Sunday, May 5, 2013

The story so far...

So, I got in my head over a year ago to do some fun annotations for DC Comics The New 52 Justice League title, mainly because I enjoyed it and wanted to write about it.  I had done some similar annotations before for 52, Countdown and Blackest Night, so I figured that this would just be more of the same.  No big deal.

And then came Earth-2, a title spotlighting new versions of some classic Golden Age characters, and I wanted to write about that too.  And I kept up a somewhat steady pace, falling behind here and there, but it was all good.

The clincher was Justice League of America, the newest New 52 team title, which got me bogged down in all sorts of continuity and notes, but I was still okay...

And then I got a promotion at wok and the bottom fell out.

See, for years I've been working nights and weekend, with my days free, but now I'm working weekdays, 7:00 a.m. until around 5:00 p.m., and my schedule is all screwed up.  So is my regular comic book reading, as well as my writing.  And while I am adjusting, the books are piling up, and stuff isn't getting done, so something's gotta give...

So, sad as I am to say, for the foreseeable future, I will only be doing annotations for Justice League.  I will still do monthly updates for other titles -- brief notes about new versions of old characters and how so-and-so plots and scenes relate to the greater DCU as a whole -- but no full-scale annotations.  I mean, come on, Trinity War is coming up and I need to get ready for that...

Also, I need to start working on some other projects that are near and dear to my heart and actually get published sometime before I do, you know?

Thanks for your support.  See you soon...


Kent G. Hare said...
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Kent G. Hare said...

I wrote something like the following, ended up with two copies, deleted the second and somehow deleted both. So here's another try:

Thanks for all you've done so far, Andrew. I've always enjoyed reading your annotations. Assuming that your changed schedule constitutes a promotion of some sorts, congratulations. I will continue to look forward to your comments on the main JL title.

Andrew Dowdell said...

Thanks Kent...yes, a promotion, going from working nights and weekends as a restaurant server to working Monday through Friday, 7-4 as a restaurant manager. It's a bit of a change for me, and something has to give LOL.

Anyway, I should have annotations for the next two issues up in the next week, and then be on a somewhat normal schedule going forward...

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