Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado and Ivan Reis
Colorist: Rod Reis
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Brian Cunningham


In Boston, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman confront King Orm, with Aquaman caught in the middle.  As the Atlantean army emerges from the ocean, Cyborg rescues Dr. Shin and teleports to the Watchtower.  Using his control over the ocean and the storms, Orm overwhelms the Justice League, forcing Cyborg call for help and expand the team in this time of crisis…


Page 1:  “Ever since Darkseid, we've been worried about threats outside of our world, but the greatest ones could be from it.”  Darkseid’s invasion of Earth was told in Justice League #1-6.

“Dr. Shin studied Arthur’s Atlantean biology for years, Cyborg.  And he immersed himself in Atlantean history.”  For more on Dr. Shin, see recent issues of Aquaman

Page 3:  “He flooded Gotham.  Families were trapped in their cars.  People drowned.”  As seen in Aquaman (New 52) #15.

Page 4:  

Potassium has an exothermic reaction with water that produces hydrogen gas; the hydrogen then combines with the atmospheric oxygen to produce water which, in turn, further reacts with the potassium.

As seen in Aquaman (New 52) #15, Atlanteans are strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Superman.

Page 5:  “If it was the Amazons coming ashore to destroy this city, I’d be fighting against them --”  Easy for Diana to say, given that the Amazons were transformed to stone in Wonder Woman (New 52) #4.  Not like they’re going to be invading Boston anytime soon…

Wonder Woman proves that Aquaman isn't the only bad-ass member of the Justice League.

Page 6:  

I do enjoy the fact that the Justice Leaguers are beginning to relate to one another as "Bruce" and "Arthur," not just "Batman" and "Aquaman."  It's a silly thing, I know, but it shows that they are getting to know and trust one another just a little bit more.

Page 7:  “I had believed perhaps this counterattack against your kingdom would be a satisfactory retribution for the weapons fired upon Atlantis, but then I come here and discover you are not their leader.”  Missiles from the U.S.S. Mabus were launched and attacked Atlantis in Justice League #15.  Orm finally reached the surface in Aquaman (New 52) #15; he was under the impression that Aquaman was the king of the surface world.  Silly Orm…

“Mother would be disappointed.”  Arthur and Orm share a mother, Atlanna, who was the queen on Atlantis until Orm killed her to seize the throne, as revealed by Vulko in Aquaman (New 52) #0. 

Atlantis' long and difficult relationship with the surface world was explored in Aquaman (New 52) #14.

Pages 8-9:  

Well now...this can't be good...

Page 10:  “Go for his joints, Tula.”  In the pre-Flashpoint DCU, Tula was the heroine known as the first Aquagirl; she first appeared in Aquaman (first series) #33.  She dated Garth, also known as Aqualad, and aided the Teen Titans from time to time until her death in Crisis on Infinite Earths #9.  This New 52 Tula doesn't look like she’ll be joining the Teen Titans anytime soon…

Page 11:  “You are no longer our king.”  As revealed in Aquaman (New 53) #15, after Arthur returned to Atlantis, Orm, the current king, stepped down so that his older brother and rightful heir could assume the throne.  However, after several months, Arthur realized that he didn't belong in Atlantis anymore than he belonged on the surface world, and he abdicated the throne, making Orm the Atlantean king once more.

“The sea life has already fled the coast, Arthur.”  This first started happening in Justice League #15.

So does this make Orm some kind of, oh, I don't know, master of the oceans?  An ocean master, perhaps?

Page 12:  

Nothing like a pissed-off Kryptonian, now is there?

Page 13:  Notice Aquaman’s reflection in Orm’s trident?  This is why Ivan Reis kicks ass…

Notice Aquaman's reflection in Orm's trident?  And this is why Ivan Reis belongs on Justice League.

Pages 14-15:  Ouch.  That looked like it hurt.

Ouch.  That looked like it hurt.

Page 16:  

Orm, 1.  Justice League, 0.

Page 17:   “We sink this city today.”  No, not Boston, I love that city.  I went to college there…

Page 18:  The Detroit, Michigan S.T.A.R. Labs is where Silas Stone, Cyborg’s father, works. 

“My weather machine would be completely under my control.”  Given that the speaker is T.O. Morrow, I can only conclude that the “weather machine” is the Red Tornado.  Interestingly enough, over on Earth-2, the World Army is constructing an android known as the Red Tornado as well (albeit one with a female form) as seen in Earth-2 #7.

“You built that android with technology recovered from the Monitor Machine, Thomas.”  The Monitor Machine first appeared in DC Comics -- The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1 and seemed to be receiving a transmission from the aforementioned Earth-2.

“Will Magnus is a misanthropic child and ‘Project: Metal Men’ is a failure.”  In the pre-Flashpoint DCU, Dr. Will Magnus created the Metal Men, artificially-intelligent androids that had personalities that mirrored their namesake metal, as dictated by a “responsometer” of Magnus’ own design.  Magnus and the Metal Men have yet to appear in the New 52 DCU, but they have been mentioned several times.

“Can you still add that environmental mode?”  Silas suggested this in Justice League #15, but Victor rejected the idea because it would require him to give up his one functional lung so that he can operate underwater.  He has obviously reconsidered things; desperate times and all…

Page 19:  

Since the Justice League's encounter with Graves, Cyborg has been worried that he is little more than a walking, talking machine.  Keeping his brain and heart intact will ensure that he can retain what little humanity he has left.

“We wanted to vet these guys before bringing them on board, but there’s no time.”  An expansion of the Justice League beyond the original seven members was hinted at in Justice League #12.

Page 20:  “Welcome to the Justice League.”  Yay!  It’s recruitment drive time.  Let’s talk about some of the new members, shall we?

Element Woman, real name Emily Sung.  First appeared in DC Comics -- The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1, but since this issue takes place before that, this is technically her first chronological appearance.  Historical first appearance in Flashpoint #1.  Able to transmute her body into any elemental compound and form it to her will.

I’m still wondering if Element Woman has any connection to Graves, given that he stole the Orb of Ra (which, in the pre-Flashpoint DCU, gave Rex Mason some elemental powers) in Justice League #7.

Green Arrow, real name Oliver Queen.  First appeared in Green Arrow (New 52) #1.  Historical first appearance in More Fun Comics #73.  Skilled archer and athlete armed with an arsenal of normal and trick arrows.  Currently appearing in Green Arrow, and he also has a pretty cool show on the CW called Arrow; you should check it out…

Black Lightning, real name Jefferson Pierce.  First appeared in DC Universe Presents #13.  Historical first appearance in Black Lightning (first series) #1.  Able to generate electricity, allowing him to project it in the form of blasts and create electrical force fields.  I was a big fan of Black Lightning when he joined the Justice League of America after Infinite Crisis, so it would be cool to see the character get some more exposure in this title.

Vixen, real name Mari Jiwe McCabe.  First appeared in Justice League International (New 52) #1.  Historical first appearance in Action Comics #521.  Using her Tantu Totem, can mimic the abilities of any animal that has ever lived.  Given that Vixen was injured shortly after joining the now-defunct JLI, it is nice to see her back in action. 

Shazam, real name Billy Batson.  First appeared in Justice League #7.  Historical first appearance in Whiz Comics #2.  Possesses magically-powered superhuman strength, speed, stamina, wisdom, flight and control of a mystic lightning.  Currently appearing in…well, this title.  In a page, actually…

Zatanna, real name Zatanna Zatara.  First appeared in Justice League Dark #1.  Historical first appearance in Hawkman (first series) #4.  A powerful sorceress who casts her spells by speaking her verbal commands backwards.  Currently appearing in Justice League Dark




Nope.  Drawing a blank.  I got nothing. 

Unless she’s some sort of new Metal Man…I mean, Metal Woman or whatever, the I assume that she’s a brand, spanking-new character, created specially to appear in Justice League.  You know, kinda like Vibe.  Or Gypsy.  Or Crimson Fox, the Beefeater, Maya, Bloodwynd, Triumph, Mystek, Moon Maiden, Zauriel, Faith…classic characters, all…

(I know, I know, I’m going to piss off the one die-hard Mystek fan out there…)

Hawkman, real name Katar Hol, also known as Carter Hall.  First appeared in The Savage Hawkman #1.  First historical appearance in Flash Comics #1.  Possesses enhanced strength, armor and winged flight due to Nth metal.  Currently appearing in The Savage Hawkman which, unfortunately, will be cancelled in a few, short months, but will be joining the all-new Justice League of America any day now. 

Black Canary, real name Dinah Drake Lance.  First appeared in Birds of Prey (New 52) #1.  Historical first appearance in Flash Comics #86.  (Since her maiden name is Drake and Lance is her married name, she is therefore technically based off the Golden Age Black Canary, not the Silver Age one, hence the issue for her historical first appearance.)  An exceptional martial artist and athlete who possesses a high-pitched sonic scream known as her “Canary Cry.”  Currently appearing in Birds of Prey

Firestorm, real names Ronald “Ronnie” Raymond and Jason Rusch.  First appeared in The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1.  Historical first appearance (of Raymond) in Firestorm (first series) #1, (of Rusch) in Firestorm (second series) #1, and (of Raymond and Rusch together as Firestorm) in Blackest Night #8.  Able to rearrange the atomic structure of inorganic matter, fly, render himself intangible and generate destructive blasts of fusion energy.  Currently appearing in the soon-to-be-cancelled The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men.


Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Nick J. Napolitano
Editor: Brian Cunningham


In New Jersey, Sivana and Sloth find another of the Seven Deadly Sins, Pride, and awaken her, while Black Adam finally confronts Shazam in Philadelphia.  The Wizard’s new champion has no idea about this black-garbed stranger until Adam attacks him ruthlessly, all in an effort to steal his power.  Inexperienced in the use of his abilities, Shazam finds himself outmatched, and transforms into Billy Batson in an effort to escape.  An enraged Black Adam vows to find Shazam, even as a quivering Billy flees in fear…


Page 21:  “It’s such a long walk…to the door.  I hate walking.  I hate exertion of any kind.”  And you wonder why they call you Sloth, you lazy bastard…

“Black Adam should have found the new champion by now.”  He did, at the end of Justice League #15.

Due to his new "Magic eye," Sivana can now see magic.  Unfortunately for him, this will eventually waste him away into the shriveled-up old Dr. Sivana I've been longing for...

Page 22:  

Sloth has the ability to "share" his sin with others.

A magical image of Pride was seen at the Rock of Eternity in Justice League #0.  Remember, when Billy Batson was running footloose and fancy-free through the Rock, causing a ruckus wherever that little scamp went?  Ah, those were the good old days…

Uh-oh.  Something tells me Black Adam's not going to like this...

Page 23:  

Actually, he doesn't.  The kid has absolutely no freaking idea what's going on here...

Page 24

It seems that Black Adam is very sensitive about his age...

Page 25:  Black Adam’s Christmas present to Shazam?  A thorough ass-kicking, from the looks of it.

Page 26:  “I’m…bleeding.  I thought…”  This reminds me of the scene from Superman II where a de-powered Clark Kent gets beaten-up at the diner and receives his first bloody nose.  Shazam's reaction here is pretty much the same as Clark’s.
Shazam's has lost control over his mystic lightning again, shorting out all of the electricity in the mall.  He's got to get control of that if he ever wants to be invited onto the Justice League Watchtower...

Page 27:  “You picked the wrong person to push around.”  Billy Batson has been depicted as a troubled kid, but one who will stand up to a bully and won’t abide by anyone being pushed around.  Which is all well and good when you’re dealing with normal, mortal beings, but there’s nothing either normal or mortal about Black Adam.

Page 28:   “Your power.  All of it.”  Black Adam feels that Shazam's power is rightfully his, and will do pretty much anything to get it. 

Page 29:  That look in Shazam's eyes?  Pure, unadulterated fear.

That look in Shazam's eyes?  Pure, unadulterated fear.
Page 30

Au contraire, he seems to be doing a pretty good job of that so far.

“I will find you!  And I will kill you!’  All the more reason Billy to hide, no?