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EARTH-2 #8

"Lazy Sunday"

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Yildiray Cinar
Inker: Ruan Winn & Ruy Jose
Colorist: Alex Sinclair
Letterer: Dezi Sienty
Editor: Pat McCallum


Steppenwolf, now a refugee on Earth and a fugitive from the rest of the world, travels to Dherain and, with the aid of his faithful follower Fury, takes control of the country in the span of an afternoon. With the throne of the small nation firmly is his grasp, the New God sets his sights on defying the World Army and taking over the entire planet...


Page 1:  This is the nation Dherain which, to my knowledge, has never before been seen in the DC Universe. Given the name of the country's king - Marov - I would imagine that Dherain is in Europe, probably somewhere near the Baltic Sea. And I say this simply because "Marov" reminds me of "Markov" as in Prince Brion Markov of Markovia, formerly of the Outsiders. That's my scientific procedure, and I'm sticking by it...

Page 2:  We last saw Steppenwolf in Earth-2 #1. Seems that he's been hanging out on Earth-2, since the end of the Apokolips War.

Page 3:  "It wasn't as easy to create a Boom Tube portal as it might have appeared , even before war's end when Batman managed to close this planet off." I though long and hard about this comment for a moment. Is Steppenwolf saying that Boom Tubes are not all that easy to open in general, or that Boom Tubes to Earth-2 are particularly difficult to open? Are they even trickier now, after Batman "closed this planet off"? Or is it just as simple as Steppenwolf doesn't have access to the technology required to open a Boom Tube?

And, I know that Darkseid isn't a particularly sentimental guy, but why would he leave his uncle stranded on this planet for five years? Does he think that Steppenwolf is dead, is it part of his master plan, or does he just not care?

Page 5: "My forces are still here on Earth, those the World Army haven't rounded up and detained...they're scattered, running, hiding like cowards with no mind for me." So, despite the fact that the Apokolips War ended five years ago, the World Army still has Steppenwolf's followers to deal with.

"She's from Amazon Island and her mother was the greatest of them all." Recall that, on Earth-2, Paradise Island was called "Amazon Island." A little on the nose, I admit, but it gets the job done...

Page 6:

 First appearance of Fury. Real name unrevealed. Possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility and fighting skills.

Image from Wikipedia.

There have been several characters to go by the name "Fury" in the DC Universe. The first was Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor, the daughter of the Wonder Woman (Diana Trevor) and Steve Trevor of Earth-Two. She made her first appearance in Wonder Woman (first series) #300. This was, of course, in the pre-Crisis DC Universe. Lyta, along with other children and protégés of the Justice Society of America, formed Infinity, Inc.

Image from Wikipedia.

Post-Crisis, Earth-Two was erased from existence, along with the Golden Age Wonder Woman. Thus, Lyta Trevor needed a new mother. Enter Helena Kosmotos, who first appeared in Secret Origins #12, and became, technically, the first Fury. Her powers were tied to the Furies of Myth, and she was retconned into DC continuity as a member of the All-Star Squadron and as Lyta's mother.

On a related note, Lyta Trevor received two new mothers because of the Crisis. Helena may have been her birth mother, but Lyta's adoptive mother was Joan Trevor (née Dale), the Golden Age heroine known as Miss America who was retconned into DC continuity as Wonder Woman's replacement in the Justice Society (and as an actual mother figure for Lyta).

Ah, the fun of the post-Crisis DCU.  As they say, you had to be there...

As for the Fury who appeared as a member of the new Infinity, Inc. in 52...the less said about him, the better, to be honest...

For more detailed information about the various women called "Fury," check out some back issues of Secret Origins, or head on over to the Cosmic Teams website, one of my absolute favorite DC Universe websites. It's a treasure trove of details and minutiae, which means I can spend hours there wasting my time...

Page 7:  "What can I say? I got her at an impressionable age." So when did Steppenwolf "get" Fury? Wonder Woman made no mention of a daughter in Earth-2 #1, and even referred to herself as the last Amazon. She does, however, note that the Apokolips War and the "devils" took what I was and look what you've made me." Is she talking about how her daughter was taken from her? Did Wonder Woman believe that her daughter was killed?

Page 8:  "- the technology of Apokolips in the hands of my troops against two who are actually for that world."   Is this guy not even paying attention? What part of Fury being Wonder Woman's daughter did he not get?

Page 10:

Steppenwolf just isn't a guy you want to piss off, now is he?

Page 11:   "But I have one too. Something of yours that I aim to have. Your throne." Nothing worse than an ambitious New God, I always say...

Page 13:

Note that Fury carries an energy whip, which resembles the weapon carried by both her "parents," Wonder Woman's magic lasso and Steppenwolf's energy ax.
Page 14:

Fury is pretty darn strong.  I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.  Not that she seems to have a good side...

Page 17:   "So who will keep those wolves away now?" An interesting question, coming from Steppenwolf, whose name is German for "wolf of the steppe." Or, perhaps it translates differently on Apokolips...
An interesting question coming from Steppenwolf, given that his name is German for "wolf of the steppe."  Unless, of course, it translate differently on Apokolips.  

Pages 18 & 19: think Darkseid is okay with is uncle setting himself up as a world leader on this planet? Doesn't really seem like the kind of thing that the absolute ruler of Apokolips would be down with, now does it?

Page 20:

Remember what I said about New Gods and ambition?  Never a good combination...

EARTH-2 #7

"Heaven Sent"

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Yildiray Cinar
Inker: Trevor Scott
Colorist: Alex Sinclair, Dave McCaig, Allen Passalaqua & Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Dezi Sienty
Editor: Pat McCallum


In the aftermath of their battle with Grundy, Hawkgirl attempts to get Green Lantern to reconsider joining with her and Flash as a new team of Wonders, but he is consumed with grief about Sam's death. Meanwhile, as Sloan adjusts to is new position of power with the World Army, Khan joins forces with Commander Dodds to bring down the former Mr. 8...


Page 1:  "- Footage obtained by G.B.C.'s own Lee Travis who, with her cameraman James Wing, was there when -"  In the pre-Flashpoint DCU, Lee Travis was known as the Crimson Avenger, who happened to be the first costumed hero of the Golden Age. His valet Wing How often aided him as a crime fighter, and the two joined both the All-Star Squadron and the Seven Soldiers of Victory. The Crimson Avenger's origin was told way back in Secret Origins #5 by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan, and remains one of my favorite issues of that series to this day.

In the New 52 DCU, Lee Travis is an African-American woman and James Wing is an Asian man; both were seen briefly in Earth-2 #5, covering the battle between Grundy and Earth's new Wonders.

Green Lantern used his connection to the Green to "heal" the Earth, as seen in Earth-2 #6.

"In other news, Global Broadcasting Corporation's owner and C.E.O. Alan Scott was not among the victims of the train crash in China -"  As seen in Earth-2 #2-3.

Page 2:

Yeah, he looks great.  Can't you tell?
Page 3:

Anyone else think that Alan has Nazareth's "Love Hurts" blasting throughout the apartment?

Page 5:   I had previously noted that Hawkgirl's real name was Kendra Saunders and I was mostly right. Turns out that it is Kendra Munoz-Saunders. Not sure if the hyphenated last name is due to her being married or if she has taken both her parents' last names.

Page 6:

Sounds like Kendra went "yada yada yada" through the best part of the story, don't you think?

"A life persecuted is no life at all." Being a gay man, Alan Scott presumably knows all about this. Though Earth-2 seems a bit more technologically advanced in many ways, I imagine that persecution and hate are as prevalent there as they are our own world.

"I told you I'm not interested." In Earth-2 #6, the Flash suggested that he, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl form a new team of Wonders. Green Lantern told them that he didn't need them and wasn't interested; Flash was crushed.

"He had personal stuff to deal with." Anyone else think that this has something to do with his ex-girlfriend Joan Williams, who dumped Jay's ass back in Earth-2 #1?

Page 7:  "Your ring failed you once." In Earth-2 #6, when Green Lantern attempted to fly too far from Earth; Hawkgirl rescued his butt, which she seems inclined to remind him about.

Damn.  Kendra knows how to make a point.  Literally.

Page 9:  "Like foreign nuclear warheads at America's capital?" The World Army, acting on Sloan's advice, fired several nuclear warheads at Washington, D.C. in an effort to stop Grundy in Earth-2 #5.

Pages 10-11:

Khan's not a big fan of Sloan's, probably because Sloan ruthlessly killed everyone under Darkseid's control and reduced those areas of the world into blazing firepits, as seen in Earth-2 #0.

Page 12:  So we know that Wesley Dodds is the Sandman...but who are the rest of the Sandmen?

Pages 14-15:  Mr. Terrific was subdued by Sloan in Earth-2 #2. It seems that, in the intervening time, Michael Holt has been brainwashed to work for Sloan.

Page 16:  "Sloan called Holt by name, but also referred to him as 'Mr. Terrific'." As seen in DC Universe Presents #0, Sloan has known about Holt for quite some time and was instrumental in Holt's decision to become a super-hero.

Page 17:

First appearance of the Red Tornado. First historical appearance in Justice League of America (first series) #64. Powers and real name (if any) are unknown. Unlike the Red Tornado of the pre-Flashpoint DCU, this android has been built to resemble a woman.

The Red Tornado's "sex-change" (do androids really have a gender?) may be a reference to the fact that the original, Golden Age Red Tornado was Abigail Mathilda "Ma" Hunkel, a woman who donned long-johns and a cooking pot to fight crime in her neighborhood. Ah, the Golden Age of comics, when that made sense...

"The Red Tornado. Your scientists never could get it working and perfected." Given that T.O. Morrow, the Red Tornado's traditional inventor, has been seen on Earth-1 in the pages of Justice League, I must wonder who the inventor of this android is. Also, considering that the Red Tornado, for most of his existence, has been a "JLA character," I find it interesting that this character is appearing on Earth-2. Yeah, yeah, I know, Reddy started out as a member of the Justice Society of America, but that was for about a day or so, you know?

Page 18:

Khan can be pretty hardcore when we wants to be...

Page 19:  "But don't worry, it looks like it could be the work of anyone - Steppenwolf, Emperor Lux and his Lone Star Secessionists, even the Neo-Prussians." More on Steppenwolf next issue. Who are the other guys? Just teases or will we actually meet them in the near future?

Page 20:  "- there will be no fair play."   "Fair play" was the motto of both Terry Sloane and Michael Holt, the two men who called themselves Mr. Terrific. The Terrence Sloan of Earth-2, however, doesn't seem to embody this belief in the least.

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"The Secret of the Cheetah" Chapter Two

Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Tony S. Daniel
Inker: Matt Banning & Sandu Florea
Colorist: Tomeu Morey
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Brian Cunningham


The Justice League battles a bloodthirsty Cheetah, even as Superman is transformed into a mindless creature by her bite.  The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman successfully trap her, but revelations about the villainess' past cause Wonder Woman to question herself.  Superman brings Wonder Woman to Smallville to show her what he fights for, but the two are unaware that Batman he been spying on them...


Page 1:  "Deities with great power who battle against the evils of this world."  Kind of like the Justice League, no?

Page 2:  "Until Barbara Minerva ruined it all." The details about how Minerva came into possession of the Cheetah's power were revealed in Justice League #13.

Page 3:

Superman was transformed into a were-Cheetah in Justice League #13.

"I'll be back, Hara!"  So I assume that Hara is the tribes-woman with the horn.  Funny...she doesn't look like a "Hara"...

Page 4:  "Cyborg stays with me.  Everyone else brings Minerva back here."  Good old Batman...bossy as ever.

"- have a plan.  And I do."  Oh, good, just what the League needs.  Two bossy know-it-alls...

Page 5:

Oh, well, someone's getting a little but cocky, now isn't she?

"They become one with the Cheetah just before death."  We'll, that just doesn't sound good, now does it?

Page 6:  "I don't want anyone else getting hurt because of me". Wonder Woman is having a difficult time involving the rest of the Justice League in what she perceives as "her" problems.  This is just another example of the group's current "growing pains" as they learn to trust on another more.

"Superman is one of the most important people in the world.  This man is my friend.  Tell me this will work."  A rare expression of genuine concern from Batman.

Page 7:

Damn, Flash, maybe you should stop letting the Cheetah sharpen her claws on you...

Page 8:  "You can still get free of this curse."  Uh, yeah, Wonder Woman?  About that...

Page 9:  Seems that the Cheetah has always been a force for good for the San Tribe, as opposed to a curse.  Funny how these things get misunderstood, isn't it?

"Until my mother was murdered by a man wielding the Godslayer - a knife said to have been forged by a being so evil, his name must go unspoken."  So who is this unspeakably evil being that forged the Godslayer?

"Throughout time, the Godslayer was used to kill many other deities - the lioness Pakhet of Egypt, the frigid Skadi and a mysterious alien sun god who angered many others."  Pakhet is the lioness goddess of war in Egyptian mythology whose name means "she who scratches."  Skadi is a goddess from Norse mythology often associated with bow hunting, skiing, winter and mountains and has an affinity for human hosts with red skulls.  Not sure to whom Hara refers when she speaks of the "alien sun god"...the Kryptonian god Rao, perhaps?

"When I'm through with you and your friends I'll go after Steve."  Steve, of course, refers to Steve Trevor, the Justice League's former liaison to A.R.G.U.S.

"The next being the hater pursued was Ya'Wara - the chosen jaguar goddess of the Amazon."  Ya'Wara was an ally of Aquaman and a member of the Others who first appeared in Aquaman (New 52) #7.

"And for a time the knife was lost.  Until it ended up in Barbara Minerva's hands."  Which explains why the knife used to "curse" Minerva with the power of the Cheetah was found in the Amazon, when the Cheetah itself actually originated in Africa.

Page 10: think that the Cheetah is all that fond of water?

Page 11:  So..Aquaman's got the Cheetah trapped underwater and surrounded by a school of bloodthirsty piranha.  Anyone wanna call him "lame" to his face?

Page 13:

Hey, Cheetah!  Who ya talking to?

"Just tell me when Black Manta arrives."  As seen in Aquaman (New 52) #14, Black Manta was imprisoned at Belle Reve following his capture at the hands of Aquaman and the Others.  What connection he has to the Cheetah and her mysterious ally has yet to be revealed.

Page 14:  "Her name is Barbara Minerva now, but she's gone by Priscilla Rich, Deborah Domaine and Sabrina Ballesteros."  Oh and this is why these annotations take me forever, because I spend the time to explain all of these nit-picky, continuity references that the casual reader just might not pick up on...

Image from Wikipedia.

Priscilla Rich was the Golden Age Cheetah who first appeared in Wonder Woman (first series) #6.  She was a Washington, D.C. debutante who suffered from a split personality.  She fashioned a costume out of a cheetah-skin rug and battles Wonder Woman.

Image from Wikipedia.

Deborah Domaine was Rich's niece who was unaware of her aunt's criminal career.  After Rich died, Kobra kidnapped Domaine so that he could torture and brainwash her into becoming the new Cheetah so that she could aid his organization.  She first appeared in Wonder Woman (first series) #274.

Image from Wikipedia.

Now, keep in mind that this was all pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths.  In the post-Crisis DCU, Barbara Minerva became the Cheetah in Wonder Woman (second series) #7, with no mention of either Rich or Domaine.  Or, at least, at first.  I'll explain in a minute.

Image from Wikipedia.

Then we come to Sebastian Ballesteros, an Argentine business tycoon who first appeared in Wonder Woman (second series) #170.  He worked with Circe and stole the power of the Cheetah from Minerva; he was also responsible for transforming Vanessa Kapatelis into the new Silver Swan.  Not a nice guy.    Minerva later killed him and reclaimed the power of the Cheetah.  Minerva's alias "Sabrina" is an obvious reference to Sebastian.

Now back to Priscilla Rich for a minute.   As I mentioned, she was the Golden Age Cheetah, whose existence and career were erased after the Crisis wiped the Golden Age Wonder Woman from DC continuity.  However, John Byrne established that Queen Hippolyta travelled back to the 1940s to serve as Wonder Woman and join the Justice Society of America.  Later, in Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War #1, it was revealed that Priscilla Rich was restored to DC continuity as Golden Age Cheetah and battled Hippolyta and even joined with other Golden Age Wonder Woman foes as Villainy, Inc.  Rich was later killed by Minerva in The Flash (second series) #219.  Deborah Domaine still existed in the post-Crisis DCU, as evidenced by a photo in Rich's mansion inscribed, "Aunt Priscilla, love Debbie."

Phew.  Continuity hard.

"Barbara is the one that corrupted the Cheetah."  This make Wonder Woman a horrible judge of character, now doesn't it?

Page 15:
Yep...horrible judge of character...

"You have an entire team of people you can trust."  This is something that the entire team needs to work on, to be honest.

"I don't know that much about you, Superman."  These guys so need to start hanging out more often...

Page 16:

Oddly enough, "super-knowing-everyone's-name" is not one of Superman's many abilities.  Nice try, though...

Page 17:  "When we were stopping Darkseid from transforming this world into a firepit, or keeping David Graves from unleashing an army of parasitic spirits on the world, this is the world I'm fighting for."  Darkseid's attack was seen in Justice League #1-6, which resulted in the for action of the Justice League.  David Graves attack on the team was seen in Justice League #9-12.

"They passed on.  Some time ago."  In the New 52 DCU, Jonathan and Martha Kent died before Clark Kent left Smallville for Metropolis.  He could also be referring to Jor-El and Lara, his Kryptonian parents, who aren't around anymore either, given that their planet blew up and all.

"The farm's run by another family who leases the fields, but I kept the house I grew up in."  As seen in Action Comics (New 52) #6, Clark leases the fields to Mr. Fry.

Page 18:  "There is life outside the Watchtower.  Outside the Justice League."  You should be talking to Cyborg, Superman.  From the way he was talking to Flash in Justice League #13, the guy has absolutely no life.  At least Wonder Woman has her own series....

"Sometimes it's still that simple.  As simple as Smallville."  Man, that guy is smooth...

Page 19:  Damn.  That kiss literally knocks both of them off their feet...

I know, I know, that was bad.   Sue me...

Page 20:

Batman...the Peeping Tom of the DC Universe...


Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Nick J. Napolitano
Editor: Brian Cunningham


While Billy Batson, accompanied by his partner-in-crime Freddy Freeman, gets used to his new powers and abilities, Sivana introduces the modern world to Black Adam.  The two attempt to enter the Rock of Eternity but find that they cannot because the Wizard has duded and passed on his power to a new champion.  Thus, Black Adam enlists the aid of an old friend/foe...


Page 21:  "The world's changed, Black Adam.  It's called a city."  For that obnoxious comment alone, Black Adam should squeeze Sivana's head into a bloody pulp...

Seven chapters in, and we're still left wondering what is wrong with Sivana's family that only magic can cure.  

"Then what kind of empty lives do these sad people lead?"  Very empty.  And we are very sad.  Pathetic, even.  Thank you, Black Adam, for pointing out how empty and sad our lives are.  We really appreciate it...

Page 22:  "This city is strange."  You're flying around wearing a black hood and cloak while lightning bolts crackle from your chest and you call the city strange?

Actually, you are in New York City so, to be quite honest, you fit in quite nicely...

Page 23:  It's good to see that Black Adam isn't going off half-cocked in this new, strange world...

Page 24:

this reminds me of the opening scene from Action Comics (New 52) #1, in which Superman threatens Mr. Glenmorgan high above Metropolis.  Mr. Glenmorgan, however, suffered a decidedly less fatal fate than Mr. Gray here...

Page 26:  "They flee in fear from the one who saved them?"  Could have been that you ever-so mildly freaked them out by dropping the guy's body several hundred feet, thereby reducing him to paste and covering them in his blood.  Kinda turns people off, to be honest...

Page 27:  "The Rock of Eternity may only be accessed underground."  Which would explain why Billy Batson was taken from a subway car to the Rock of Eternity, but what about all of those other "mystical abductees" seen in Justice League #7?  One of them was taken from an elevator, while another vanished from his bedroom.  No e of them seemed to be underground...

Page 28:

Sivana's got this mad-on to find the Rock of Eternity.  You know, need to find magic, save the family, yadda yadda, same old...
Page 29:  "If something is not done, you will wither, and it will be painful."  Thereby transforming this strapping and healthy Sivana that we have come to know and love into the frail and scrawny Sivana that we have all been secretly longing for months now.

"The Wizard...his light is dim.  His body is still.  He must have given his power away.  He must have chosen a new champion."  The Wizard passed on his power to Billy Batson and subsequently died in Justice League #0.

Page 30:

Freddy's not exactly the guy I'd have choosing my clothes for me, no offense...

Page 31:

Yeah, Billy, you look great.  Everyone's sporting gold bracelets and boots with a bright and shiny lightning bolt on their chests these days...

Page 33:

Well, this guy is a total slob.  Reminds me of a college roommate...

Page 34:  "And I am your sworn enemy."  That was back when Black Adam was the Wizard's champion.  Now?  Things are a bit different...

Seems like someone has some "Wizard issues" to work through, no?

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EARTH-2 #6

“End Times.”

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Nicola Scott
Inker: Trevor Scott
Colorist: Alex Sinclair
Letterer: Dezi Sienty
Editor: Pat McCallum


As nuclear missiles races towards Washington, D.C. to enter the threat of Grundy, Green Lantern deduces that the only way to stop the Grey’s rampaging servant is to trap him on the moon.  With Grundy defeated and the world restored, Hawkgirl and the Flash approach Green Lantern with the idea of forming a team, a new trinity of wonders, but the Earth’s Jade Champion refuses, preferring to work on his own…


Page 1:  It’s revealed here that the Sentinel, the “World Army central intelligence hub,” hovers above the ruins of Metropolis.

“…you've fired nuclear warheads at America’s capital?”  As seen in Earth-2 #5.

The atomic blast which Sloan mentions occurred in Earth-2 #1, during the final salvo of the Apokolips War.  As we have seen, Pratt was the only survivor of the blast and received superhuman abilities, for reasons which have yet to be revealed.  

Pages 2-3:  “Drawing energy from the life all over the world, killing everything it can and creating all this horror we’re fighting.”  Jay Garrick has now completed lesson one in “Monologue Recaps Designed to Bring the Reader Up to Speed.”

“…protect Green Lantern’s body, here now with us…while his spirit is off confronting the Grey, the other-dimensional force that created Grundy.”  Green Lantern went to confront the Grey in Earth-2 #5.

“Have you again.”  They Grey is sneaky.  They have tempted Green Lantern with the promise to be reunited with his lost love Sam, if he joins with them.  Not looking good for the new Age of Wonders…

Page 4:  

Al Pratt is a bit feisty and always seems to be overcompensating for the fact that, in his un-powered state, he's a bit...well...short.

Page 7:  

Alan Scott reaffirms why he was chosen to be the champion of the Green by resisting the lure of the Grey's power.  

Page 8:  “For god’s sake, Khan, where’s the man you once were?  The man who fought Parademons and Terrornauts armed only with your father’s Kirpan?”  I assume that “Terrornauts” are an as-yet-unseen Apokolitian menace.  A “Kirpan” is a ceremonial sword or dagger carried by baptized Sikhs.

“But then, he wasn't your father…not your real father, was he ‘Khan?’”  So what is the mystery behind Khan’s parentage, hmmm?

The "Ganges" is a river that runs through both India and Bangladesh.  "Patna," "Kolkata" (or "Calcutta") and "Varanasi" are all cities in India.

Page 10:  

Aww, the Flash seems to have a little man-crush on Green Lantern.  How cute...

Page 11:  

We will see how long Al Pratt remains the dutiful soldier and just keeps on following orders...

Page 12:  

Alan is learning that his ring and its power are tied into his focus and willpower.  

Page 13:  Hey, the ring can generate constructs of pure energy…who knew?

Page 14:  “He’s right.  Suddenly I’m – I – it’s the Earth!  I’m too far from it.”  It seems that Alan Scott isn't going to be taking any interstellar trips anytime soon, given that he can’t leave the Earth without losing his powers. 

Page 15:  “I soared too high…too far from the Earth.”  Casting Alan Scott as Icarus, perhaps?

Um, Alan?  You may have wanted to work all of this out before you were falling helplessly to Earth, don't you think?

Page 16:  

Thank god Hawkgirl was up for a last-minute save, or else the Green was going to have to start all over again with a brand-new champion, and that is such a pain in the you-know-what...

“I’d say that’s 'wonder'ful news, wouldn't you, Sloan?”  Ah, that Khan.  Such a wit.

Sloan does not look amused.  

Page 17:  “The Grey told me they were committed to Grundy’s path of destruction, so much so that while he’s ‘alive’ there’s nothing else they can do.”  The Grey told Green Lantern this in Earth-2 #5.

Page 18:  

In the pre-Flashpoint DCU, Solomon Grundy battled the entire Justice Society of America in All-Star Comics #33, and was eventually trapped on the moon by Green Lantern.

“But as I got close to the ground, I recharged…even in her ailing state the Earth healed me.”  Well, isn't that convenient?

Page 19:  “And assuming there’s more coming beyond Grundy and the Grey, the thing is…I don’t need either of you.”  Well…seems that Alan Scott is a bit of an ass.

A bit high on yourself, aren't you Alan?  And don't tell me you came up with that "Icarus" reference all by yourself, I saw you looking over my comments about Page 15...

Page 20:  “…what do we do now?”  Ummmm….