Thursday, January 24, 2013

EARTH-2 #8

"Lazy Sunday"

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Yildiray Cinar
Inker: Ruan Winn & Ruy Jose
Colorist: Alex Sinclair
Letterer: Dezi Sienty
Editor: Pat McCallum


Steppenwolf, now a refugee on Earth and a fugitive from the rest of the world, travels to Dherain and, with the aid of his faithful follower Fury, takes control of the country in the span of an afternoon. With the throne of the small nation firmly is his grasp, the New God sets his sights on defying the World Army and taking over the entire planet...


Page 1:  This is the nation Dherain which, to my knowledge, has never before been seen in the DC Universe. Given the name of the country's king - Marov - I would imagine that Dherain is in Europe, probably somewhere near the Baltic Sea. And I say this simply because "Marov" reminds me of "Markov" as in Prince Brion Markov of Markovia, formerly of the Outsiders. That's my scientific procedure, and I'm sticking by it...

Page 2:  We last saw Steppenwolf in Earth-2 #1. Seems that he's been hanging out on Earth-2, since the end of the Apokolips War.

Page 3:  "It wasn't as easy to create a Boom Tube portal as it might have appeared , even before war's end when Batman managed to close this planet off." I though long and hard about this comment for a moment. Is Steppenwolf saying that Boom Tubes are not all that easy to open in general, or that Boom Tubes to Earth-2 are particularly difficult to open? Are they even trickier now, after Batman "closed this planet off"? Or is it just as simple as Steppenwolf doesn't have access to the technology required to open a Boom Tube?

And, I know that Darkseid isn't a particularly sentimental guy, but why would he leave his uncle stranded on this planet for five years? Does he think that Steppenwolf is dead, is it part of his master plan, or does he just not care?

Page 5: "My forces are still here on Earth, those the World Army haven't rounded up and detained...they're scattered, running, hiding like cowards with no mind for me." So, despite the fact that the Apokolips War ended five years ago, the World Army still has Steppenwolf's followers to deal with.

"She's from Amazon Island and her mother was the greatest of them all." Recall that, on Earth-2, Paradise Island was called "Amazon Island." A little on the nose, I admit, but it gets the job done...

Page 6:

 First appearance of Fury. Real name unrevealed. Possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility and fighting skills.

Image from Wikipedia.

There have been several characters to go by the name "Fury" in the DC Universe. The first was Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor, the daughter of the Wonder Woman (Diana Trevor) and Steve Trevor of Earth-Two. She made her first appearance in Wonder Woman (first series) #300. This was, of course, in the pre-Crisis DC Universe. Lyta, along with other children and protégés of the Justice Society of America, formed Infinity, Inc.

Image from Wikipedia.

Post-Crisis, Earth-Two was erased from existence, along with the Golden Age Wonder Woman. Thus, Lyta Trevor needed a new mother. Enter Helena Kosmotos, who first appeared in Secret Origins #12, and became, technically, the first Fury. Her powers were tied to the Furies of Myth, and she was retconned into DC continuity as a member of the All-Star Squadron and as Lyta's mother.

On a related note, Lyta Trevor received two new mothers because of the Crisis. Helena may have been her birth mother, but Lyta's adoptive mother was Joan Trevor (née Dale), the Golden Age heroine known as Miss America who was retconned into DC continuity as Wonder Woman's replacement in the Justice Society (and as an actual mother figure for Lyta).

Ah, the fun of the post-Crisis DCU.  As they say, you had to be there...

As for the Fury who appeared as a member of the new Infinity, Inc. in 52...the less said about him, the better, to be honest...

For more detailed information about the various women called "Fury," check out some back issues of Secret Origins, or head on over to the Cosmic Teams website, one of my absolute favorite DC Universe websites. It's a treasure trove of details and minutiae, which means I can spend hours there wasting my time...

Page 7:  "What can I say? I got her at an impressionable age." So when did Steppenwolf "get" Fury? Wonder Woman made no mention of a daughter in Earth-2 #1, and even referred to herself as the last Amazon. She does, however, note that the Apokolips War and the "devils" took what I was and look what you've made me." Is she talking about how her daughter was taken from her? Did Wonder Woman believe that her daughter was killed?

Page 8:  "- the technology of Apokolips in the hands of my troops against two who are actually for that world."   Is this guy not even paying attention? What part of Fury being Wonder Woman's daughter did he not get?

Page 10:

Steppenwolf just isn't a guy you want to piss off, now is he?

Page 11:   "But I have one too. Something of yours that I aim to have. Your throne." Nothing worse than an ambitious New God, I always say...

Page 13:

Note that Fury carries an energy whip, which resembles the weapon carried by both her "parents," Wonder Woman's magic lasso and Steppenwolf's energy ax.
Page 14:

Fury is pretty darn strong.  I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.  Not that she seems to have a good side...

Page 17:   "So who will keep those wolves away now?" An interesting question, coming from Steppenwolf, whose name is German for "wolf of the steppe." Or, perhaps it translates differently on Apokolips...
An interesting question coming from Steppenwolf, given that his name is German for "wolf of the steppe."  Unless, of course, it translate differently on Apokolips.  

Pages 18 & 19: think Darkseid is okay with is uncle setting himself up as a world leader on this planet? Doesn't really seem like the kind of thing that the absolute ruler of Apokolips would be down with, now does it?

Page 20:

Remember what I said about New Gods and ambition?  Never a good combination...