17:  So the League is currently looking for the tribe connected to the dagger that transformed Barbara Minerva into the Cheetah, correct?  And, as Trevor mentioned on Page 9, said dagger was from “a lost tribe in the Amazon.”  The same Amazon that is in South America.  In the Western Hemisphere.

So why is the Justice League in the Congo?  In Africa?  In the Eastern Hemisphere?  Way across the Atlantic Ocean from where this lost tribe supposedly lived?  Have they relocated recently?

“Are you sure removing him as our liaison is the right thing for the team?  Or him?  Or you?”  Man, way to sound ominous there, Aquaman.  Methinks thou art predicting the next year’s worth of stories, are thou not?

“I do.  Some kind of chanting.  Across the gorge.”  I don’t care who you are, powers or no powers, its never a good thing when you hear chanting in the jungle. 

Page 18:  

The Cheetah might be a raving sociopath, but she'd pretty darn fast, I'll give her that...

Page 20:  

A "Cheetah-fied" Superman?  Not good.

“On the Outs”

Writers: Geoff Johns & Jeff Lemire
Penciller: Brad Walker
Inker:  Drew Hennessey
Colorist: Jay David Ramos
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Brian Cunningham


After being replaced as Justice League liaison by Amanda Waller, Steve Trevor has a surprise meeting with Oliver Queen, a.k.a. the Green Arrow.  Queen reveals that he had a recent confrontation with the villain Multiplex, and has uncovered information that points to a much larger conspiracy against the world’s greatest heroes…


Page 21:  The folks at TMZ were last seen reporting about Trevor and his connection to Wonder Woman in Justice League #9.

“Reasons remain unclear why the League’s longtime liaison has been cut loose, but many say tensions grew between him and Wonder Woman after Trevor’s sister blamed the team for his recent kidnapping.”  Tracy Trevor blamed the Justice League for Trevor’s kidnapping by David Graves in Justice League #11, but that wasn't the whole reason why he was “fired” by Wonder Woman. 

Page 22:  “Security saw Batman and Aquaman in here.”  That was back on Page 8.  And Batman was so sure no one would see them…

Trevor refers to this "top spy" as a "she."  Nightshade, perhaps?

Page 23:  “I've agreed to replace you as the Justice League’s liaison to A.R.G.U.S.”  Oh, that’s a great idea.  The head of the top-secret Suicide Squad, the woman who is now having David Graves write down all of the secrets he learned about the Justice League, is now their liaison.  Sounds like a wonderful plan…

“You have the same problem you've had since we met, Steve.”  Waller and Trevor have a shared past with Team 7.

“You once told me you’d never work with anyone who wasn't expendable again.”  Hence the establishment of the Suicide Squad…It’s all there in the name, now isn't it?

Page 24:  “Looks like they don’t want you, either.”  As seen in Justice League #8, Green Arrow has made repeated attempts to join the Justice League, only to be rebuked each time.

“You asked me to keep a look-out for anything that might threaten the League.”  After being repeatedly refused membership in the Justice League, Green Arrow accepted an offer from Trevor to use his talents for “another team.”  Presumably, this mission has something to do with the upcoming Justice League of America team.

 First appearance of Multiplex.  Real name Danton Black.  First historical appearance (as Black) in Firestorm (first series) #1 and (as Multiplex) in Firestorm (first series) #2.  Possesses enhanced strength and the ability to split himself into identical duplicates. 

“Yesterday I got word that someone calling himself Multiplex was planning to hijack a shipment of high-end electronics in Seattle.”  Seattle is, as readers of Green Arrow know, Green Arrow’s base of operations. 

Page 26:  “What about the insignia?”  Yes, what about that insignia, hmmm?

That’s the same symbol that we saw on the cuff links of the “super-villains” in Justice League #6.  It also bears more than a passing resemblance to Pandora’s Box, most recently seen in Justice League #0. 

“I've never seen it before.”  You know, for a super-spy, Trevor’s a horrible liar.  Nick Fury would have been much more convincing…

“And I think I do too, Colonel.  The rumors are true.”  What rumors are those, hmmm?