Wednesday, January 2, 2013

EARTH-2 #6

“End Times.”

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Nicola Scott
Inker: Trevor Scott
Colorist: Alex Sinclair
Letterer: Dezi Sienty
Editor: Pat McCallum


As nuclear missiles races towards Washington, D.C. to enter the threat of Grundy, Green Lantern deduces that the only way to stop the Grey’s rampaging servant is to trap him on the moon.  With Grundy defeated and the world restored, Hawkgirl and the Flash approach Green Lantern with the idea of forming a team, a new trinity of wonders, but the Earth’s Jade Champion refuses, preferring to work on his own…


Page 1:  It’s revealed here that the Sentinel, the “World Army central intelligence hub,” hovers above the ruins of Metropolis.

“…you've fired nuclear warheads at America’s capital?”  As seen in Earth-2 #5.

The atomic blast which Sloan mentions occurred in Earth-2 #1, during the final salvo of the Apokolips War.  As we have seen, Pratt was the only survivor of the blast and received superhuman abilities, for reasons which have yet to be revealed.  

Pages 2-3:  “Drawing energy from the life all over the world, killing everything it can and creating all this horror we’re fighting.”  Jay Garrick has now completed lesson one in “Monologue Recaps Designed to Bring the Reader Up to Speed.”

“…protect Green Lantern’s body, here now with us…while his spirit is off confronting the Grey, the other-dimensional force that created Grundy.”  Green Lantern went to confront the Grey in Earth-2 #5.

“Have you again.”  They Grey is sneaky.  They have tempted Green Lantern with the promise to be reunited with his lost love Sam, if he joins with them.  Not looking good for the new Age of Wonders…

Page 4:  

Al Pratt is a bit feisty and always seems to be overcompensating for the fact that, in his un-powered state, he's a bit...well...short.

Page 7:  

Alan Scott reaffirms why he was chosen to be the champion of the Green by resisting the lure of the Grey's power.  

Page 8:  “For god’s sake, Khan, where’s the man you once were?  The man who fought Parademons and Terrornauts armed only with your father’s Kirpan?”  I assume that “Terrornauts” are an as-yet-unseen Apokolitian menace.  A “Kirpan” is a ceremonial sword or dagger carried by baptized Sikhs.

“But then, he wasn't your father…not your real father, was he ‘Khan?’”  So what is the mystery behind Khan’s parentage, hmmm?

The "Ganges" is a river that runs through both India and Bangladesh.  "Patna," "Kolkata" (or "Calcutta") and "Varanasi" are all cities in India.

Page 10:  

Aww, the Flash seems to have a little man-crush on Green Lantern.  How cute...

Page 11:  

We will see how long Al Pratt remains the dutiful soldier and just keeps on following orders...

Page 12:  

Alan is learning that his ring and its power are tied into his focus and willpower.  

Page 13:  Hey, the ring can generate constructs of pure energy…who knew?

Page 14:  “He’s right.  Suddenly I’m – I – it’s the Earth!  I’m too far from it.”  It seems that Alan Scott isn't going to be taking any interstellar trips anytime soon, given that he can’t leave the Earth without losing his powers. 

Page 15:  “I soared too high…too far from the Earth.”  Casting Alan Scott as Icarus, perhaps?

Um, Alan?  You may have wanted to work all of this out before you were falling helplessly to Earth, don't you think?

Page 16:  

Thank god Hawkgirl was up for a last-minute save, or else the Green was going to have to start all over again with a brand-new champion, and that is such a pain in the you-know-what...

“I’d say that’s 'wonder'ful news, wouldn't you, Sloan?”  Ah, that Khan.  Such a wit.

Sloan does not look amused.  

Page 17:  “The Grey told me they were committed to Grundy’s path of destruction, so much so that while he’s ‘alive’ there’s nothing else they can do.”  The Grey told Green Lantern this in Earth-2 #5.

Page 18:  

In the pre-Flashpoint DCU, Solomon Grundy battled the entire Justice Society of America in All-Star Comics #33, and was eventually trapped on the moon by Green Lantern.

“But as I got close to the ground, I recharged…even in her ailing state the Earth healed me.”  Well, isn't that convenient?

Page 19:  “And assuming there’s more coming beyond Grundy and the Grey, the thing is…I don’t need either of you.”  Well…seems that Alan Scott is a bit of an ass.

A bit high on yourself, aren't you Alan?  And don't tell me you came up with that "Icarus" reference all by yourself, I saw you looking over my comments about Page 15...

Page 20:  “…what do we do now?”  Ummmm….