Sunday, March 3, 2013

EARTH-2 #9

“The Tower of Fate: Prologue The Man Who Was Scared”

Writer: James Robinson
Penciller: Nicola Scott
Inker: Trevor Scott
Colorist: Alex Sinclair & Pete Pantazis
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Editor: Mike Cotton


Hawkgirl attempts to urge her friend Khalid to accept the power of Nabu, but he is afraid of losing himself to the ancient mage.  She tells him to go to Michigan to look after Jay Garrick, who has decided to check in with his mother.  Jay quickly finds himself under attack by Commander Dodds and the World Army, who have tracked him down athis home.  The Flash is outnumbered until Khalid aids him, and the two of them, along with Mrs. Garrick,, are magically teleported to Nabu’s realm, where the mage Wotan requires Khalid to allow her entry into the Tower of Fate


Page 1

First appearance of Khalid Ben-Hassin.  He’s been chosen by Nabu to be his new host, which means that he’ll be called Doctor Fate soon.  And he’ll have magical abilities.  But not yet.  Right now, he’s just plain old Khalid.

Pages 2-3:  Kendra’s got a bad-ass little shack, now doesn’t she?

“Especially with that arrogant ass, Alan Scott, acting all ‘better than everyone.’”  Green Lantern rejected the Flash and Hawkgirl’s idea of forming a new team of Wonders in Earth-2 #6.  He came off more than a little bit obnoxious. 

That's the problem with the Helmet of Nabu -- Nabu is a control-freak and his spirit begins to suppress the personality of the host body.  In the pre-Flashpoint DCU, Kent Nelson dealt with this for years, as did Hector Hall.  

“Nabu foretold where Garrick would be so you could meet.”  Hawkgirl found the Flash in Poland in Earth-2 #2.

Page 4:  “Nabu told you how important the Flash was…how vital he’d be in the future.”  Looks like young Mr. Garrick has an important role to play, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

“No, Khalid, I got these damn wings the same time Nabu chose you.”  The circumstances of Kendra receiving her wings have yet to be revealed, but they have something to do with the World Army.

Page 6:  

Kendra really likes her heavy artillery, doesn't she?

Page 7:  As seen in Earth-2 #1, Jay Garrick is from Lansing, Michigan.  Odds are, he went to Michigan State University.

The video screens on the building are showing scenes from the Wonders recent battle with Grundy, as chronicled in Earth-2 #4-6, as well the death of Wonder Woman at the hands of Steppenwolf five years ago in Earth-2 #1.

“…initial sightings of Steppenwolf in the isolated nation of Dherain --”  Steppenwolf, with the aid of Wonder Woman’s daughter Fury, took over Dherain in Earth-2 #8.

“-- how long has the World Army had Wonders like the giant ‘Atom’ who --”  Al Pratt, the Atom, works for the World Army.  His existence was revealed to the world in Earth-2 #4, when he joined the other Wonders in Washington, D.C. to battle Grundy.

And, in his free time, Khalid likes long walks on the beach, moonlit dinners, and ranting like a lunatic on street corners...

Page 8:  “You’re scared, Khalid, I know that, you said so to the warrior of Horus.”  Obviously, this is Nabu, speaking in Khalid’s head.  The “warrior of Horus” would be Hawkgirl, given that Horus is the falcon-headed Egyptian god of the sun, war and protection.

“Though honestly, with all the time I’ve spent partying at my friends or being over at Joans’ place…”  That would be Joan Williams, Jay’s girlfriend…sorry, ex-girlfriend.  She broke up with him in Earth-2 #1 because she wanted to make something of her life.  She was kinda mean about it, if you ask me. 

First appearance of Mrs. Garrick.  She’s Jay’s mom.  Not much more to say about her yet…

Page 9:  “Dodds, he said his name was.”  Commander Wesley Dodds, a.k.a. the Sandman, of the World Army. 

In Earth-2 #2, Mercury passed on his super speed abilities to Jay Garrick, transforming him into the Flash.  Unfortunately, when Jay was struck by that bolt of lightning, he dropped his cell phone and obviously never thought to retrieve it.  

Page 10

Most civilized people use the front door, Atom...

Page 11:  

First appearance of Major Sonia Sato.  Historical first appearance in Birds of Prey (first series) #100.  In the pre-Flashpoint DCU, Sato was known as the third Judomaster; she possessed an “aversion field” that prevented her from being hit by attacks specifically aimed at her.  Here, she is a member of the World Army, a representative from Japan

Page 12

What's the deal with al the Kirby Dots around the Atom's giant hand?

Page 13:  

Oh, man, threatening a guy's mother?  That's cold, Dodds...

Page 14:  Jay really needs to learn how to fight.  And soon.  He keeps getting his ass handed to him.

Page 15:  “You’re a grade-A bastard.  Just saying.”  You tell him, Jay!

Page 16:  Jay Garrick continues to use his powers in new and exciting ways.  Could you see Barry Allen speed-kicking the remains of a house at a foe?  Naaah…

Page 17:  

Damn.  Major Sato looks pissed...

Pages 18-19:  

Jay's mom is a real downer, isn't she?
“…the magical abilities of an Egyptian mage, the greatest ever in existence, who --”  In contrast to the pre-Flashpoint DCU Nabu, who was a Lord of Order, the New 52 DCU Nabu seems to be a powerful, albeit human, sorcerer. 

Page 20:  “…this is Nabu’s realm.”  Okay, okay, he’s a powerful human sorcerer who has his own realm.  That’s pretty cool.  And that tower in the background?  I’d wager it’s called the Tower of Fate.  Just a hunch.

First appearance of Wotan.  Historical first appearance in More Fun Comics #55.  Traditionally, Wotan was depicted as a man, but here it seems that he’s had an operation of sorts and is now a woman.  A sorcerer who has mastered the dark arts. 

“…the mage of an organization that seeks to augment its control of magic in the world by obtaining the power of Nabu’s that you consigned to the tower yonder…”  Wow.  That was a mouthful, no?